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Why Do You Need Enterprise Workflow Automation?

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What is Enterprise Workflow Management?

Enterprise workflow management looks at the hundreds of processes involved that keep large organizations moving forward. Every department and team has certain standard processes to follow. Enterprise workflow management recognizes the best ways to map, execute, integrate, develop, and automate workflows.



Why Do You Need Enterprise Workflow Management Solutions?

Enterprise workflow management solutions elevates organizational operations. It ensures that businesses stay on the continuing path to progress and proficiency.

Designed for people with zero coding experience

If every department and team runs its own unstructured process, chaos and mistakes will always be present.

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An end-to-end workflow platform for all your business needs

10,000+ companies—from startups to Fortune 500s—use
Kissflow’s self-serve platform to build and manage business
processes across department.


How Can Kissflow Enhance Your Enterprise Workflow Management?

No-code tool

The intuitive visual designer and simple drag-and-drop form builder make setting up enterprise workflows a breeze.

Easy integration

Kissflow can integrate seamlessly with other tools to provide a stress-free knowledge.

Secure data

Role-based access tightens data sefety and keeps records confidential.

Powerful reporting and analytics

With real-time reporting and in-depth analytics, Kissflow provides the workflow insights you need.


Kissflow is built to enable enterprise workflow management no matter how big your need.

Anytime anywhere access

With cloud technology, you can access information from any location or device and not have to worry about network downtime.

What is a workflow management system?

A workflow management system is a software tool designed to help streamline routine business processes for optimal proficiency. Workflow management systems involve creating a form to hold data and automating a sequential path of tasks for the data to follow until it is fully processed.

Tasks in workflows may be done by a human or by a system. With so many options and so many products calling themselves a workflow tool, it’s hard to know what you will get. What was yesterday a simple kanban project management tool is now claiming to be a fully automated workflow system?

Workflow Management System Features Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

The internet's most powerful no-code tools

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Visual Form and Workflow Designer

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SLA and Escalations

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Automated Workflow Routing

algorithmic task assignment Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Algorithmic Task Assignment

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Third-Party Integrations

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Ticketing System

Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Contextual Collaboration

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Reporting & Analytics

All your workflows on a single platform

Pick out from masses of templates in kissflow’s marketplace or construct custom workflows in step with every branch’s want

features every workflow management system should have

An intuitive, code-free workflow designer

If you ask a process owner to create a workflow, she is likely to draw a straight line with key steps in the method, each requiring input, approval, or rejection.

If you ask a programmer to make software for invoice approval workflow, it will start looking like the family tree of Oedipus.

A great workflow management system lets you think in simple linear loops and does all the complex stuff in the background.

WYSIWYG form designer

In 2020, there’s no excuse for a form designer to be anything less than splendid. It’s got to be drag-and-drop. And you need fields, all the different types. Text, numbers, maps, calculations, drop-downs, and more! If you aren’t initially impressed at the form designer of your workflow management system, chances are that you will outgrow it pretty fast.

Want to select the next actor of a task from the form? Want to link your form to a different database? Want to display live data from a website? All of this should be very easy to achieve.

Integration with other cloud apps

Integration used to be a nice-to-have feature for workflow management. Now it’s important.

Workflows don’t operate independently from other processes.Papers, sales reports, cash-flows, calendars, and contact details should all flow smoothly from your workflow tool to your CMS, calendar, email, financial software and more.

If your workflow management system isn’t incredibly easy to set up to integrate with other tools out there, it’s already outdated.

Cloud-based technology

The cloud vs. on-premise debate is pretty much over. Choosing an on-premise option is like betting that MySpace is going to make a comeback.

And it’s not just about access to your records from any location. It’s about who’s in charge of updates and preservation.

KPI-based reports

ots of workflow tools out there will let you create a simple workflow. But if you are serious about actually achieving a new level of productivity, you are going to need some solid reporting structures.

When you first automate a workflow, you are entering a testing ground. What you thought was running smoothly might be taking much longer than you anticipated

SLA status indicators

A good workflow management system will be your one-stop-shop for all the core processes in your association. So, your workflow tool may have more than 30 workflows running at any time. When you think about observing all of these on a dashboard, you need a way to make sure you are staying current on all of your tasks.

What is Kissflow?

Kissflow is simple for business users to create powerful apps, processes, or case boards that are natively integrated and flexible.

What is Kissflow used for?

Kissflow is a cloud-based forms automation solution that automate business processes and tracks performance. It is suitable for business of all sizes and industries. Kissflow helps initiate process requests, view items that require user actions and approve pending tasks.

Is Kissflow a project management tool?

Kissflow Project is an ideal project management tool option for functional project managers and people who are new to project management. Kissflow Project checks all the boxes with a comprehensive suite of project management features.

Is Kissflow no-code?
Kissflow is a Work Platform with both no-code and low-code tools, Kissflow promises to extend application development to your entire organization.
What is Low-Code No-Code Work Platform
Low-code and no-code development platforms are tools for people who either do not know how to code or have no time to code.

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