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  • Bulk Password Sharing
  • Streamlined Access Management
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  • Password Reset Alerts

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Safe Password Vault

Your online security starts with a password manager software

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No more remembering passwords. let’s do it for you. Buy Zoho Vault which is a secure password manager that securely manages and automatically fills passwords across websites and apps from Zoho Vault Resellers at the best affordable prices.

Buy Zoho Vault Password Manager That's for Everyone


Ideal security for all your personal passwords


Secure password management for teams of all sizes


Comprehensive protection and advanced password security for businesses

What is Zoho Vault?

Zoho Vault is an online password manager designed with flexibility in mind. Available for individuals, families, teams and even large companies. Vault is forever free for personal use and affordable for teams and businesses.

Buy Zoho Vault from Zoho Vault Resellers¬†that¬†provides all the features your business needs, integrates with your existing identity federation services such as AD/LDAP, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Okta, and integrates One Login accounts so you can start make it available. Teams can also import passwords from browsers, CSV files, and other password managers, and view your organization’s password threat analysis.


Safe Password Vault

Go limitless

Buy Zoho Vault and store unlimited passwords, documents, notes and other sensitive data all with unlimited storage from Zoho Vault Resellers.

Migrate easily

Import all your passwords from a CSV file, browser or any other password manager in seconds. Protect and organize important data and documents with customizable categories.

Get started immediately

With over 400 pre-defined websites to choose from, saving your most-used credentials has never been easier.

Store everything in one secure vault

Store personal and business passwords, documents and confidential information in a single vault secured with military-grade AES 256 encryption.

Stay up to date, wherever you go

Buy Zoho Vault from Zoho Vault Resellers and Sync your data for free across browsers, extensions and mobile apps for access anywhere in the world.

Secure Password Sharing with Zoho Vault Resellers
Simple, secure password sharing
Secure sharing is caring
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You can share multiple accounts with family, friends and colleagues. Fully secure, even across multiple teams. Grant and revoke password access for multiple users or user groups with a single click.
Safer third-party sharing
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Securely share passwords with third-party contractors, consultants, freelancers, or time-limited flex workers. Track all accounts accessed by external users and comply with real-time security checks.
Multi-level access filters
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Choose from several different permission levels to give each user the right level of access. You can also turn off plain text view to prevent users from seeing passwords for shared accounts.
Extra protection for your critical shared accounts
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Prevents users from accessing shared accounts without permission. Configure the Request Approval Workflow for Sensitive Shared Account Information so that all requests are validated by a valid ticket ID from a user, administrator, or helpdesk that meets predefined criteria.

Password Reset Alerts

Enforce password policy

Sets the password policy that specifies how often users change their passwords. Buy Zoho Vault and Enable automatic password reset notifications to keep everyone up to date.

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Stay compliant

Most organizations have well-defined security policies that must be followed throughout the organization. With Vault, admins can now help users comply with their organization’s password policies and ensure all passwords are rotated according to security policies.

Reset your passwords on time

Vault automatically sends reminders to users starting three days before their password expires. Vault will send frequent notifications until the user is reset. This gives you enough time to update your password and comply with your organization’s security policies.

Emergency Access

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Keep your business running 24*7

Critical business passwords are often held by a small number of employees. However, these passwords should be accessible at all times, even if the employee is away. Vault allows you to add emergency contacts who have temporary access to all your business passwords in an emergency.

Grant emergency access for trusted contacts

Super administrators can add themselves or anyone in their organization as an emergency trusted contact. These contacts are privileged to declare emergencies and access critical passwords during business crises.

Terminate suspicious sessions

In case of emergency, designated emergency contacts will have temporary access to all business passwords for a limited time. However, super admins can force an ongoing emergency to end if they determine the reason is invalid.

IP Restriction

Block access to potential threats

Prevent hackers and cybercriminals from accessing your accounts by blocking rogue or potentially malicious IPs and protecting your passwords and other sensitive information from cyber threats.
block access to potential threats 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
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Customize IP rules

Selectively exclude trusted users from IP restrictions, allowing other employees to access her Vault only from approved IPs within the office.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho Vault is a password management solution that securely stores and manages passwords and sensitive information. It helps individuals and teams ensure the security of their accounts and streamline password management processes.

Zoho Vault uses strong encryption and security measures to protect stored passwords and sensitive information. It employs AES-256 encryption, secure password hashing, and multi-factor authentication to ensure data security.

Yes, Zoho Vault can be used for both personal and business purposes. Personal use cases include securely storing and managing personal passwords, while business use cases include managing passwords for team accounts, shared resources, and client accounts.

As a Zoho Vault reseller, we provide comprehensive support to our clients, including assistance with onboarding, training sessions, troubleshooting, and ongoing account management. 

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