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Logic ERP software | ERP Solutions

  • Retail Supply Chain
  • Distribution Management System
  • Manufacturing Process Management
  • Building the Effective Enterprise

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Logic Enterprise

Building the Effective Enterprise

Next-generation ERP solution by LOGIC ERP integrating business functionalities of retail, distribution, and manufacturing in a single niche industry ready business suite.

Total Integrated ERP Software Solution for :
  • Retail Supply Chain
  • Distribution Management System
  • Manufacturing Process Management

Niche Vertical Specific and GST Ready Business Application managing Multi-Location, Multi-Company, and Multi-Vertical.

Niche Verticals are :
  • Apparel, Footwear & Fashion
  • FMCG & Package Foods
  • Pharma & Chemical
  • Electronic & Electricals
  • Food & Beverage

Apparel & Footwear

Achieve a Visual Goal for modern Fashion Business
Logic Business Ultimate
Professional Plus

Most Advanced and Comprehensive Business Solution for Apparel, Footwear, and Lifestyle & Fashion Retail and Whole Sales.

Key Features

  • Garment & Fashion specific Attribute and Item Category
  • Item Matrix, Multi-Brand, Multi Shade/Color with Size Matrix
  • Size wise Entry and Reporting
  • Size-wise Invoice Printing to reduce paper consumption
  • Item MRP different Size wise

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Achieve a Visual Goal for modern Fashion Business
Logic Business Professional Plus

Most Advanced and Comprehensive Business Solution for FMCG and Grocery Retail and Whole Sales.

Key Features

  • Batch /Lot wise MRP and Costing
  • Perishable and Expiry nature of item alerts.
  • Multiple UOM and Alternative Packaging.
  • Provision to capture grammage of item
  • Weighing Machine Integrated for weight capture or barcode print
  • Barcode Level printing as well as EAN/GS1 code Capturing
  • Provision to enter barcode provided by the vendor
  • LOT or batch-wise barcode for speed and accurate entry
  • Serialized inventory with Serial NO or IMEI


Most advanced solution for Electronic / Mobile / White goods Distributors and Retailers
Logic Business Professional Plus

Most Advanced and Comprehensive Business Solution for Electronic and Mobile.

Key Features

  • Batch/Lot wise MRP and Costing
  • Serialized inventory with Serial number or IMIE Number
  • Home Delivery and Collection settlement
  • Buy Back, composite item features
  • B2B Mobile app for order booking and reporting
  • Product Warranty Management

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Unleash the full potential of Pharma Business
Logic Business Basic

Vertical Specific and robust software solution for pharmacy, pharma POS and Pharma Wholesale. It is available in two editions- Retail and Wholesales.

Key Features

  • Conversion Factor of Strip, Dozen & Box
  • Tablet, Bottle, and Strip
  • Substitute alerts
  • Scheduled Drugs alerts for prescription
  • B2B Mobile App for Order Booking and Reporting
  • Pre-set Item for prescription entry
  • Shortage Item Entry at Billing Screen
  • Purchase Order from Shortage List
  • Expiry & Damage -Sale Return & Purchase Return

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Food & Beverage

Be a Simple, Smart and Customer Savvy Enterprise
Logic FnB Basic

On-demand software solution for Fine Dine Restaurants, Food Courts as well as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) available by LOGIC ERP for Single-Location and Multi-Location based F & B Business.

The solution can be deployed on local server and cloud having niche vertical specific bellow features.

Key Features

  • Table Management for Dine In
  • Home Delivery order with Existing Sales History and Address
  • Route /Beat wise Delivery Plan with BIKE Aggregator Detail
  • Bike & Driver Detail with the reconciliation of Collection.
  • Home Delivery Settlement
  • Take-Away order with KOT
  • KOT Display (KDS) both side to Kitchen and F & B Manager
  • KOT Printing at Multiple Printer Menu Item wise

Spa and Salons

The future to smart working is here
Logic Wellness Basic

All-in-one wellness management software that goes beyond appointment booking, POS and Inventory.

Best Suite of solution for Hair Salon & Spa, Med Spa as well as Fitness Centre, Gym and Yoga Center.

Key Features

  • Appointment booking
  • Blocking time slot of Therapist, Stylist and Service Providers
  • Multiple stages of appointment with color indication
  • Group appointment of Guests for Yoga / Gym Trainers
  • Guest Book as well as their Service History with their Preferred Service Provider
  • Guest Service History with Customer Detail about Skin Type/ Hair Type & Allergy if any
  • Package Sales and adjustment with Bill and Appointment
  • Package creation with validation of Numbers of Services and Time Limit


Well-organized Retail outlets offering readily available product and services for happy customers, is the beauty of Modern Retailing! However, challenges to efficient retailing are numerous like centralized control to independent business applications, High-speed information processing/access across the network, optimized warehousing and logistics, cost-effective Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management.



Efficient distribution becomes much vital to overall success of the business. Gaining customer loyalty by satisfying their needs optimally is what every business strives for. An efficient distribution network to offer powerful replenishment across all access points to deliver uninterrupted services to customers is highly coveted.

The web makes customer independent and they do not rely much on distributors and can ship the product overnight from the web. Also, multi-channel retail increases worries for distributors where lack of real-time visibility to data makes distribution management much complex. Besides, today’s educated customer is too demanding, exercising great pressures over operating margins.

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Manufacturing a cost-effective product, meeting commitments with customers is quite challenging. Manufacturing industry deals with a number of industry partners and business entities for their smooth operations. In addition, fluctuating economic factors, market governance, and compliance mandates add to their complexity.

Today there is a great need for efficient systems, which offers dynamic controls and high accessible informational access to support strategic decision making, to keep up with the robust business environments.

Logic ERP is a highly scalable and flexible software solution to strengthen back-office operations for better control and higher profitability. Embracing the latest technology built on single unified model, with powerful integration and comprehensive tools it helps to manage entire manufacturing business from end to end. It is a smart ERP solution supporting the entire range of manufacturing processes from procurement of raw materials, production tracking, inventory management, supply chain planning, expanded outsourcing, sales and marketing, asset maintenance, human capital and payroll management and business analytics. These business processes can be selectively configured to cater to unique business needs.

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