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Empower Introverts, SMB Owners, and BDMs with AI in building relationships on LinkedIn

Engage AI augments comments for you to engage prospects on LinkedIn.

Save hours writing comments to attract your prospects and achieve faster conversions with every added touchpoint.

Say goodbye to generic comments like “Good post!”, “Thanks for sharing” and “Love your content!”.

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Use Engage AI to engage and nurture potential clients at scale

Build quick rapport with any high-potential LinkedIn prospect

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AI that’s built and tailored for your workflow on LinkedIn

Forget about tweaking other AI copywriting tools to complement your LinkedIn strategy.

We develop Engage AI for the sole purpose of optimizing your workflow on LinkedIn.
We work relentlessly to improve your productivity on LinkedIn so we can maximize your reach and opportunities to win more work.
Hashtag Analytics
Discover effective hashtags for you and your business through behavioral statistics.
Real-time total followers, like, and comment counts
Reach potential
Follower growth trends
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Fast and Advanced LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy

Fuel Your Newsfeed Scrolling Addiction

Hashtag research done with a single mouse hover.

Hover your mouse over any hashtag on a viral LinkedIn post to see if they’re worth leveraging in your next post.

Spark Your Creative Juices

One can only use generic hashtags so many times (and not gain anything from it every time).

Start a fresh LinkedIn post, input # and begin typing a keyword like you would on Google. You’ll immediately get hashtag auto-suggestions relevant to your post.

Spend Less Time and Mental Capacity

Need to search up results on a couple of hashtags real quick?

Click on our Chrome extension’s icon and search them without leaving your LinkedIn page.

Uncover Trending Hashtags

Get the latest scoop about the best hashtags on LinkedIn before others.

If your favourite hashtag is gaining followers at a record speed, you’ll be the first to know.

LinkedIn Hashtag Widgets

Raise your authority and credibility with the latest hashtag trends

How To Embed The Gadgets On Your Website

Step 1: Copy Code

Step 2: Paste The Code Into Blog Page

Step 3: … And That’s It!

Powerful integrations. Seamless experiences.

Streamline your  workflow by taking advantage of integrations with the tools you use on a daily basis.

Access the functions and data that you need for both products in one place.

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As the team behind Engage AI, we enable users to use AI to provide insightful commentary on relevant posts from prospects and customers on social media platforms. With cues powered by Engage AI, users add a personal touch and tone to their comments to engage prospects and customers.

Who Is FILT Pod?

FILT Pod is a team of passionate tech and marketing enthusiasts. Led by our engineer-turned-founders, we continue to develop and refine tools that benefit the broader LinkedIn community.
FILT Pod provides tools for anyone who wants to promote their business. FILT Pod aims to provide a holistic solution for enterprises to leverage and grow in importance.
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Who Do We Serve?

Engage AI is working hard to fuel 40% of the economy and put food on the table of their families, yet SMBs who can’t always speak up, pay attention and get support covers 90% of It’s a fact. SMEs don’t get a lot of government handouts and funding (if any). They also don’t get headline news and media attention unless they can outbid the competition. All the glory and fame go to two types of businesses. First, the risk-taking corporate giants that are too big to fail. Second, flashy startups that are venture-backed but financially careless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FiltPod is a podcast hosting platform that provides podcasters with tools for hosting, distributing, and monetizing their podcast content, as well as analytics and insights to track performance and audience engagement.

FiltPod offers features such as podcast hosting, episode management, distribution to popular podcast directories, customizable podcast players, monetization options, analytics and reporting, and collaboration tools for podcast teams.

FiltPod helps podcasters streamline the podcasting process by offering an all-in-one platform for hosting, publishing, and promoting their podcasts. It provides tools to reach a wider audience, monetize content, and analyze listener behavior.

Yes, FiltPod offers monetization options for podcasters, including sponsorship opportunities, premium content subscriptions, listener donations, and advertising placements, helping podcasters generate revenue from their content.

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