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Comm100 software | Live Chat Software

  • Omnichannel customer engagement software
  • Give maximal customer service with minimal customer effort. 24/7.
  • Give your customers answers – anytime, anywhere, effortlessly
  • Time and cost to resolution with live chat
  • Accurate omnichannel responses improves customer satisfaction

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Give your customers answers – anytime, anywhere, effortlessly

  • 24/7 engagement with smart AI automation
  • Accurate omnichannel responses improves customer satisfaction
  • Insightful analytics and reporting for better personalization

Choose to make your customers happy.

Digital is the way of life.Meet your customers where they hang out with Comm100’s omnichannel customer engagement software.

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Chatbots & Automation

Chatbots and automation tools save time for your customers and your agents.

Why use it?

Free up your agents for complex calls. Personalized AI chatbots and tools can handle 80% of customer needs.

How can I use this?

Answer questions and process requests with chatbots

Automate tasks like IT requests, bookings, and claims so agent can focus on more important things

Assist agents with suggested resolutions to incoming queries

Live Chat

Real-time text, voice or video support saves money while being even more productive.

Why use it?

Give agents optimal tools to get the job done right. Maximize your real time support for a competitive edge!

How can I use this?

Enable live support with chat, audio chat, video chat, file sharing or co-browsing

Monitor chats and manage service quality with full permissions control

Gain insight with analytical reporting on your team’s interactions

Ticketing & Messaging

Omnichannel customer support managed on one platform reduces customer frustration.

Why use it?

Resolve complex issues with a powerful support ticket system,  targeted routing and effective tracking.

How can I use this?

Take the conversation to where your customer is — email, SMS, social media

Guide the customer journey across channels from one easy-to-use system

Follow up on complex customer service issues with robust and efficient ticketing

Knowledge Base

Powerful search delivers accurate info, solving issues quickly.

Why use it?

Make information easy to find — for internal and external users — with lightning-fast search and relevant answers. 

How can I use this?

Have visitors access documents and faqs right from the chat window

Speedily supply agents with pertinent information — with just a few clicks

Choose what information to share with customers, employees and shareholders

BEAT customer expectations with top-performing, omnichannel digital CX.

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automation for self-service and reduce cost of human agents

Reduce Icon


time and cost to resolution with live chat, chatbot and knowledge base software

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huge influx of requests across email, live chat, social media and more.

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urgent queries and route calls for accurate and quick resolutions

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customer data safe and secure with strictly compliant technology

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happy agents and customers and see upswings in CSAT and NPS scores


Keeping customers happy is easier. But measuring your ROI is super simple


Copy and paste your unique line of code. And you are… live chatting!


Get a solution suited to your business needs. With room to grow!


Receive data, insights and recommendations so you can level up. Yes, even more!


Gain clarity with our 100 top interactions report. Stop sweating the wrong stuff.

Experience — and offer — CX Excellence.

100+ features

Copy and paste your unique line of code. And you are… live chatting!

100+ invested

CX excellence is your experience. And that’s the magic of our team. Because they won’t stop at just being excellent either.

The future isn’t personal and digital, the present is.

Voice may be the ‘grand ol’ dame’ of customer service, but it’s not what your customers want anymore. Long wait times, high cost of delivery, and disruptive agent turnover are only the beginning. It’s time to catch up to today’s digital-first, always-connected, always demanding customer. We’ll help you enlighten your contact center and drive greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction through live chat, email, social media, text messaging and enterprise knowledge base software.

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Answer the bell, wherever it rings

With all the key digital channels managed in one place, Comm100 helps you connect with your customers wherever and whenever they want. That may be an email today, a chat tomorrow, and a tweet next week. No problem – we’ll keep a tight lid on the conversation wherever it takes you – including AI chatbot and knowledge base software for the call center

Increase efficiency while reducing cost

With all the key digital channels managed in one place, Comm100 helps you connect with your customers wherever and whenever they want. That may be an email today, a chat tomorrow, and a tweet next week. No problem – we’ll keep a tight lid on the conversation wherever it takes you – including AI chatbot and knowledge base software for the call center

Less searching, more answering

The Comm100 platform rolls all your channels into a single, intuitive agent console, and includes easy access to critical information for resolving customer questions. Integrate your CRM and other core business systems so your agents never have to switch screens to find the details they need to serve your customers.

The insights you need to improve

Comm100 includes detailed real-time dashboards and revealing reports to help you go beyond the ‘what’ and drill into the ‘why’ of your customer service operations. We’ll help you make smarter decisions about everything from your digital deployments to agent performance. After all, what gets measured gets managed.

Be ready for whatever the future brings

If the present is digital, there’s no question the future will be too. Who knows which new channels your customers will start using next? Maybe you’ve already gotten a question via TikTok. Whatever tomorrow brings, trust Comm100 to help you get online and stay connected.

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From increasing support requests to keeping a lid on service delivery costs, automation is the answer.

It’s no longer a question of ‘if’, but a question of ‘how’. Scaling your customer service operations cost-effectively is not something you can put off. From powerful, friendly chatbots to the latest in agent productivity tools, Comm100 brings you a suite of automation technologies to help you improve service delivery, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Chatbots that speak Human

Using Comm100’s AI NLP Chatbot, customers use their own words – in 13 languages – to express what they want. After all, the intention matters more than the words chosen.

More than conversation

Chats are nice, but resolution is better. The Comm100 chatbot connects to your core business systems to execute workflows and complete transactions, ensuring that your customers go away satisfied.

Automate routine workflows

Web forms are so 2020. Capture information conversationally with Comm100 Task Bots – book a meeting, register for an event, route a chat to the right department, and more. Our pre-designed templates and simple bot building tool make it easy.

Increased capacity and performance

It’s no secret that 80% of the questions your team gets are on the same subject, and they’re usually easy to answer. Let your chatbot take them on so your agents can focus on the more complex, high-value questions.

A new height of agent productivity

Imagine reducing conversation duration by 5-10%, applied across your entire team. Agent Assist eliminates the time needed to find answers, so your agents can handle more conversations more consistently. That gives you capacity to grow without incurring additional costs.

You’re in full control

We know putting your trust in a chatbot can feel like a big leap of faith. Our professional AI architects are here to guide you every step of the way, from defining your scope to building integrations to collaborating on a confidence-building rollout plan. We’ll make sure you’re ready and eager, with your eyes wide open.

Take control of your customer service front line

While your customers don’t think about channels when they have a question, you have to. The key is enabling fast, friendly, and effective service everywhere. We’ll help you make the journey a pleasant one.

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Your unique blend of service delivery

Your customer base is truly unique, as is your customer service philosophy. We’ll help you design your own blend of automated, self-serve, and human assisted customer service that helps you answer questions more productively and increases customer satisfaction – at a cost that will make you smile.

Be everywhere your customers need you

Today’s digital customer service playing field includes live chat, social media, messaging, and email – with more channels likely to appear in the future. We’ll make sure you’re easy to reach and quick to respond so your customers will never have a reason to look elsewhere.


Never lose the thread

It all starts with a powerful contact manager that lets you connect the dots between conversations happening on different channels. Your agents will never be out of the loop – just as your customers are expecting.

The ultimate agent toolkit

The Comm100 agent console contains everything your agents need to stay in control of every conversation: customer profiles and histories, CRM data, knowledge resources, helpful shortcuts, and of course access to every communication channel you have in one place. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Financial services & banking customer service software

Today’s financial services organizations have to find the balance between online access and human interaction. Banks, brokerages, and wealth management companies need to offer the convenience of self-service solutions, while providing personalized support and human experiences. Comm100’s omnichannel customer support platform helps you lower customer service costs while conducting business when and where your customers want it. Smart, efficient, and affordable.

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Iron-clad security

Regardless of size, every financial institution has the same expectation when it comes to security: it simply has to be iron-clad. From PCI compliant forms and SOC 2 certification, to credit card masking, SSL/TLS encryption, and GDPR, Comm100exceeds industry requirements to keep your data secure. We offer cloud-based solutions or when preferred, on-site deployments that ensure the software you use is under your control and safely behind your firewall. With our banking ai chatbot and live chat software, we have you covered.

Uptime guaranteed

With digital transactions occurring at all hours of the day, you can’t afford a second of downtime, especially where your customer experience is concerned. Comm100 Live Chat’s MaximumOn service guarantees uptime for our financial services customer service software. Server problems, maintenance issues and other technical outages just don’t happen. Comm100 support is always there when your customers need it.

Lower support costs

By implementing live chat for financial services, you could save 17-30% of what you spend offering phone support alone. Couple those cost savings with the lead generating power of live chat, and you are well on your way to optimizing the performance of your customer experience and sales teams. Live chat for financial services frees up resources to improve efficiencies across the board and enables better analytics and data-mining. And we haven’t even mentioned the power of banking ai chatbots.

Accessibility that drives trust

Less than half of Americans (48%) trust their banking provider with their financial information. With levels of skepticism at an all-time high, it’s increasingly important to build a solid relationship between your company and your customers. With more and more customers moving to digital channels to do their banking, omnichannel support reaffirms your commitment to being there for customers whenever and wherever they are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comm100 is a customer engagement software that provides live chat, chatbot, email marketing, and help desk solutions to businesses. It offers features such as real-time messaging, AI-powered chatbots, email campaigns, ticketing systems, and analytics.

Buy Comm100 which is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Its modular design and customizable features make it adaptable to the needs of businesses across various industries.

Comm100 helps businesses improve customer engagement by providing multiple communication channels for interacting with customers in real-time. Whether it’s through live chat on the website, automated responses from chatbots, or personalized email campaigns, Comm100 enables businesses to engage with customers effectively.

Yes, buy Comm100 that offers integrations with a variety of third-party applications and services, including CRM systems, help desk software, and e-commerce platforms. These integrations allow businesses to centralize customer data and streamline their workflows for better efficiency.

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