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Developer loved, Security trusted.

Find and automatically fix vulnerabilities in your code, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code — all powered by Snyk’s industry-leading security intelligence

Secure your entire development lifecycle

Snyk supports your favourite languages and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.


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We’re security experts so you don’t have to be

The Snyk platform is powered by our industry-leading security intelligence research, so you can find and fix vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered.

Snyk brings developers and security together

Snyk integrates with developer tools and workflows to continuously find and automatically fix vulnerabilities, so you can ensure security at scale without impacting velocity.

Snyk Open Source

Automatically detect vulnerabilities and automate fixes during development with an SCA backed by industry-leading intelligence

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Find vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies early and across the SDLC

Coding and CLI

Detect vulnerable dependencies as you code in your IDE or CLI to avoid future fixing efforts and save development time.

Code management

Scan pull requests before merging. Test your projects directly from the repository and monitor them daily for new vulnerabilities.


Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the build process by adding an automated Snyk test to your CI/CD.



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Minimal fix required

Snyk identifies the minimal upgrade required in order to clear a vulnerability and notifies when there is a risk of breaking the code.

Transitive dependency fix

Accelerate triaging of transitive vulnerabilities with Snyk’s fix suggestions for the direct dependency.

Fix pull request

Automate fixing with a one-click fix pull request populated with the required upgrades and patches.

Precision patches

When upgrading is too disruptive (or not available), fix quickly and precisely with Snyk’s proprietary patches (developed in collaboration with the maintainer).

Automate open source security management and governance, at scale

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Tune security automation to fit into your existing development workflows and ensure both developer experience and consistent platform governance.

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Security policies

Automatically prioritize and de-prioritize vulnerabilities using fully customizable security rules. 

License policies

Create, customize and manage license compliance policies across your organization. Snyk License Compliance Management.

Project tags & attributes

Manage and control your projects more easily by assigning them with built-in attributes or your own customized tags.


Security Fundamentals

Core fundamentals in the art and science of security

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What is technical due diligence (TDD)?

Technical due diligence (TDD) is an in-depth analysis of the state of a company from a technical perspective, including its…

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What is container security?

The use of containers has grown exponentially over the past several years. Container technologies have existed for decades, but the…

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Three Steps to Container Image Security

Container image security with Docker If you’ve ever scanned a container image for vulnerabilities, you’ve likely found more than a…

Application security that speeds up development

Snyk enables developers to build securely from the start, while giving security teams complete visibility and comprehensive controls. So Looking to buy Snyk? Contact us as we are the best Snyk Resellers/ Synk Partners in the market.

Empower developers to build securely

Snyk’s application security solution accounts for the technology, processes, and people involved, giving teams the security expertise they need within the tools and workflows they use. Get this Security Management Software from authorized Snyk Software Resellers like Us.

Vulnerability-free code

Snyk’s fast, accurate scanning and automatic fix PRs help devs find and fix vulnerabilities as they code.

Enablement & education

Turn developers into security experts with fix prioritization and actionable remediation advice from the tools they use.

Visibility & intelligence

Customizable policies let security teams create guardrails while maintaining visibility and security.

Make application security dreams a reality

Traditional security tools may cover the basics but with Snyk Software, Application security can be so much more. Buy Snyk Application Security Software provides end-to-end solutions for all businesses and industries. 

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Effortless scaling

Go to market faster and scale security as you grow by giving developers the tools and security intelligence they need to find and automatically fix vulnerabilities from the start.

Advanced reporting

Snyk helps satisfy regulations, while providing a framework and evidence for your growth and improvements over time by visualizing and quantifying your security posture.

Advanced reporting

Unlimited scanning

Unlimited scanning

Our unlimited scanning (with no line of code restrictions) lets development and security teams scan early and often, proactively tackle vulnerabilities, and work independently from the hassles of scheduling and compilers.

Snyk goes where you go

Snyk integrates seamlessly with the development tools your teams rely on at every stage of the development lifecycle, making it fast to roll out and easy to use.

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A revolutionary approach to traditional security

Our well-tested application security methods make security actionable for developers, governable for security, and keeps TCO low for the business — which is why hundreds of organizations trust their application security to Snyk.

Resources for security leaders

Helpful insights, guidance, and inspiration for today’s and tomorrow’s growing community of CISOs, CSOs, and security executives.

Thought leadership

Get valuable Iinsights and tips that keep your cloud native and application security strategies cutting edge

Proven success

Hear how other security leaders are handling their long term goals and day-to-day opportunities in their growing roles.

What is container security?

The use of containers has grown exponentially over the past several years. Container technologies have existed for decades, but the launch of Docker made it more practical for organizations to adopt a container-first development and operations model.

Along with this growth comes security risks. With millions of available images to choose from, securing containers is a dedicated discipline. There are many layers of security that apply to containers, such as.

Why is container security important?

Container security is important because the container image contains all the components that will, eventually, be running your application. If there are vulnerabilities lurking in the container image, the risk and potential severity of security issues during production increases. To that end, you want to monitor production as well. You can create images with no vulnerabilities or elevated privileges, but you still need to monitor what’s happening in runtime.

An overview of container security in different ecosystems


Docker’s enormous user base — recently surpassing 10 million users and 242 billion image pulls — shows that containerization is changing how applications are built. The responsibility for security is increasingly shifting to developers. So, it’s important to scan Docker images before pushing them to Docker Hub or another registry in order to find and fix vulnerabilities in Linux packages, user permissions, network configurations, open-source tools, or access management. Such a scan can help you uncover and remediate vulnerability issues in your application and infrastructure before you ship.


Kubernetes offers a host of security controls to help make your clusters, workloads, and containers safer. It’s important to note that Kubernetes requires self-configuration since none of the security controls are configured when you deploy Kubernetes. Furthermore, while Kubernetes offers controls and features to help create a secure cluster, the default security configurations often aren’t enough. Deploying workloads securely requires expertise in Kubernetes. Check out our page on Kubernetes security best practices to learn more.


Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) provides many tools to secure workloads. It’s good to take a layered approach to GKE security by configuring security features for access controls, workloads, and other security aspects. GKE can be run in standard mode, where you manage the underlying infrastructure, and autopilot, where GKE provisions and manages the infrastructure. Snyk Container’s Kubernetes integration allows customers to secure workloads on GKE, in either standard or autopilot, uncover vulnerabilities in both container images and application code, and scan your Kubernetes configurations for issues.


Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), like GKE, comes with robust security features, such as integration with Azure Policy and consistently fast updates and patches. However, it requires a semi-manual process to upgrade cluster components to newer versions and requires network policies to be enabled when creating the cluster. As with GKE, Snyk can scan your Kubernetes configurations and containers, and enable automatic monitoring as you deploy AKS resources.


Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) has a strong set of security features by default and operates on the AWS shared responsibility model — which defines who is responsible for the different elements of container security. Usually, AWS is responsible for the security “of” the cloud whereas you, the customer, are responsible for security “in” the cloud.  As with other Kubernetes options mentioned above, Snyk integrates with EKS and ECR (AWS Elastic Container Registry) easily, to scan your Kubernetes configurations and containers, and enable automated monitoring as you deploy to EKS.



Containerization is a way to deliver cloud-native applications faster, which is likely one of the reasons you’re creating containers in the first place. Containers have expanded the meaning of application code, but code remains the area that’s most directly controlled by developers. Open source dependencies can easily dwarf the amount of proprietary code, so it’s important to integrate scanning tools like SCA and SAST tools to automate the process of analyzing code and dependencies. It’s also possible to scan containers but catch issues directly in git commits and repositories, which likely better fits the development process.


While size matters for portability and fast downloads, it also reduces the number of moving parts that can potentially harbor vulnerabilities. Ideally, each container image would have your code and the minimum amount of additional packages to enable an application to run. In practical terms, however, you’re going to have a large number of applications and need to find common ground to make container images manageable.


Base images require special considerations since you inherit whatever comes in the base image as you build up your own image on top of it. Even if you start with a slim image, chances are you’ll need to add tools and libraries, in addition to your code and the necessary installations to make things work. All of these need to be monitored for vulnerabilities.


In the context of containers, access means the ability for a given user to execute a specific operation over a given container resource. Typical activities fall under the general umbrella of Create, Read, Update, or Delete (CRUD). The specifics of access management depend on the container platform. For example, in Kubernetes users live outside the cluster, which means administrators need to manage identities outside the cluster using TLS certificates, OAuth2, or other methods of authentication.


Since container registries are designed to foster collaboration by creating a secure place to store and share containers, they have the potential to introduce vulnerabilities, malware, and exposed secrets. They often come with built-in security features, and a security protocol such as TLS should always be used when connecting with a registry.  Likewise, Kubernetes includes tools for creating and enforcing security controls at both the cluster and network level. Check out our article on container registry security for more information.

Using Snyk Container to secure containers

With millions of container vulnerabilities in the wild, finding, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerabilities can be overwhelming to developers. Snyk Container cuts through the noise of typical vulnerability reports by detecting and fixing application and container vulnerabilities together, even if you don’t have access to the original source code running in your containers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Snyk is a developer-first security solution that helps businesses identify, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies and containerized applications. It enables businesses to proactively manage security risks, ensure compliance, and protect their software assets from cyber threats.

Buy Snyk which scans your codebase and dependencies for known vulnerabilities, providing actionable insights and recommendations for remediation.

Yes, Snyk offers integrations with popular development tools and platforms such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and more. It seamlessly integrates into the CI/CD pipeline, providing developers with real-time feedback on vulnerabilities and enabling them to address security issues.

As a Snyk reseller, we offer comprehensive support and training to our clients, including Snyk software demo and ongoing technical support. Our goal is to ensure that you maximize the value of your investment in Snyk and effectively address your security needs.

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