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Embrace a new approach to grow revenue without risk

Prevent all types of online fraud and abuse with a single integrated solution.

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Every customer interaction, protected by Sift

Stop losses

Proactively block fraudsters with unparalleled accuracy that comes from machine learning.

Streamline operations

Reduce manual examination, automate actions, and get more insight into your business.


Expand business

Know your reliable users and accept more orders with confidence and without friction.


Comprehensive capabilities

The whole lot your group needs to relaxed user bills and work greater successfully.

stop losses Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Holistic protection

Our network of quick and easy integrations enable you to protection all user interactions and optimize for progress.


Sift Engine

Stay ahead of developing trends with access to the shared learnings from over 70B+ events per month across our global network of customers.


Console and Workflows

Our user-friendly Console enables deep-dive investigation and easily automates dynamic user knowledge based on risk.


Expert consultation

Receive a tailored Digital Trust & Safety assessment and access a dedicated solutions team to enhance your in-house initiatives.


Included with all Sift products

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  • Machine learning with custom models and real-time scoring based on 16K+ signals
  • Global network of 34,000+ sites and apps
  • Intuitive console for analysts, with Review Queues and automated Workflows
  • Dashboards and analytics to report on key fraud metrics
  • Technical customer support

Dashboards and Analytics

All customers get access to platform tools that provide critical insights, allow for automation, and streamline their team’s proficiency

Trust & Safety Experts

Customers gain access to insights from Belief and Security Architects with extensive knowledge fighting fraud at some of the world’s biggest brands.

Featured Industries

From retailers and quick-service restaurants to cryptocurrency exchanges and marketplaces, we work with a variety of industries to help businesses decrease fraud and fuel progress.

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More than 75% of consumers globally use fintech services—making it a high-value vertical for fraudsters. Stop fake signups, win disputes, protect user accounts, and progress engagement



Your community thrives on trust—ensure your users are safe and secure. Stop fraudulent listings, detect phishing scams, and secure every transaction



Whether in-store or online, fraud injuries customer loyalty and your bottom line. Prevent lost inventory, reduce chargebacks, fight BOPIS fraud, and deliver tailored experiences for your customers.

Travel & Transportation

Don’t give fraudsters a free ride—stop abuse before it takes off. Safe user accounts, guard stored value and travel points, and put an end to promo abuse

Food & Beverage

In the fast-paced world of food and beverage, there’s little time for manual review. Automate risk valuations, stop payment fraud in real time, and deliver delightful experiences with industry-leading machine learning

On-demand Services

Rely on real-time fraud inhibition customized for the right-now economy. Stop fraud losses proactively, decrease chargebacks, protect user accounts, streamline operations, and fuel progress…..

We agree with agree with and protection are fundamental to every on-line interplay. As the pioneers of virtual trust & protection, we help greater than 34,000 websites and apps navigate the satisfactory balance between growing revenue and shielding their commercial enterprise.

We trust users are innocent until validated guilty. A enterprise’s properly clients should in no way be turned away or made to leap thru hoops. We make it clean for businesses to eliminate friction and satisfaction their customers, whilst preserving horrific actors out.

Insights from fraud fighters across the world


Diverse data

Our clients combat fraud in multiple industries throughout the globe, contributing to our comprehensive and ever-increasing library of over 16,000 precise fraud signals to help you identify suspicious conduct and stop attacks before they appear.

Learn from industry experts

Attend meetups like our fraud warring parties forums to listen experienced professionals proportion what they’re going through at the the front strains of modern-day fraud – and a way to get ahead of it.

Strength in numbers

By using collecting and analyzing 5m international fraud choices according to month, our community surfaces key learnings to each sift patron at each degree of each person interaction.

We accept as true with legacy technologies are retaining companies back. We have been the primary to use gadget mastering for fraud prevention, and our customers see the effects each day. The rate, accuracy, and scalability of our answer is unrivaled.

The time to change is now. Customer expectancies are better than ever. Competition is fierce. Fraudsters innovate and scale as fast as companies. That’s why hundreds of websites and apps, from digital disrupters to fortune 500 organizations, accomplice with sift.

Our customers come first

We companion with our customers every step of the way to construct relied on, lengthy-time period relationships and ensure their particular wishes are constantly met. 

Tailored integrations

Get a custom answer to your commercial enterprise regardless of size or enterprise. Our technical group will make sure you get the most out of sift.

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account takeover resources from Sift

Ever-evolving expertise

Our believe & safety architects have many years of industry enjoy constructing and scaling international fraud and abuse groups. 

Better together

We connect complementary companions and industry leaders to supply the maximum sturdy cease-to-quit answers for our customers.

What is sift software?

Sift software is digital trust and safety suite for online fraud detection software it proactively stop account it looks after, payment fraud, scam content, and
chargebacks from destroying your brand's reputation

Which is the best fraud detection software?

There are many spam and detection software and sift is among from one of them. You buy or rent sift software from software horsepower.

Does Sift detect TOR usage?

Yes, sift check IP addresses against known TOR exit nodes and build this into its fraud scores.

Does Sift automatically reject fraudulent orders?

One of Sift Science's most powerful features is the ability to setup automation. After your fraud team has used Sift Science for a few weeks, your team can begin to think about automation via Workflows.

Does Sift work for international transactions?

Yes, Sift works for international companies and transactions. Sift currently work with companies on all six habitable continents and it is familiar with global fraud patterns as well as many localized patterns due to their existing coverage around the world.

What is Fraud Prevention?

Fraud prevention solutions in your business operations will allow you to run your company and focus on growing revenue safely. By using advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, modern fraud prevention systems like Sift stop cybercriminals from stealing important business and personal information.

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