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Perfect Your Retail Execution With ShelfWatch

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ParallelDots’ ShelfWatch utilizes PC Vision to break down pictures of retail rack shows that produces wonderful store KPI bits of knowledge continuously. With ShelfWatch, CPG and retail brands can now follow in-store consistence, address holes in retail execution and have information moved perceivability on what’s going on available

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Track your brand visibility with Customised KPIs
With a solitary picture, create continuous KPI bits of knowledge based on the 5Ps of Brand Development – The item, the brand position coming up, item valuing , advancement missions and brand’s recommendation
A Scorecard for your Perfect Store
Utilize the scorecard to assess consistence level of key KPIs, evaluate field rep execution and survey your retail associations
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Convert Insights to Action
Determine information supported bits of knowledge that distinguish holes in your ideal store program. Utilize these experiences to form a firm brand system with a hearty input component
Integrate Computer Vision with your existing Retail solutions
Whether SFA, Promoting, CRM, Field Showcasing or Field Review Offices, ShelfWatch incorporates flawlessly with all answers for give you an ideal retail execution experience
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Real-time shelf monitoring insights for your perfect store

ShelfWatch effectively comprehends the environment in which SKU’s are merchandised. It provides actionable insights and creates a virtuous feedback loop which helps CPG companies in their perfect store execution.

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ShelfWatch gives a total image of your ideal store execution by computing different KPIs that can be redone according to necessity. These include:

  1. Planogram Compliance
  2. Share Of Shelf
  3. POSM Compliance
  4. Price Tag Compliance
  5. On-Shelf Availability
  6. End Caps and Gondola Compliance

On-device blur and angle detection: ShelfWatch’s portable application takes pictures to acclimatize investigation on item arrangement and perceivability on the rack. It additionally gives savvy highlights like haze recognition and point or eye-level arrangement while taking pictures.

Off-line Mode: Pictures can be clicked even in a no-web zone without obstruction and can be transferred once a web association is accessible.

Real-Time Reporting: ShelfWatch gives close to constant KPI criticism utilizing picture examination and profound discovering that are straightforwardly moved to ShelfWatch cloud for distinguishing POSM and SKUs.

Integration: ShelfWatch effectively incorporates with numerous SFA and DMS applications. All our remarkable highlights, for example, ongoing picture quality check and continuous rack bits of knowledge work entirely in the coordinated arrangement.

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Corporate Dashboard: ShelfWatch’s definite Understanding dashboard gives serious examination by count, presence, rack region covered by SKUs and POSMs, brand presence across stores, and topographical breakdown over a guide overlay.

Customised Reporting: Each brand has remarkable perceivability consistence norms and revealing necessities. Utilizing Power BI dashboard to make redid dashboards in association with brands guarantees high significance and utilization inside organization association.

Supervisor Portal: It could benchmark the presentation of your agent and assist them at any point with working on their KPIs. It can likewise screen store-level issues and send message cautions to outreach groups.

Image Quality

Quality Feedback: Picture Regardless of preparing, in many cases field clients make blunders in taking pictures, which can influence significant estimation KPIs. ShelfWatch Application has a picture quality collaborator, where it alarms the client in the event that an information picture has issues like – obscure, glare, steep point, wrong class and so on.

Image Stitching Guides:
ShelfWatch application has a sewing collaborator include which directs the client to take adequate cross-over pictures (for sewing them together to give one complete picture), in this way guaranteeing that no item is missed or twofold counted

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Why use ShelfWatch?


Noteworthy continuous experiences for reps as well as merchandisers to follow up on while still coming up


The Al can be prepared on one SKU picture without requiring huge arrangements of preparing information


A scoring component in light of retail execution which helps chooses merchandiser/retailer benefits


Reasonable to scale across various stores and classes


Can be incorporated with existing apparatuses utilized by the CPG


>95%+ acknowledgment exactness at SKU-level


Saarthi speeds up the preparation interaction of artificial intelligence models, permitting you to identify new or obscure SKUs on the racks in somewhere around 48 hours, while conveying more than 95% precise rack KPIs reliably.

Challenges 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Need for large datasets: Compelling preparation in conventional picture acknowledgment projects requests broad datasets, or reliance on previous expert information, requiring a significant venture of time and assets.

Manual intervention: Physically marking photographs for preparing is a tedious and mistake inclined that adds intricacy to the undertaking arrangement.

Human dependency: Accomplishing top exactness in computer based intelligence models includes successive human mediation, bringing about it being an asset serious cycle and limiting versatility of the IR stage.

Saarthi Platform

Rapid AI model training:Saarthi trains man-made intelligence models on new SKUs in only 48 hours, slicing project timescales and enabling organizations to speed up the sending and emphasis of computer based intelligence models, consequently limiting chance to advertise.‍

Automated data annotation: Robotized explanation decreases dependence on manual marking, smoothing out the information arrangement process. Saarthi’s empowers exact naming of pictures, saving clients significant time and exertion.‍

Reduced human intervention: Diminished manual reliance opens up assets and lifts adaptability. The stage learns and adjusts persistently, and killing successive manual changes.

Accurate and dynamic KPIs: Investigation of continuous information streams give exceptional KPIs, empowering organizations to go with informed choices and answer rapidly to changing economic situations.

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Swift deployments of AI models: Quick train artificial intelligence models to identify new SKUs on the racks in 48 hours or less.

Save on time & effort: Consequently sort, bunch and order new SKUs in only 3 ticks.

Increased data accuracy: Less reliant upon human intercession and manual information arrangement.

Consistently accurate shelf KPIs: Get exact rack KPIs and execution information reliably.


Package Design Testing

Shopper Research

User Experience Research

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  1. Heatmaps
    Get the distribution of attention with a color coded heatmap.
  2. Eye Tracking Metrics
    Heatmaps of AOIs: TTFF, Time Spent, Fixations, Ratio, Re-visitors, Revisits
  3. AOIs
    Define AOIs and reveal their attention results.
  4. Data Export
    Export the data for custom analytics.
  5. Gaze Plot
    Get the final view of the respondent’s path and fixations.
  6. Put Markers
    Mark important happenings during data collection to facilitate the analysis.

Why SmartGaze ?

Reduction in Time

Lessen your completion time for eye following tasks from weeks to a couple of hours chopping down enormous sum man-hour.

Reduction in Costs

Lessen your all-in costs by upsetting manual coding pipeline of your eye following undertakings' examination cycle.

Increase in Efficiency

You don't need to stress over overseeing information, auditing the nature of coding and fulfilling time constraints for projects any longer.


Perfect Store Execution

Perfect Store Execution 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Wonderful store execution includes a bunch of rules made by CPG &retail brands to guarantee greatest item lift-off from racks.

What Is A Perfect Store?

KPI Compliance

Consistence of KPIs as set by CPG brands, and adherence to terms of exchange with their retail accomplices.

Feedback Mechanism

An ethical input circle between the field reps, retail accomplice and CPG HQ to guarantee opportune remedial activities.

Consumer Experience

Guaranteeing the right grouping of items is accessible and apparent to buyers.

The Perfect Store KPIs

  1. The Perfect Store KPIs
    On-Shelf Availability
  2. Shelf KPIs & Planogram Compliance
  3. Price Display Detection
  4. Point of Sale Materials (POSM)
  5. Share of Shelf
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