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Survey2Connect software | Customer Experience Management Software - Software Resellers

Survey2Connect Software | Customer Experience Management Software

  • Find the right answers to take timely actions
  • Automate Your Learning To Derive Actionable Insights
  • Lead Your Industry With Great Customer Experiences
  • Understand Your Business Needs Through Digital Research

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Find the right answers to take timely actions

Use the innovative and customer-experience centric Survey2Connect platform to investigate your business challenges, analyze and explore viable solutions, and devise groundbreaking strategies.


Automate Your Learning To Derive Actionable Insights

Learn how your internal and external stakeholders perceive your brand, assess billions of data points to analyze customer sentiment, and take pragmatic actions to grow sustainably.

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Customer Experience

Continuously improve your market offerings and give meaning to every single customer interaction. Learn how your customers find out about you, how they choose to do business with you, which are their preferred channels, and how you can create a great customer experience to generate positive customer sentiments.

Digital Research

Use S2C’s versatile digital solutions to manage your on-field and off-field research activities. Minimize manual errors and process lags by digitally capturing, analyzing, and reporting data. Identify data trends with AI-enabled analytics tools and generate data insights that are impossible to form manually.

Brand Experience

Learn how your customers perceive and experience your brand, before bringing changes that enhance value and customer delight. Access relevant audiences to test communications that work and enter the market for maximum impact.

Employee Experience

Employees capture valuable information about your products, processes, and customer perception. Employee experience is thus a powerful indicator of your organization’s health. Use holistic S2C tools to capture your employee feedback from multiple touch points and improve overall employee engagement by basing strategic actions on their inputs.

Brands Have Grown Stronger With S2C

We have helped hundreds of brands in better understanding their markets and customer expectations. Our customizable and automated research solutions have helped the world’s most trusted brands become even stronger.


Lead Your Industry With Great Customer Experiences

We are committed to helping you build unforgettable customer experiences and emerging as a market leader in your industry.

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Automate Integrations

We offer tools and platforms that can be automatically integrated with your existing resources, expediting your data collection, and subsequent analysis without incurring unrealistic costs.

Analyze Every Experience

Use our advanced analytics tools for grouping your audiences, determining market potential and performing sentiment analysis. We leave no room for error and analyze every important brand experience through AI, giving you actionable insights.

Top Notch Security

S2C has a proactive security system for customer’s data. We have protected servers with trusted data centres that are monitored constantly.

Regional Data Centers

By prioritizing data security, we are providing data centers in India, Dubai, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

Customer Experience Solutions

We are committed to helping you build unforgettable customer experiences and emerging as a market leader in your industry.

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S2C’s Customer Experience Solutions

Drive-up your brand’s customer loyalty by identifying the gaps in your customer experience and creating timely solutions.

  • Reach your customers across Omni Channels
  • Capture their perception and brand experience
  • Generate real-time reports for informed decision making

With S2C’s Customer Experience collection of products, you can cultivate deeper and more rewarding relationships with your customers. Make them feel heard and develop solutions which they really want to use.

Collect Feedback From S2C’s Branded Customizable Surveys

Create DIY surveys to reach your customers through diverse touchpoints and gain insightful feedback using tools like NPS

  • Select from our exhaustive question types
  • Create Multilingual Survey to reach a global audience
  • Apply complex logic to make surveys personalized

Provide Customers Seamless Experience With Omnichannel Collection Suite

S2C’s Omni Channel feedback collection solutions are designed to maximize your customer reach and connect with them through integrated digital and physical channels.

  • Collect feedback across your customer journeys
  • Use channels like email and SMS surveys, in-app APIs,
    websites, WhatsApp, Social media, 2- way SMS and more.
  • You can use offline channels to conduct interviews in offline
    or online mode using the Field Force App for iOS and Android

Real Time Insights With Intuitive Dashboards

S2C’s Dashboard building solution enables you to create dynamic dashaboards that are synchronized with your operational infrastructure. View data in the way that is meaningful to your organization and use a multitude of tools for robust analysis.

  • There are over 12+ widget types that are all multi-lingual
    and mobile responsive
  • Export dashboards into pdf, presentations or excel
  • Separate login page for dashboards plus restricted access based
    on authorization level

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Draw Insights From Texts Using Sentiment Analysis

Distinguish between positive and negative comments through proprietary sentiment analysis framework. S2C’s Text Analytics suite automates the process while allowing you to intervene manually to refine your results.

  • Drawn over a large pool of dataset to identify sentiment on a
    scale of -10 to 10
  • Process written feedback in seconds across various channels
    including social media
  • Create tags and word clouds for easy identification using
    Recurrent Neural Network and Long Short Term Memory

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Track, Prioritize, And Solve Customer Support Tickets All In One Place

S2C’s Closed loop ticketing enables you to win back detractors by tracking and resolving their queries through best in class ticketing module. This will help resolve issues quickly and efficiently, keeping negative word of mouth from damaging the brands

  • Convert any question to detractor recovery and generate alerts
    whenever any customer submits negative feedback
  • Assign tickets automatically and give high priority to VIP customers
  • Trigger follow up survey when the ticket is closed

Ensure Smooth Running Of Your VOC

Automate your conversations by integrating S2C platforms with your CRM/ERP systems. Reduce your time and effort by integrating into the systems you already use.

  • Our APIs work in real time and enable sharing
    CX data across connected platforms
  • We are flexible in connecting you with any system
    you would like
  • Transition your data error free by automation

Top Notch Security With S2C Tools

S2C has a proactive security system for customer’s data. We know and understand how important and critical it is, and hence we take all the industry’s best practices to safeguard it.

  • We are ISO 27001 certified that ensures information security
    best practices in asset management, access control, cryptography,
    and network security
  • We encrypt all data in transit using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)that prevents us from any kind of attacking, phishing or hijacking
  • We are the only platform to have local regional data centres for clients for the extra added security

Informed Actions To Design Memorable Customer Experiences

S2C’s Customer Experience solutions deliver meaningful insights to facilitate strategic decision making.

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Voice Of Customer

Capture the voice of customer through a multitude of channels and empower your front end employees to customize brand’s offering for an enhanced customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Understand different elements of your brand that enhance customer satisfaction and view customer feedback and underlying sentiment in insightful dashboards.

Detractor Recovery

Convert your brand’s detractors into loyal promoters by improving and redesigning their customer experience. Predict detractor behavior and take timely actions to fix service gaps.

Explore S2c’s Product Portfolio

S2C’s Customer Experience solutions deliver meaningful insights to facilitate strategic decision making.


Digital Research

Digital research solutions designed to manage your on-field and off-field research. Use S2C’s customizable survey tools, AI enabled analytics with intuitive reporting and panel management for superior results.

Employee Experience

Tap into the employee pulse of your organization with S2C’s employee experience management solutions. Capture 360 degree feedback and enhance employee engagement organically.

Brand Experience

Test your brand’s perception and predict brand performance by capturing real customer insights. Build brand experiences that are delightful and can lead to loyal customer relationships.


Access globally distributed customer segments to generate realistic market insights. Gather customer inputs from diverse channels on an integrated platform to devise analytics based actions.

Research Studies That Can Easily Be Performed On S2C

End to end Digital Research of product, technology, customers, competition, and marketplace to make data-driven decision for your business.

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Need Understanding

Understand better about your TG through criteria like priorities, requirements, common interests, etc


Competitive Benchmarking

Compare products, services, and practices with a competitor and find out where you stand

Ad/Promotion Testing

Make sure your advertisement resonates with your TG, leading to better conversion rates and brand image


Dipstick Study

Conduct dipstick / Adhoc studies on the fly within a matter of minutes


Mystery Shopping/Audlts

Get into your customers shoes to find out your customers experience by becoming one

Customer Feedback

NPS & CAST survey are conducted to find out customer loyalty and experience with your company


Understand Your Business Needs Through Digital Research

Understand and get into the shoes of your customer to have the best data driven action plan for your business.

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Building Robust Business Processes Powered By Research

S2C’s digital research solutions help you understand what your business needs and how to achieve it

  • Improve Customer Feedback Capture
  • Enhance Field Research with Digitized Solutions
  • Take Informed Product and Pricing Decisions

Partner with Survey2Connect for accessing a wide range of industry benchmark and completely customizable Digital Research tools and create customer experiences that boost your brand.

Create Intuitive & Efficient DIY Surveys

S2C’s Survey Tools are highly intuitive and easy to use. Design custom surveys using advanced logic and exhaustive question types which are best suited to your business needs, and execute them through integrated channels for optimum data capture.

  • Automate the conversations by integrating surveys with CRM/ERP systems
  • Select from a list of exhaustive 25+ question types, and Advanced logics
  • Create Multilingual surveys to reach every demographic

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Connect With Quality Respondents In Minutes

Survey2Connects’ DIY platform allows you to create multilingual responsive branded surveys and share them with an audience spread across 150+ countries and 100,000,000+ registered customers. Check the responses in real-time and take decisive actions.

  • With easy budgeting, create user profile on the basis or region,
    education level, age etc
  • Get quality response from our 4500+ global panels
  • Use S2C’s proprietary fraud detection service to get
    authentic results

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Turn Insights Into Action Faster

Use S2C’s Dashboard to get real-time results and analysis. Monitor the data, identify individual trends and perform data sanitization with easy to use Dashboard features.

  • Create Crosstabs to understand correlations between different variables
  • Drill down into individual response to gather insights
  • Export Data to SPSS, MS Excel, PowerPoint or .csv files

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