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Establish knowledge hubs

Discussions enable focused collaboration amongst project members
to expedite meaningful judgment making


Facilitate Ideas

Discussions enable real-time collaboration amongst project members to share ideas, collect review, and take meaningful decisions.


Take Actions

Turn project discussions into quick-actions by converting a message into a task, or by creating a doc and auto-inviting all project members.


Stay Connected

Direct messages enable teammates to communicate outside of projects to stay better connected with everyone and everything.


Do more with Discussions

Discussions meld conversations with action to propel projects with clarity.



Share Files

Access and share files from your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to bring everything project-related together.


Create Threads

Each project member can arrange their assignment home screen to suit their function and wishes in a task.

Create Threads

Organize your discussions by creating threads — ideal for answering questions or adding context to messages.

Take meaningful actions

Establish, prioritize, and manage tasks with a high level of detail.


Kanban View

Flexibly organize, collaborate, and prioritize work while easily managing review and deadlines.


List View

Give structure to your work by customizing, grouping, filtering, and performing bulk actions using List view.


Swimlane View

Pilot objectives more efficiently by intersecting project objectives and actions using the swimlane view.


Timeline View

Better plan your projects and keep a track of your timelines to never let anything fall through the cracks.


See who's working, when, and on what.

Drive profficiency and smarter decision-making with meaningful timelogs.

Improve Productivity

Team members can track time on tasks to stay on top of their workloads and billable hours.

Track Costs

Receive insights on the entirety of a project’s timelogs by tasks and team members.


Balance Team Workloads

Reference tracked hours from the Team Summary tab to keep your entire team’s workloads in check.


All your project work in one place

Customize each project’s home screen to fit your workflow
and spend less time searching within projects.

Prioritize Insights

Toggle specific project modules on and off to selectively increase insights within the project.


Customize Modules

Each project member can organize their project home screen to fit their role and needs in a project.


Streamline Action

Eliminate cross-module management by editing all project related work directly from one place.


Nifty milestones automate status reporting

Milestones serve as your visual project monitor by automating
growth based on task completion.


Timeline View

Create team alignment around project goals and sprints by visualizing milestones in a gantt chart.


Share Files

Create Threads

Master Overview

Get a birds-eye view of all your projects with your team’s deadlines and priorities in the master summary.


Your source of operational intelligence.

Get a birds-eye view across all your projects & workloads with Summary.


Project Overview

Get a bird’s eye view across all project’s in your organization or portfolio with Project Summary.


Detail View

Access milestone detail views from Project Overview to dig deeper into a project’s path forward.


Team Overview

View your entire team’s tasks, activities, and time logs to balance workloads in your association.


Do more with Workload & Project Overviews

Detailed Project Understanding

Dive deep into project status’ by viewing the tasks associated to each project milestones.

Comprehensive Team Management

View team member timelogs on tasks to get the big picture. Great for agencies, product, or distributed teams.


Create docs & wikis

Create lovely medical doctors, notes, and wikis for your tasks and share with anybody. Buy Nifty that even integrates natively with google doctors.

Balance workloads

Access automated progress reporting across all your projects and team activities to ensure operational clarity.

What teams say about Nifty…

Nifty is the glue my enterprise turned into missing. Its one device that my product crew, improvement team, and customers all use, and now all people knows precisely in which to look for updates.

Nifty is with the aid of far the excellent productiveness device i have ever used. They have got consolidated so many tools all the way down to one for my team, with out compromising the revel in.

Nifty is a product that excels in lots of purchaser environments. Its ease of use makes it a effective device for dealing with our patron portfolio.

Organize your teams and structure your projects with Project Portfolios.

Carry better corporation and greater automation for your workflow.

Organize Projects

Folder your projects into portfolio teams based on operations, account ownership, client delivery, or more.


Portfolio Overview

Gather high-level insights of the projects within a portfolio such as current status and team members.


Portfolio Teams

Automate project invitations to team members based on portfolio membership.


Centralized Docs & Files

Maintain an organized collaboration hub by consolidating records & files right with your projects.

Collaborative Docs

Create collaborative records with team members and store them with your projects. Choose between a Nifty Doc or a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, or Presentation which syncs with your Google Drive.

Organized File Storage

Upload files from your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive, and auto-sort your project documents by type for quick access.


My Files

Need to quickly find a file you’ve uploaded? View your profile to find all documents uploaded across projects and direct messages.

Switch to Nifty in minutes!

Move your tasks, tasks, and data from asana, basecamp, clickup, jira, trello, or wrike quickly and without problems! Buy Nifty that permits your team to pick out up proper where you left off without missing a beat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NiftyPM, or Nifty, is a project management software that helps teams collaborate, manage tasks, and track project progress.

Buy NiftyPM software which offers features such as task management, time tracking, document sharing, Gantt charts, and communication tools.

Yes, buy NiftyPM that provides tools for setting and tracking project milestones and deadlines to keep projects on schedule.

NiftyPM offers customer support through email, chat, and online resources such as tutorials and a help center.

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