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FinClock EMS Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2022 -


  • Employee Management Software Tools
  • Attendance Management
  • Work  Reporting
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Processing

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Staff Management Software

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  1. Team members will make work reports online.
  2. Managers will get automated staff performance reports
  3. Online leave management as per the company policies.
  4. Online time and attendance tracking.
  5. Online shift management and work scheduling with SMS alerts.
  6. Processing salaries from work reports, or attendance reports.
  7. Manage employee records online.
  8. Office and remote workers will make work reports from any location.
  9. Staff communication with managers (Integrated with instant SMS and Alerts).
  10. Get employee performance reports based on time and work reports.

Manage employee records online

Finclock Employee Management Software is a web-based staff management software to manage your employee register:

  • Record employee details and schedule changes.
  • Create employee groups and groups from employees.
  • Manage employees with profiles.
  • Create attendance and timesheets.
  • Create leave and timesheets.

Shift Management online

Shift your workforce from manual to digital with Finclock Employee Management Software. The solution enables supervisors and managers to schedule employee shifts online conveniently. Employees can view their schedules from any device and request time off. Moreover, managers can monitor employee attendance and performance and approve shift changes. This integrated solution streamlines business operations.

Online leave management

Finclock is a flexible, cloud-based platform that helps companies track and manage leaves, holidays, vacations, and bereavements for employees. With this Online Employee Management Software, employees can easily apply for leave, managers can approve the leave requests and view a detailed history of approved leaves, and HR administrators can manage leave requests, approve or reject leave, view a calendar of approved leaves, and view a leave report. Finclock lets users perform various leave management tasks through one interface, including.

Online time and attendance management

Finclock Employee Management Software comes with a web-based time and attendance management system that makes it easy for your employees to punch in and out.

  • Web-based punch in/out records
  • Multiple locations for employees
  • Employee clock in/out timesheet reports
  • Employee shift details
  • Employee lateness report
  • Employee Absence reports

Employee management software tools for online work reporting

Finclock Employee Management Software is specially designed to help both clients and employers record, track, and share their work reports. This cloud-based tool converts any information into shareable reports. These reports can be emailed, printed, or saved as PDFs or Word documents. When clients record their work or project reports in the Finclock web application, they have the option of adding photos, drawings, voice notes, videos, and even Google maps to their reports. For employers, Finclock lets managers receive and view reports online, and these reports are available from anywhere. Online Employee Management Software works on any device and any browser so that you can access your information from anywhere. For clients, this provides a convenient way to record their work, and for managers, it lets them monitor a project’s progress in real-time. Finclock provides fast, secure, and reliable cloud storage services.


Automate Timesheet processing

Finclock Employee Management Software is a modern, easy-to-use timesheet processing solution. Notably, employees often spend a considerable amount of time creating and processing timesheets. This is not because employees dislike the concept of timesheets but because they have to spend too much time entering data manually. Manual processing is not only time-consuming but also error-prone. Using finclock eliminates these difficulties. With Finclock, employees enter hours worked and the work status (paid or unpaid). The processing engine automatically handles the rest, including the calculation of overtime, late payments, allowances, etc. With finclock, employees can also enter other data, such as travel expenses, meal expenses, workplace injuries, etc. 

Automated employee performance reports

Employees need to know whether or not they’re doing a good job. The best way to do that is with employee performance reports, which serve as a daily or weekly check-in between management and employees. Many companies already use employee performance reports, but there can be a long gap between when a manager thinks an employee is doing well and when they realize that fact. Employee performance reports can also be cumbersome or time-consuming because managers have to manually enter data and then analyze it. With these tools, which combine employee performance reports with automated time tracking, you can create customizable reports that managers email daily or weekly. These tools also track employees’ time, so managers can quickly see if employees are spending enough time on tasks.

Best Staff Management Software

Improve staff productivity

Productivity is the foundation of all kinds of businesses, so it’s important that you have an employee management software in place if you have employees. There are lots of time-stealing and lazy employees out there, but with a good software program in place, they are likely to be sniffed out easily.

Eliminate time theft

Time theft is a problem in the workplace, and it has a direct impact on the success of your business. It results in high levels of employee turnover and low levels of customer satisfaction. What’s more, time theft is difficult to detect, which makes it more likely to happen. To avoid time theft and ensure that you’re hiring only the most productive employees, try implementing these strategies.

Streamlined work reporting

Best staff management software has been developed to give managers access to information on their entire team, including attendance, phone calls made, meetings attended, and more. Using this type of software will allow you to easily keep track of your staff’s activity and attendance. You’ll be able to see who has been taking sick days or who is consistently missing meetings so that you can address these issues as soon as possible.

Cut operational costs

Staff management software also reduces operational costs associated with human resources in two ways: It eliminates the need to manually update employee records and it provides real-time visibility into daily staff activities. Staff management software is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor your employees’ performance. Using this software, you can keep track of the number of hours they have worked and how productive they are. Monitoring the employees’ performance helps reduce the number of errors and improves the overall productivity.

Collaboration and staff engagement

Workplace collaboration is the key to employee engagement. When staff members feel like they have a stake in their company, they’re more likely to work hard and be dedicated to doing a good job. Staff management software makes it easy for you to create an environment where employees can work together effectively. ​Collaboration is essential for successful business, but it’s no easy task. As a manager, you should be aware of how important team building is and what your role is in it. The more you understand about how staff management software can help with employee engagement, the more you’ll be able to help your team grow. Here are some great ways staff management software can improve workplace collaboration.

Centralized Communication

Staff management software gives your team a common platform for communication and project coordination. This means that all projects will have access to the same information, which reduces confusion and helps streamline workflows. Staff management software allows managers to assign tasks and monitor employee progress on various projects from one convenient location. You can also see which individual tasks are falling behind schedule and intervene if necessary. Moreover, you can use the employee management software tools to maximize work productivity and minimizing errors within a business organization.

Employee Management Software Tools

  • Add or Invite Staff members
  • Staff Register: View and manage Staff Records
  • Manage People: Quick edit Job Categories, Shifts, Leaves and Posts.
  • Shift Management: Create, assign and review shifts
  • Manage organization structure: Departments, branches, workflows.

Attendance Management

  • Clocking In and Out
  • Timesheet: Review Timesheet: Shift, daily and monthly
  • Process Timesheet for payment: payable and non-payable hours
  • Timesheet to Payroll: Approve hours to payroll
  • Integration with biometric machines.
  • Custom Attendance App.

Work Reporting

  • Online Task management.
  • Automated work reporting
  • Instant team communication
  • work performance reports

Leave Management

  • Create leave policies
  • Leave planner (online)
  • Leave balance (Automated)
  • Leave days Roll-over tools
  • Holidays
  • Instant alerts
What is Finclock?

FinClock is a project management software specifically developed for project, employee and attendance management.

What is Finclock used for?

Finclock is used for Attendance management, Task Management, Project Management and Hr management.

What are some applications Finclock is commonly used in tandem with?

1. Hr systems

2. Agile project management systems

3. Payroll software

What are the features of Finclock?

1. Leave management

2. Work reports

3. Staff register

4. Attendance reports

5. Annual performance reports

6. Processed Timesheet reports

7. Payroll and pay slips

Why Choose Finclock for your business?

1. Increase profit in all projects.

2. Deliver work on time and increase customer satisfaction

3. Manage products and services online.

4. Get revenue (profit/loss) reports.

5. Manage staff online (HR) and get automated performance reports 6. Cut operation costs and grow your business.

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