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BookJane software

  • Fast And Simple Shift Fulfillment
  • Easily Calculate Your Return On Investment And See Your Potential Savings
  • Everything You Need To Fill Your Shifts
  • Manage and monitor scheduling of internal and external staff

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Fast And Simple Shift Fulfillment

Call out to your team in as little as 30 seconds – no calls, emails, or texts

End-To-End Visibility
Manage and monitor internal and external shift fulfillment – all in one place
Our team is revolutionizing healthcare with our customers in mind
Proven Results
Our clients see an average 5-10x ROI in the first 90 days of using BookJane

Call Out, Schedule And Engage Your Staff

BookJane J360 Workforce is easy to use, built for healthcare schedulers and staff in mind

J360 Workforce callout showed on a dashboard with personal support worker detail on both sides

Automate Your Shift Callouts

Reach staff instantly by sending shift callouts in real-time. Organize and match shifts according to seniority, role or location.

Older female calling out healthcare staff on a desktop via BookJane Platform

BookJane Scheduling showed in macbook showing new open shift for personal support worker

Optimize Scheduling Quickly

Build, manage and access schedules on a single platform. Full visibility over scheduling helps you plan and solve scheduling conflicts.

Empower Staff With Freedom And Flexibility

Give your staff control over their schedules from their own phones to boost shift fulfilment, morale and retention.

Nurse with a face mask one her phone accepting shifts via the BookJane app

Nurse searching CareNetwork for qualified staff on her laptop

Access Qualified On-Demand Staff

Fill shifts with instant access to 20,000+ vetted healthcare professionals in our CareNetwork.

Keep Your Staff Informed

Share updates and communicate instantly with your whole staff. Use 2-way messaging to stay connected with groups and individuals.

Import/Export Data To Other Systems

Save administrative time with payroll and other integrations. Export and import data to other enterprise software systems.

Automatic Shift Fulfillment

Fill more shifts, faster while eliminating stressful staff emailing, texting, and calling.

  1. Instantly connect with available staff
  2. Prioritize staff with criteria-based callout
  3. Send and receive automatic push notifications
  4. Prioritize shifts with configurable lead times
  5. Retain full visibility over callout activity

Happe BookJane Scheduler using Automated Callout

Broadcast Shifts
Share open shifts with available employees in under 30 seconds
Employees Are Notified
Notify employees all at once or sequentially through rule-based distribution
Employee Accept Shifts
Employees pick-up additional shifts through a self-serve app

Automatically Fill Shifts

Transform how you fill shifts your shifts! Broadcast open shifts to available employees in seconds and eliminate stressful emailing, texting, and calling. Empower staff to accept shifts through a self-service app and configure rules to automatically fill cancelled shifts without required intervention. Fill more shifts, faster!

Empower Staff

Automatically notify staff of new shifts through mobile push notifications. Offer the opportunity to accept shifts based on their preferences and availability. Build transparency and increase hours worked by underutilized team members.

Create Shared Staffing Pools

Grow your staff pool with shift callouts to partner facilities. Configure callout settings so your internal team members are contacted first, then fill gaps with shared staff resources. Keep costs down by filling shifts reliably without an agency.

Create Shared Staffing Pools

End-To-End Scheduling

Manage and monitor scheduling of internal and external staff – all in one place

  1. Save administrative time
  2. See and fill gaps at a glance
  3. Reduce overtime hours
  4. Avoid scheduling conflicts

BookJane scheduler scheduling shifts and workers via the BookJane platform

Simple Scheduling - Built Just For Healthcare

Create and manage complex schedules with ease. BookJane’s scheduling solution frees you to plan ahead while allowing for last-minute changes. Post shifts, fill vacancies, solve scheduling conflicts, and save valuable administrative effort.

Publish Schedules In Seconds

Build and publish team schedules in a matter of minutes for the next week or month. Drag and drop open shifts to assign to team members. Filter your scheduler view by role or department. Create master templates to save time and create reliable shift assignments.

Keep Employees Informed

Offer your staff a single portal for accessing, managing, and collaborating on their schedules. Stay in touch with 1:1 way or 1-way broadcasts. Empower staff to pick up new shifts according to their availability and preferences.

Identify Challenges - Before They Happen

Get full visibility into every schedule by position and department, across your facility. Identify staffing shortages and instantly create and deploy new shifts to find coverage. Monitor shift acceptances in real-time. Avoid potential conflicts or potential staff burnout.

Make Smarter Decisions With Analytics

Extract powerful insights from your staffing data to make smarter decisions. Track shift fulfillment rates, overtime and agency usage, and more to ensure you are delivering the best care possible and hitting your labor cost targets.

Increase Employee Engagement 

Give your team the freedom to build schedules from their own phones to boost shift fulfilment, morale and retention.

  1. Improved, 24/7 access to schedules
  2. Increased engagement with instant access to available shifts
  3. Simpler, direct communication with 2-way messaging
  4. Stronger team connection and organization with real-time updates

Nurse holding a phone accepting BookJane shifts via the BookJane app

Create Staff Empowerment

Scheduling freedom through the BookJane app increases engagement and fills more shifts. Instant messaging simplifies staff communication, strengthens team connections and improves retention long-term.

Accept Shifts – Anywhere, Anytime

Empower your team to accept shifts straight from their phone, according to their own preferences and availability. Share all open shift opportunities with full-time, part-time, and casual workers and automatically find internal coverage, without administrative involvement.

24/7 Schedule Access

Provide staff 24/7 access to their personal schedules directly from their phones. Share real-time updates and shift notes so staff is always up to date with the latest details. Provide full visibility into available shifts and empower staff to accept

Give Your Team Flexibility

Give your team the freedom to control their schedule changes to their accept or decline shifts, submit availability request time off.

Stay Informed & Engaged

Streamline communication between staff members and admin with direct in-app team messaging. Or share important updates with one-way broadcasts.

Connect Your Agency Partners To Our CareNetwork

Ensure every shift is fulfilled through your agency partners or the BookJane Care Network.

  1. Link up with your existing partners
  2. Access our network of vetted healthcare professionals
  3. Fill shifts with ease

BookJane Care Network

Expand Your Reach With Easy Access To Qualified Staff

Fill shifts immediately with direct access to your agency partners and over 20,000 vetted healthcare professionals.

Automatically Send Open Shifts To Your Agency Partners

Fill any open shift with ease. Contact your agency partners or access our Care Network of 20,000+ screened healthcare professionals.

Request Specific Staff Members

Save time and effort by choosing trusted workers who know your facility and processes.

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