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Buy miniOrange Identity & Access Management Software

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Get security solutions that lead the industry for your employees, customers, and partners to increase productivity, user ease, and customer sign-ups.

Securing user identities and their access with miniOrange Resellers

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Workforce Identity

Protect and empower your employees, contractors and partners with simple and secure access to business resources.

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Customer Identity

Helps organizations to manage customer identities and data, as well as control customer access to applications and services.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

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A solution that allows users to get one-click secure access to multiple On-Premise, SAAS, and Cloud-based applications using a single username and password.

  1. A single dashboard to access enterprise applications
  2. Customize access policies per application
  3. Get deep insights into application usage and user access

Features of Single Sign-On (SSO)

Extensive SSO solution

Enable SSO for any application that supports SAML, JWT, OAuth, or OpenID Connect protocols, including your in-house and legacy applications.

Leverage existing identity Sources

Allow users to SSO login using their existing Active Directory, ADFS, LDAP, HR Systems, Microsoft 365, G Suite, or Zoho credentials.

Tailor Made SSO Solution

Customized Registration and Login Page with Multi-Language Support which allows users to easily edit their self-service portal according to their requirements.

Improvised Audit

Gain deep insights into application usage and the user accesses activities from one central console for IT Admin.

Simplified user management

Easily adds or removes multiple users, and grants or revokes their access to applications in a single click via the Single Sign-On admin portal.

Multiple Deployment Options

Deploy the SSO solution on the platform of your Choice - Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid according to your requirements.

Benefits of SSO

Boost Productivity

SSO solution helps employees and end-users quickly access their enterprise apps with a single click. This eliminates the inconvenience of managing, remembering, and resetting multiple passwords, thus improving productivity with higher conversion rates.

Pay As You Go

The pay As You Go model (especially for cloud-based SSO services) helps you to spend less with a special user tier structure with 24/7 support. We have special discounts for educational and non-profit organizations.

Security Compliance

Security and Compliance factors enforce organizations to prove that they have taken adequate security measures to protect sensitive data. Single Sign-On (SSO) helps with regulatory compliance to meet data access and security risk protection requirements.

Reduced IT Costs

Enabling SSO allows users to manage individual dashboards and self-reset passwords, which eliminates the necessity for IT support, saves admin time on password resets, and supports tickets to focus on more important tasks. This helps in reducing IT costs.

Stronger Security

SSO authentication ensures that only authorized users get access to sensitive data. With Single Sign-On you can implement password policies like Password length, complexity, restrictions on password reuse, session timeout and self-service password reset policy to strengthen security without holding up your users access.

Scale as you grow

Buy miniOrange cloud-based arrangement and serious evaluating permit you to Pick your membership plan in view of current necessities, and afterward scale as you develop from miniOrange software resellers .

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an advanced level of authentication with two or more levels of security factors. Ensuring the correct identity has access to your sensitive information.

  1. For web apps, VPNs, VDIs, Network Devices, and Windows/Linux
  2. 15+ authentication methods

Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Enhanced security

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security, reducing the chances of an attacker gaining access to the system.

Increased productivity and flexibility

Employees may securely access business apps and resources from practically any device and location, without jeopardising the company's network.

Fraud Prevention

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional degree of protection by ensuring that everyone is who they say they are, preventing unwanted access.

Improved user trust

When employing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), users may secure the protection of their personal information without exerting additional effort.

Reduced management cost

You'll observe less suspicious behaviour on client accounts if you use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and you'll spend less money on security management as a result.

Adaptability for different use cases

Additional security is required when processing high-value transactions or accessing sensitive information from unknown networks and devices, such as geolocation, IP address, and time since the last login.

The Future of Workplace Security - Adaptive / Risk-based Authentication

Adaptive Authentication provides an extra edge to MFA security based on risk and access provided by the security admin to control user access.

Adaptive Authentication (also known as Risk-based Authentication) detects fraudulent attempts based on predetermined risk criteria and prompts customers to complete an additional authentication step to confirm their identities.

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Adaptive / Risk-based authentication takes advantage of real-time analytics to get a complete picture of the circumstances surrounding each login.

When a user tries to sign in, a adaptive authentication system looks at things like:

  1. Device – Is the employee using their personal laptop instead of using a company-issued laptop?
  2. Location – Is the employee trying to access a system using a public network rather than the company’s network? Or is the employee in another time zone?
  3. IP Address – Is the employee connecting from a known IP? Or Is it info from another country?
  4. Sensitivity – Is the requested file critical to the company’s operations? Is it a little bit of knowledge, or is it significant?

Identity Brokering

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Identity Brokering Service
To establish trust between parties that want to use online identities of one another. Identity Broker is a service that connects multiple Service Providers(SPs) with dierent Identity Providers(IdPs).
What is Identity Brokering Service?
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Character Facilitating is a method for laying out trust between parties that need to utilize online personalities of each other. Personality Intermediary is a help that interfaces various Help Providers(SPs) with various Character Providers(IdPs). Don’t bother understanding or executing complex Single Sign-On (SSO) conventions like SAML, OAuth, OpenID, CAS, and so forth.

Streamline Workforce and Customer security with designated features

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Multiple SAML Providers

With IdP Facilitating, administrators can design different SAML Character Suppliers and arrange which clients/applications validate against which Personality Source.

App based Identity Source

Administrators can design which Personality Source should the clients be validated from in the event that the confirmation demand starts from a specific application.

Domain-based redirection to IDP

Administrators can arrange the areas of the clients who might confirm against any SAML, OAuth, and so on Personality Supplier through Character Representative Help.

Domain-based redirection to IDP

Clients can be diverted to a specific Personality Source consequently without inciting the client to pick his/her Character Source on each login endeavor.

Assertion Attribute Mapping

Clients can get ascribes from their IdP and guide them to SP client credits like firstname, lastname with help for custom ascribes through miniOrange Intermediary.

IDP / SP initiated SSO

With IdP Facilitating, clients can begin SSO from Specialist organization (SP) and are then diverted to the Personality Supplier (IDP) for verification as well as the other way around.

How to Setup Multiple IDPs for Identity Brokering?
Login using IDP selection page
miniOrange gives Login utilizing the IDP determination page highlight, where you can arrange various IDPs (personality suppliers) and give clients the choice to choose their preferred IDP to validate with for handling. For Instance – It very well may be numerous Promotion spaces having a place with various offices or different Okta associations. You can likewise change the look and feel of this page by redoing the title, logo, favicon, foundation, button tone, and a lot a greater amount of the login page.
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Login via Domain Mapping

miniOrange Character Merchant Administration gives Login through Space Planning highlight when you have different IDPs and you maintain that a specific arrangement of clients should confirm from one IdP while one more arrangement of clients to verify from one more IdP in view of their email spaces. All things considered, you can accomplish this with our Area Planning highlight. We have given a Space Planning field under every IdP where administrators can enter the area

Login via App Identity Provider Mapping
miniOrange gives Login through Application Character Supplier Planning highlight when you have different IDPs (personality supplier) and you believe a specific application client should confirm with one IDP and other application clients with another IDP. All things considered, you can accomplish this by our Character Source highlight. With this component, you can design a specific personality hotspot for your chose application.
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User Lifecycle Management through miniOrange Resellers

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Buy miniOrange that automates the process of creating, deleting, and managing user accounts across multiple applications and services, simplifying user management and sync across platforms and reducing the
risk of errors or security vulnerabilities to your organization.

  1. Built in standardized support for SCIM, API, Webhooks and JIT for all your user lifecycle management needs across AD/LDAP, HR system, and any IdP
  2. Keep user data sync across all your platforms with timely bidirectional automated sync feature
  3. Quickly add, modify, or delete users with bulk upload and customizable attribute mapping options

Two-Factor Authentication

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Two-Variable Confirmation (2FA) builds security of your records and conditions, by guaranteeing that the right arrangement of eyes approaches your touchy data sitting on the cloud or on-premise and shield your record from unapproved access.

2FA Authentication Factors

Knowledge Factor
Information factors incorporate numerous passwords, PIN codes, and replies to security questions. Anything you can recollect, type, say, do, execute, or in any case review when required is considered as an information based validation factor.

Possession Factor
This variable proposes that you have a specific article since it is unrealistic that a programmer would gain your secret key and take anything physical. This classification incorporates smartcards,mobile telephones, equipment tokens, programming tokens, and keychains.

Inherence Factor
This element is much of the time checked by a finger impression test on a gadget, however it likewise incorporates whatever might be an entirely remarkable distinguishing proof of your actual individual, like a retinal test, voice or facial acknowledgment, or some other kind of biometrics.

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Features of 2FA

Zero Trust Authentication

Zero Trust approach inside 2FA assists with establishing a compelling climate, arrangements, and foundation to limit information breaks.

Passwordless Authentication

2FA login for clients utilizing just Username and OTP/TOTP hence, forestalling the need to enter Secret key.

Offline Authentication

Permit clients to sign in regardless of whether there is no web accessible by utilizing Disconnected 2FA technique

Role Based 2FA

Administrator can empower or cripple 2FA for a particular client job and for a specific application.

VPN / Windows Solution

Gives Two-Element Validation (2FA) answers for OpenVPN, Palo Alto, Cisco Heartbeat, Windows, RDP and so on.

User Self Enrollment

It offers inline enlistment of clients so you'll essentially initiate and arrangement 2FA and you're prepared.

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Frequently Asked Questions

miniOrange is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions, offering a range of products and services to secure digital identities and enable secure access to applications and resources. Its solutions include single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), adaptive authentication, and more.

Buy miniOrange that provides robust identity and access management solutions to help organizations strengthen security posture, mitigate identity-related risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Yes, buy miniOrange software which offers solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises. 

Yes, miniOrange software solutions offer seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of IT systems, applications, and cloud services commonly used in modern IT environments. This allows organizations to extend security controls and enforce policies across their entire IT infrastructure.

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