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Buy Software : Every Connection, Every Direction, One API

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Networking for Applications,
 Not Infrastructure

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Gloo Gateway
Gloo Entryway is a lightweight, profoundly versatile and secure Kubernetes-local door with strong Programming interface the executives.
Gloo Mesh
Gloo Cross section gives hearty, endeavor grade Istio and Cilium support with multi-bunch bits of knowledge and flexibility to get your administration correspondences.
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Why Solo?, the creator of Gloo products, empowers cloud-native application networking with solutions like Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh.

Our mission is to simplify and enhance the security and connectivity of your cloud-native services as your applications expand into multi-cloud environments

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  1. Get Stuff Done
    We own our work, learn from our mistakes, and deliver exceptional customer outcomes with urgency.
  2. Work as One
    We are inclusive and collaborative with our colleagues and our customers creating collective success.
  3. Define the Future
    We creatively solve for the now and innovate for the future so our company and our customers are always one step ahead.
  4. Lead with Integrity
    We act with respect, honesty, and openness with each other and our customers.


Gloo Gateway

Gloo Gateway is a fast, Kubernetes-native API gateway packed with features IT operations teams need to deliver a full lifecycle security strategy for their cloud-native environments.

Why Gloo Gateway?
Traditional API Gateways aren’t designed to thrive in the rapidly changing cloud-native ecosystem, often demanding extensive add-on infrastructure to ensure their resilience, high availability, and readiness for production use. Enterprise gateway and ITOps teams use Gloo Gateway because it is built to work with Kubernetes and the dynamic nature of the clusters running your cloud-native applications. No centralized database, no more hairpinning and scales with your application.
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Gloo Gateway Is...


Make 353 million requests per day on a single CPU. Gloo Gateway is fast and can scale with each CPU handling 4,000 requests per second.

More Secure

Take control of your service access and prevent data loss with web application firewalls, FIPS compliance, rate limiting, and enterprise identity integrations.


Works with your existing GitOps and progressive delivery pipelines for both infrastructure and applications.

Gloo Gateway is Great For...

Alternative to Legacy Gateways including Apigee

Further develop execution, versatility, and security with a cloud-local Programming interface the executives

Handling Heavy Traffic Payloads

Execute best practices for enormous scope Programming interface passage organizations and serve more than 7 billion Programming interface calls each day

Reduced Response Times

Help reaction speed and improve application execution

Replacing NGINX with Secure, Envoy-Based Advanced Ingress

Secure entryways with out of the case validation and screen measurements including idleness, traffic, blunders, and immersion.

Building and Deploying Developer Portals

Empower current Programming interface advancement and the executives works on (counting Behind the stage)

Deploying in the cloud

Designed to work with Kubernetes and live with your microservices for quicker reaction and adaptability.

Gloo Mesh

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Gloo Mesh simplifies service mesh adoption across various clouds and clusters, whether you’re dealing with containers or virtual machines. Powered by Istio and Cilium, Gloo Mesh empowers platform engineering teams to boost security, resiliency, and observability.

Why Gloo Mesh?

Managing multi-cluster and multi-cloud Kubernetes environments can be complex, especially when it comes to scaling, securing, and monitoring cloud-native apps. Sometimes, the upstream open-source or commodity service mesh options don’t meet enterprise needs for features, scalability, security, and reliability. With Gloo Mesh, you get more observability, simplified manageability and more control over your application security at scale.

More Secure



Gloo Mesh is great for…

Mitigate risk and deliver better patch compliance faster

Implementing Zero-Trust

Effectively lay out a unique security pose with mTLS for your microservices-based applications

Simplifying Your Architecture: No More Sidecars!

With Encompassing, you take out the requirement for isolated intermediary compartments close by every microservice.

Replacing AWS, Azure, or GCP service mesh

Go multi-cloud, lessen expenses, or saddle Gloo's high level traffic the board and security highlights.

Cutting Service Mesh Costs

Diminish overheads by +90% with Istio Encompassing Cross section

Operationalizing Your Service Mesh

Shrewd experiences mechanize best practices and keeps your current circumstance solid

Easily adding VMs to a service mesh

Accomplish more noteworthy consistency, recognizability, and control of your blended design conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions is a modern service mesh company offering solutions for managing and securing microservices-based applications. Its services include tools for service mesh architecture, API management, and cloud-native application delivery.

Yes, offers integrations with various IT systems and tools, including cloud services, container orchestration platforms, CI/CD pipelines, and more. 

Key features include service mesh deployment and management, traffic routing and control, security policies enforcement, observability and monitoring, and integration with other cloud-native technologies.

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