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Intercom software | Sales Software - Software Resellers

Intercom software | Sales Software

  • Business Messenger
  • Customizable bots
  • Automated answers
  • Product Tours
  • Outbound Messages
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Management Tools

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Build customers for life

With the Engagement OS

The modern customer communications platform that unifies every aspect of the customer journey, from conversion to engagement to support.

Customer messaging that fits your business

  • Chat in real-time—or follow up later
  • Automate work with chatbots
  • Personalize every customer experience
  • Help customers self-serve
  • Deliver outbound messages on your website or app
  • Target chat to specific segments
  • Do more with 300+ apps
  • Communicate with customers across platforms

Customer messaging that fits your business

Everyone wins with a conversational approach

Customer messaging that fits your business

Give customers personal touchpoints with your brand through the familiar medium of messaging.

Live chat is only the beginning

Chat in real-time—or on your own time

Set clear expectations with customers based on your team’s bandwidth, and collect upfront information for follow-up later.

Free up your team’s time with chatbots

Help users help themselves with powerful bots for support and sales.

Drive action with integrated apps

Integrate with 300+ apps, or build your own. You can use them in conversations or on your Messenger home screen

Get the best of both worlds

Provide a seamless experience for users across desktop and mobile.

Bots by you, to scale every part of your business

                                         Speed up customer resolutions, qualify leads, and grow your pipeline with Custom Bots.

Create your own chatbot—code free

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Triage conversations automatically

Custom Bots collect upfront info from customers, making support much quicker and more efficient than email—and saving your team time and energy.

Customize bots without code

Design a bot in minutes, so it can start triaging or acquiring leads for your team.

Proactively engage every qualified lead

Custom Bots start conversations by using advanced targeting and enrichment, and only engaging the leads you want.

Replace web forms

Launch a bot to engage high-intent leads, then move qualified leads directly to a conversation to convert faster.

More than answers — resolutions

Intercom brings you upleveled support automation that scales your team by resolving 33% of common questions for you

24/7 automated support with Resolution Bot

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Use it as soon as customers start typing

Speed up self-service by offering relevant answers based on what customers are typing—before they even hit the enter key.

Bots in different languages and time zones

Make 24/7 global support easier for your team by automating answers in 38 languages. Your team doesn’t have to be online for our bots to start conversations, route qualified leads, and collect customer info for you.

Customize it to your audience and brand

Choose who the bot speaks to and how it answers based on criteria like customer spend, business type, and more.

Drive growth with targeted messages

Increase sales, onboard new users, and grow faster with powerful messages that deliver.

Better ways to communicate mean more ways to grow

  • A direct line to customers

    Send automated in-app and website messages to connect with people when they are most ready to engage.

  • Online, in-app, wherever

    Engage leads and users with automated and one-off emails, and use push notifications to connect with and retain mobile app users.

  • Go beyond just text

    Send images, videos, apps, and emoji to tell your story and drive action in the most powerful way possible.

  • Dynamic content

    Grow customer engagement rates by sending highly targeted, personalized emails at scale.

Better Ways Image

Powerful apps in your messages

Powerful apps in your messages

  • Capture and qualify more leads

    Sign up for demos, schedule meetings, and register for webinars with apps from Google Calendar, Zoom, Aircall, and more.

  • Support customers and keep them updated

    Use apps like Article Inserter to let customers find answers on their own, and Statuspage to provide downtime communication at scale.

Collect emails and gain subscribers

Use apps from Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor to capture emails for gated content, provide discount codes, and more

Optimize messages to hit your goals

  • Know how each message performs

    View open, click, and reply rates, and track the true performance of a message all the way to a goal.

  • Export data for more in-depth analysis

    Export message performance data in a given time period to a CSV file and via our API.

  • Always have the right audience with live segments

    With behavioral and customer data stored in Intercom and updated continuously, you can target the right people even as things change.

Close more deals with real-time ABM

Intercom’s Messenger welcomes target accounts to your site and instantly connects them to sales.

Make your website as targeted as email

Greet target accounts with a tailored message the moment they visit your website, so they can connect with sales while they’re most engaged.

Convert visits into opportunities

Alert reps when their accounts are on your website, route conversations instantly, and help reps respond faster.

ABM for every stage of your funnel

Use an account-based approach to improve customer onboarding, activation, trial conversions, and more.

Marketing and sales that’s easy to measure

Track key performance metrics image

Smart tools. Happy team.

Great experiences don’t have to stop with your customers. Our management tools extend those great experiences to your team, too.

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Make your team more efficient

Orchestrate cohesive customer journeys

Series is the only visual campaign builder that lets you send cohesive messages across tons of channels—inside your app and out.

Series is the only visual campaign builder that lets you send cohesive messages across tons of channels—inside your app and out.

Orchestrate cohesive customer journeys

Make sure customers get the message

Great experiences don’t have to stop with your customers. Our management tools extend those great experiences to your team, too.

Just a few of the transactional messages you can send

  • Order, shipping, and delivery confirmations

  • Password resets

  • Event reminders

  • Account updates

  • Cart abandonments

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The right message starts with these features

  • Event-based messaging

    Send messages when specific events occur—and make them personal, thanks to metadata.

  • Personalized subscription settings

    Let customers get the promo emails they want—like blogs or deals—and say no to the ones they don’t.


No-reply texting? Goodbye. Two-way SMS is here.

Engage, activate, and connect with customers like never before. Our two-way SMS lets you have back-and-forth customer conversations, and send real-time promotional offers, transactional messaging, and more.

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Anytime, anywhere messaging

With a 98% average open rate, text messaging is the perfect channel to actively engage with and connect to your customers—wherever they are.

True two-way SMS

The best thing about two-way SMS is having your customers’ full attention. Use it to chat with them directly from the Intercom Inbox, and leave those generic responses and dead-end texts behind.

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A seamless, omnichannel experience

Our platform goes way beyond SMS. Create integrated campaigns in our Series tool, and connect them across SMS, in-app messages, Product Tours, email, and more.

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