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More Leads, Less Effort

Buy SocialBee which provides Social Media Management Tools for Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, and Small Businesses

Set It and Forget It

Buy SocialBee software to automate your social media posting, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Social Media Scheduling

Plan Your Social Media Content

Organize your posts in a content calendar, and you’ll be covered for weeks.

Import different content types and ideas, assign them to your posting schedule, and have them shared automatically for you. 

Posting Schedule SocialBee

Social Media Scheduling

Design with Canva in SocialBee

Open the Canva editor right inside SocialBee and design your graphics

Once your design is ready, select the social media profiles you want it to be shared on – along with a caption, emojis, and hashtags. 

Content Recycling

Build a Better Social Media Presence

Adding posts on the fly is easier if you can customize them for different platforms’ requirements — all from one place. 

Recycle your posts multiple times by adding slight variations to them. If it’s time-sensitive content, you can set it to expire, so it will not be shared again.

The best part? While editing your posts, you can preview in real-time the way they will look like on specific networks.

Social Media Analytics

Watch Your Accounts Grow

Buy SocialBee from software resellers to track the engagement rate, comments, likes, shares, and impressions for each post, so you know what’s working best for your audience.

Once you’ve identified high-performing posts, you can share them once again.

Social Media Analytics SocialBee

Team Collaboration

Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

Build a social media workflow to make sure your posts are timely and error-free.Invite people to your workspace, assign roles, leave feedback with mentions and approve the social media posts that are ready to go live.

SocialBee Features

Category Based Scheduling​

Assign each post to a specific category, and start scheduling your posts in bulk. 

Pause Categories

Whenever you need to pause your regular posting routine, you can do so by pausing scheduled content categories.

Re-Queue Posts

Don’t spend time while scheduling the same content multiple times—set your top-performing content to be recycled!

Customize for Each Profile

Tweak each post to fit the best practices for each network, but still keep it linked to the same post.

Post Variations

Buy SocialBee to keep your evergreen content looking fresh and updated thanks to unlimited post variations.  

Bulk Editor​

Change multiple posts from one category at once: assign to more profiles, approve, delete, and more.

Schedule and Share Your Content

Publish content on your favorite platforms from one place based on a set schedule — all while having a control over what will be published. 

Post on Facebook

Post on your Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages you manage, and Facebook Groups. 

Post on Twitter

Post content directly on your Twitter Profiles. 

Post on LinkedIn

Post on your LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages you’re an Admin of. 

Post on Instagram

Post content on Instagram directly (single-post images or videos) and via reminders (carousel posts or stories).

Post on Pinterest

Share posts directly in your Pinterest boards.

Post on Google My Business

Post directly on your Google my Business profile.

Post on TikTok

Share content on TikTok with absolute freedom. 

Post at a Specific time

Choose one or multiple days & hours and your content will be shared precisely then.

Expire Posts at a Specific Date

Post directly on your Google my Business profile.

Expire Posts After a Number of Shares

You can make posts expire after a specific number of times they were posted. 


Click on the emoji plugin to open up a list of emojis you can use from SocialBee’s content editor.

Hashtag Collection

Organize your hashtags in multiple categories and add them to your posts with a few clicks

Schedule Overview

See in a calendar-like view the exact scheduled posts that are due to be shared.

Individual Schedule for Each Profile​​

Have full control over what gets posted on each one of your social media profiles thanks to the category-based calendar.

Post Previews

See exactly how each post will look like on each social network in real-time while you’re editing.

Easy Import & Editing Features

Upload your content in different formats from various sources, in no time. 

Import Multiple Media Files at Once

Import multiple media files at once into the same category with the Import Media feature. 

Import Multiple Links at Once

Have lots of links you’d like to import at once? Easily do so with the Links Import functionality.

Import Through a CSV Upload​

Import your existing content via a CSV files.

RSS Import​

Import RSS feeds of any blog or site that has an RSS functionality – this way whenever there’s a new article added, a new post is created automatically in SocialBee.

Quuu/ Pocket Integration

Curate content into your SocialBee account through our Quuu Integration. Then, send it directly to one (or multiple) of your SocialBee Categories. 

Design with Canva

Open Canva to design your graphics in SocialBee. 

Custom URLs & Tracking Features

Customize any link you’ll be sharing on your social media profiles.

Short URL Domains

Make your links short by using our own URL shortener. Your links will be short and sweet!

Integrations with URL Shortening Tools

Shorten your links with our integrations: Rebrandly, Bitly, RocketLink, JotURL, Replug, PixelMe, BL.INK.

Category Based UTM Settings

Set custom UTM and Ref parameters for each content category to track the links you’re sharing. 

Collaboration Features

Teamwork makes the dream work! 


If you manage multiple brands, keep everything separated with workspaces.

Users & Roles

Invite users to your workspace, assign them roles, and work together on editing content. 

Internal Post Comments

Go to the posts you want to review, add comments with your feedback and tag your team members. 

Analytics & Performance Reports

Have a better overview of your profiles’ performance with tailor-made analytics for all your social media profiles.  

Audience Status

Take a look at how fast your audience is growing on each social media platform and find out more about your followers’ demographics.

Page Analytics

Select a specific social media platform and a specific time frame to discover data about your activity and page growth.

Post Analytics

Keep track of your posting schedule and monitor your post reach (both paid and organic), engagement, and post evolution.

Content Category Metrics

Discover which content categories and topics engage your audience the most and use this data to create more successful posts.

Top Performing Posts

See the posts that got the most engagement over your selected period and identify the post type and content topics with the most results.

Daily Engagement Map

See how and when people engage with your content throughout the day (likes, comments, shares) visually on a heat or bubble map.

Amazing Support

You’re not alone. We’re here to help!

Help Documentation

Check out our Help Documentation for step-by-step instructions to get anything done in SoicalBee. 

Live Chat & Email Support

Ask your questions in our live chat or send us an email at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buy SocialBee is a social media management software that helps businesses and marketers streamline their social media presence by scheduling posts, curating content, engaging with audiences, and analyzing performance across multiple platforms.

Buy SocialBee that supports major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, allowing users to manage their presence on multiple channels from a single dashboard.

Yes, buy SocialBee which offers content curation tools and features that help users discover relevant content, create engaging posts, and maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep their audience engaged and informed.

Yes, SocialBee provides analytics and insights on social media performance, including engagement metrics, follower growth, and post reach, allowing users to track the effectiveness of their social media strategies and make data-driven decisions.

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