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slack software | Messaging software

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Slack is your digital HQ

Transform the way that you work with one place for everyone and everything that you need to get things done.

Now is your moment to build a better tomorrow

We’ve seen what the future can be. Now it’s time to decide what it will be.

Video about building the future of work today

Move faster by organising your work life

The key to productivity in Slack is organised spaces called channels – a different one for everything that you’re working on. With all the people, messages and files related to a topic in one place, you can move much faster.

Focus your time, on your own terms

Give yourself the flexibility to work when, where and how you work best. Take control of notifications, collaborate live or on your own time, and find answers in conversations from across your company.

Simplify teamwork for everyone

Give everyone that you work with – both inside and outside your company – a more productive way to stay in sync. Respond faster with emoji, keep conversations focused in channels and simplify all your communication into one place.

One platform for your team and your work

All the features of Slack work together so you can too.

Work more easily with everyone

Stay on the same page and make decisions more quickly by bringing all of your work communication into one place.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces

What you need, when you need it

Spend less time shuffling tabs with a comprehensive message archive and all your work tools at your fingertips.

For teamwork of any size

Slack supports collaboration at a global scale, with unlimited channels to mirror the way your company actually works.

The collaboration solution for companies of any size

Organisations both large and small thrive with scalable, reliable and flexible communication in Slack.

Always on, always reliable

Companies around the world trust Slack as their home for collaboration, especially when they need it the most.

  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA
  • Globally distributed architecture
  • Secure replication of customer data

A Slack workspace, a clock and a globe illustrating users around the world

Granular control is in your hands

Administrators at even the largest of organisations can manage Slack with precise, smart controls.

Central controls and governance

Slack is managed from a central dashboard, so management is only a moment away.

Customisable by workspace

Policies can vary by workspace for teams with different compliance or regulatory needs.

Admin roles and delegation

Delegate administrative tasks to speed up IT response times and keep employees happy.

Trackable message engagement

See how communication performs at large companies with per-message statistics.

Get more value from your tools with Slack integrations

Slack makes all your tools work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into Slack.

Productivity for all

Save time by streamlining daily tasks in Slack. Your entire team can join video calls, manage calendars and collaborate on files without switching context.

Tools of every type

Your department’s critical apps always have a place in Slack. Connect specialised tools to increase their use and adoption so that teams can quickly take action.

Customise Slack to work for you

Slack is designed to work with your internally built solutions and processes. In fact, every week people use over 650,000 customised apps. You too can create your own solutions, with or without code.

Workflow Builder

Turn routine processes into automated workflows that keep work moving forward.

Slack APIs

Build custom apps that integrate your internal tools, processes and data, to work as only your company can.

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