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Pluralsight software | Software Development Skills - Software Resellers

Pluralsight software | Software Development Skills

  • Empower your teams to grow their skills
  • Make lasting workflow improvements
  • Utilize a space for unrestricted exploration
  • Unlock your people and upgrade your process
  • Deepen your people’s expertise with hands-on labs

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Deepen your people's expertise with hands-on labs

Improve your teams’ confidence in their ability to deliver on business objectives by building the right skills that meet your org’s needs. Pluralsight offers 950+ labs that enable hands-on practice in secure environments across domains such as cloud (AWS, GCP and Azure), IT Ops, security, data and software development.

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Unlock your people and upgrade your process like never before

Pluralsight Flow’s newest insights show you the what, how, and why of your team’s dynamics and delivery.

The result? Healthier and more efficient engineering teams.

Empower your teams to grow their skills and their careers

Prepare your team for certification exams with our expert authored content and practice exams.

Make lasting workflow improvements with insights from your Jira data

Go beyond Jira data and get visibility into what’s happening within your user stories, tasks and bugs. Flow’s delivery module helps you better understand how your team is working and can make lasting improvements to your workflow

Utilize a space for unrestricted exploration

Sandboxes gives your team a safe environment to practice what they’re learning from expert-authored courses.

Winning the talent war with a scalable tech skills platform

Evolving a 20-year-old company, increasing innovation and accelerating time to delivery requires fresh skills. See how VMware’s globally dispersed teams use Pluralsight to leverage the latest developments in technology as they find new ways to serve customers.

See our growth, progress and evolution

At Pluralsight, we see first-hand every day how technology makes the impossible, possible. It’s why Pluralsight One exists: To advance our mission of democratizing technology skills, challenging assumptions about solutions and create significant, lasting social impact.

Reduce ramp times

Reduce ramp times for new hires by 2 to 3 months

Good onboarding improves retention. Bad onboarding ends in resignation.

Based on a study of 2,500+ engineers across 4 years, we’ve found that although the average time to productivity for a new engineer is 6 – 7 months, there are also clear, measurable ways to reduce that ramp time. The result? A 40% lift in productivity that occurs 2 – 3 months sooner.

Pluralsight enables organizations to get new engineering hires contributing to the codebase—and their team—faster. Leaders can coach new hires with objective data on workflow blockers, bottlenecks, and skills gaps. 

Improve new-hire coaching

Improve new-hire coaching

Empower team leads and engineering managers to better coach new hires with a clear picture of their knowledge and work patterns. Leverage data on a new hire’s skills gaps, code commits, merge commits, and PR and ticket activity to help them improve.

Increase new-hire confidence

Increase new-hire confidence with your tech stack, processes, and tools

Close new-hire skills gaps before they result in production bugs. Provide tailored  instructor-led, on-demand learning programs and real-life coding scenarios in risk-free environments. 

Decrease workflow friction

Decrease workflow friction and new-hire attrition

Learn how to integrate new hires while maintaining team velocity and reducing the burden on your experienced engineers—and foster new-hire community at the same time.

Reduce cycle times by 35%

Reduce cycle times by 35% without sacrificing quality

The factors slowing down software delivery are often felt but not seen—issues like skills gaps, friction within your development environment, or poor workflow patterns. 

Pluralsight enables software delivery teams to ship reliable, scalable, secure code on time by ensuring teams have the right skills and improving how they work together. Visibility into team skill levels, workflows, and well-being helps leaders identify roadblocks and ways to optimize processes.

Reduce unplanned work

Reduce unplanned work and wasted efforts

Debug roadblocks. Refine planning by pinpointing where teams are spending too much time, where work needs to be re-distributed, and where engineers get stuck. All from metrics on cycle time, legacy refactor work, queue time, unplanned work, and code impact.

Improve knowledge sharing

Improve knowledge sharing and collaboration

Make better agreements within the team and reduce the time it takes to move pull requests through the review and deployment pipeline with data on how responsive engineers are within the development process. Remove knowledge silos with instructor-led, on-demand.

Retain team members

Retain team members and ship faster with healthy teams

Build healthy development practices so engineering teams and individuals can be successful. Managers and team leads can leverage objective data on skill levels, code commits, pull request activity, and code base impact to coach and promote team members.

Migrate your people to the cloud

Migrate your people—not just your business—to the cloud

Faster. Better. More secure. These are now the table stakes for all organizations, and they need top cloud talent and capabilities to deliver. 

Pluralsight gives businesses the fastest, easiest way to build and maintain a cloud-first organization with data on where to focus skill development efforts, plus knowledge of how to put cloud knowledge into practice. Plus, your teams get the preparation they need to pass cloud certification exams, learn new frameworks, and advance in their career.

Reduce time and money spent

Reduce the time and money spent on hiring expensive cloud talent

With Pluralsight, businesses put existing talent in open cloud roles without the external hiring headache. We can tailor cloud academies that help any team member build and reinforce new cloud skills, regardless of where they start on your cloud strategy.

Develop cloud skills

Develop cloud skills through daily effort

Build cloud domain expertise and company-wide cloud literacy simultaneously. We offer bite-sized learning that fits into the workday with the appropriate level of detail, whether learners need specific cloud skills or general cloud literacy. 

Mature faster, without the risk

Mature faster, without the risk

Pluralsight makes sure time is spent learning skills that will drive your cloud maturity. Our extensive library of courses, guided labs, and cloud sandboxes help teams stay on top of provider changes in risk-free practice environments.

Cut costs. Improve retention.

Cut costs. Improve retention. Give your talent the roles they want.

Stop blowing budgets and slowing down production timelines by relying on external hiring alone. The team you need to satisfy your business objectives may already be in your org, though they may be hidden talent or in a non-technical role just waiting to make the switch.

With Pluralsight, you can build an internal talent pipeline with analytics on employee proficiency—by role and skill—and reports that highlight impact and efficiency.

Discover hidden talent

Discover hidden talent for the roles you need

Pluralsight helps leaders recognize proficient, high performers. Get data on technical skill levels and insights into which employees are having a high impact on the code base and delivery process. Move those team members into senior positions or critical adjacent roles while measuring and fixing any gaps in a team member’s skill level or work pattern.

Reduce external hiring costs

Reduce external hiring costs

Assess technical proficiency and provide the right learning experience tailored to an individual’s skill level across custom virtual and on-demand learning experiences. Know who you can move to a new team or project with insights on which engineers can help reduce ticket queue time, unplanned work, abandoned PRs, and tech debt.

Reskill employees

Reskill non-technical employees for tech roles

Cashiers, customer service representatives, claimes processors, and other non-tech talent have made successful career transitions into software, IT, and data roles. Pluralsight can walk you through what’s involved and co-create a reskilling strategy with you to meet your specific technical needs.

Build remote teams

Build remote teams that build better

Leading organizations put people, not the office, at the center of their tech strategy.

Pluralsight is the only partner who can provide the visibility and tools to fix skills and workflow gaps for distributed teams. We help leaders invest in their people and processes so teams can thrive regardless of time zone.

We provide visibility into what’s happening on the team. Even without in-office touchpoints, leaders can identify where their team is experiencing burnout and blockers to overcome across distributed environments. 

Improve team health

Improve team health and retention

Happy developers deliver faster and stay longer. See which engineers are struggling across planning, commits, code reviews, and cycle time—and where they might be spending too much time and wasting effort. Get data that helps maintain healthy work patterns and improve engineering retention regardless of where they’re working from.

Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration and reduce cycle time

Teams need the right tools to get their job done remotely, tools that ensure work is flowing smoothly and everyone understands their role. Identify where knowledge isn’t being distributed across a team and reduce those silos with learning tailored to skill levels across cloud, software developmen, security, IT Ops, data, and more. Your team can build skills anywhere, anytime.

Make better decisions

Make better decisions on remote-workforce investments

Without water-cooler talk and passing each other in the hallway, leaders need bettr data to effectively support their remote teams. Pluralsight helps leaders see through time zones and straight to which employees need skill development, where work’s breaking down, and how their teams are engaging in the development process. WIth that visibility, leaders can support teams as if they’re in the same room.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation starts with skill transformation

If the not-so-Great Resignation has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t hire your way out of today’s challenges. The talent you need is likely just a Slack message (and some skill development) away.

Pluralsight helps organizations develop great talent from within, maintain a competitive edge when hiring for hard-to-fill roles, and continue to develop skills in all employees and across all domains, from new hires to the most senior positions. 

Through expert-curated content, adaptive skill assessments, and leader analytics.

Develop the right expertise

Develop the right expertise for your business objectives

Pluralsight helps improve the skills of an organization’s workforce in alignment with business objectives. Expert-curated courses, hands-on experiences, and assessments ensure a workforce continuously upgrades and tailors their skills to specific projects and future innovations.

Attract top talent

Attract top talent

Employees go where employees grow. Leaders who use Pluralsight as an employer differentiator offer candidates unique and relevant on-the-job learning and clear career paths and demonstrate their org stays up-to-date on tech trends—helping employees do the same by encouraging continuous skill development that benefits the business and the employee.

Reduce the cost of employee attrition

Reduce the cost of employee attrition

Upskilling and reskilling with Pluralsight helps organizations better retain and mobilize existing talent. Pluralsight improves employee engagement, productivity, and success and enables talent mobility by empowering employees to reskill and tackle new roles. Because when teams have the right support and opportunities, they’re more likely to stay.

Get clear visibility

Get clear visibility to make optimal decisions

Agile should move you from point A to point B, faster. But the roadblocks on that journey intersect people, processes, and culture, and those problems are tough to see—let alone solve. 

Pluralsight equips software teams with objective data to identify engineering priorities and remove roadblocks. Get clear visibility into your software delivery process with a holistic view of engineering culture, activity, predictability, and efficiency. Are you fully leveraging Agile to create continuous improvement in team skills, processes, and speed to market?

Improve cycle time

Improve cycle time

Diagnose issues impacting cycle time with visibility and tools to see what’s working—and what isn’t—across planning, ticket queue time, pull requests, and code reviews.

Increase delivery speed

Increase delivery speed without compromising team health

Don’t sacrifice team health at the expense of moving fast. Make sure engineers are spending the right time on the right efforts with unbiased data to surface in Agile ceremonies.

Develop Agile knowledge

Develop Agile knowledge to make Agile common practice

Get a full inventory of Agile skills and help teams overcome Agile skills gaps. As individuals assess their skills and access learning experiences specific to their level,

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