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Accelerate your revenue with context-driven sales

Personalize engagement, shorten your sales cycle, and grow your business with Freshsales

How can Freshsales help you accelerate revenue?

Close deals faster with a 360° view of your customers

Get a complete view of your customer’s interactions to deliver personalized experiences. Leverage data to drive revenue.

Improve seller effectiveness by streamlining your sales process

Have conversations with context, automate time-consuming tasks, and spend valuable time selling and not on mundane legwork.

Reduce IT complexity & cost with a comprehensive solution

Keep teams happy with a solution that is easy to implement, and easier to use. Increase adoption, reduce costs, and boost morale.


Focus on the best leads. Generate more opportunities.

Website prospects are the most engaged. Run chat campaigns, and turn your website into a lead generation machine.

Top Features:
  • Use AI-powered Chatbots to chat with visitors in real-time

  • Capture visitor information with customizable Web Forms

  • Understand visitor intent. Track page visits and actions on your site.


Have conversations with context. Shorten your sales cycle.

Surface the best leads, communicate across a customer’s preferred channel, and personalize messages based on behavior.

  • Understand interest and engagement levels with the Activity Timeline

  • Focus on the best opportunities with Predictive Contact Scoring

  • Communicate seamlessly across channels – Phone, Email, Chat, SMS


Drive deals to closure, faster. Improve sales conversions with AI-powered insights.

Freddy AI helps you focus on the right deals that will drive revenue. Get insights across the funnel from lead to revenue.

  • Find the best deals to close with AI-based Deal Insights

  • Collaborate across teams in real-time with Slack Integration

  • Improve revenue predictability with Dynamic Forecasting


Customer 360° view made easy. Grow customer value with integrated sales and support.

Develop long-lasting relationships with customers. Enable sales and support to work together to help the customer seamlessly.

  • Bring sales and support functionalities together with the Freshdesk Integration

  • Understand your customers inside-out with a 360° customer view

  • Upsell and cross-sell to your customer base with automated sales campaigns



Freshsales Suite adapts to the way your team works.

Contact Lifecycle Stages

A contact goes through various stages in their lifecycle. Create your own lifecycle stages based on your business process.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields—text, date pickers, checklist, and even formula fields to collect and store information for your business.

Custom Sales Activities

Create custom activities and define their outcomes. Track interactions, check-in to meetings, log calls, add notes, and more.

Multi-currency and Multi-language

Manage transactions in the local currency, automate currency conversion, and customize your CRM to speak your preferred language.

Custom Modules

Create custom modules to capture additional information that is unique to your business process.


Boost team efficiency with automation

Amplify your sales productivity. Save time to do more.

Task Management

Create tasks, reminders, and appointments. Get an overview of upcoming activities on the activity dashboard, and avoid missing on opportunities.

Auto-assignment Rules

Freshsales Suite automatically assigns leads to salespeople across territories, based on lead-routing rules.

Sales Sequences

Automate sequences of sales actions like emails, calls, and SMSes, and personalize interactions to close deals faster.


Automate your key tasks and business processes with intelligent workflows. Reduce manual dependency, save time, and sell more.

Internal Notifications

Send notifications to internal teams when certain custom actions are completed, including lead sign ups, upgrades, cancellations, and more.

Contextual Collaboration with Slack

Give access to team members to take part in deal-related discussions. Use Slack for real-time collaboration and close more deals.


Be wherever your contacts are

Foster strong customer relationships with multichannel communication.


Deliver the right emails at the right time. Connect your email inbox with Freshsales Suite to send, track, and manage emails.


Make calls from your CRM with a single click and add context to conversations with call logs, and recordings.


Interact with your website visitors and build relationships in real-time. Respond to chats directly from the CRM and funnel quality leads.

WhatsApp Business

With the WhatsApp integration, you can read and respond to WhatsApp messages from Freshsales Suite.

Apple Business Chat

Receive iMessages and reply to them using the chat widget in Freshsales Suite.


Reach your contacts’ pockets. Freshsales Suite integrates with your SMS provider to send SMS to your contacts.

CRM software by Industry

Our CRM offers a customizable solution that works for your business. Grow your revenue fast with context-driven CRM.

Sales CRM—the complete solution

There are a plethora of CRM options for you to choose from today, but a dedicated CRM that fits your industry and meets your needs is important to solve your business challenges.

Freshsales CRM is our AI-powered sales force automation solution for sales teams. Whether it’s contact management for consultants, improving customer satisfaction for hospitality industries, or managing properties and payments for real estate, our Sales CRM adapts to your specific needs.

Freshworks also offers the Freshsales Suite, an advanced CRM for sales and marketing teams. It is geared towards enabling sales and marketing professionals to better understand leads and prospects with the right insights at the right time. Freshsales Suite unifies sales force automation, marketing automation, chat, and telephony all in one solution.

Not only are our CRM solutions customizable but are also highly scalable. Read on to understand how we can help businesses in specific industries.

Your sales CRM fully featured

Contact Scoring

Compute lead score and provide ranking to contacts and accounts based on Freddy’s predictions and engagement levels.

360-degree customer view

Access customers’ social profiles, identify customer touchpoints (website, product, interactions), and more—from a single screen.

Auto-profile enrichment

Automatically update lead, contact, and account with social profile and generic information publicly available on the internet.

Reports & Dashboards

Get comprehensive visual reporting and make informed decisions. Customize reports, track sales activities and grow revenue.

Mobile CRM

Make more sales on the go. Access all your customer data at your fingertips with the Freshsales CRM mobile app.

Seamless Integrations

Get the most out of your CRM experience with a host of powerful and seamless integrations.

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