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Exotel software

  • CRM integration
  • Lead Management
  • IVR and Dial Groups
  • Customisable Welcome Greeting
  • Multiple Extension
  • Complete Messaging Platform

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Empower your teams to work remotely

Integrate cloud telephony with the tools you use

Discover how you can set up Exotel’s cloud telephony solution for your on-premise and remote teams

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Remote customer support call centre

Your agents can work from anywhere. You can set up a remote customer support centre in less than 30 minutes. No waiting, no delays. Get started in less than 30 minutes. All the features you’ll need including multi-level call recording, call routing, call analytics, etc. No infrastructure needed. Easy to use visual drag-drop builder to create call flows.

Outbound call center for remote sales teams

Your sales team can reach customers from the comfort of their own homes. Create a centralised system with automated dialers, integrations with CRMs, etc. Make it a productive experience for your sales teams.

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Phone number masking

Put your customers first. Safeguard their identity, make customer privacy a priority with this easy-to-implement solution 


VoIP Phone System

Manage domestic & international customer calls using our VoIP phone system. No additional infrastructure required – your agents can use existing smartphones and laptops to make and receive calls. Save cost by at least 30%, enable remote work and increase agent productivity.

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Exotel Advantage

Highly Secure

Superior Quality

Superior Reliability

Patented Solutions

Scale at Ease

Best Support



Every phone call counts. Build a unique and lasting customer experience with Exotel’s voice products on the cloud

Be Heard-Loud and Clear​

Voice API

Virtual Number

Automated Calls

Toll-Free Numbers

Heartbeat API

Call Campaigns API


SMS is the most effective, non-intrusive and cost-effective way to communicate with customers. Set up an SMS sender-ID and get started in less than 30 minutes.

Making a change,one SMS at a time

Bulk SMS Campaigns


Appointment Reminders

Billing & Payment

Survey & Feedback

Status updates


Enhance app security & product usage with a safe, quick & cost-effective multi-factor authentication product. The frictionless verification experiences results in higher authentication success rates and CSAT scores.

Seamless authentication at a fraction of the cost.

Two-Factor authentication

Resetting password

Passwordless logins & authentication

Prevention of spam

AppToApp Calling

Use our App to App calling SDK to create personalised call experiences globally

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Cost Effective



We make remote work simple

Exotel is a secure and reliable business phone system on the cloud. Simple to setup. No additional infrastructure or equipment is required. Enable your customer facing teams to be effective while working from home.



Build a personalised calling experience for your customers. Track, manage, and build call flows using Exotel.

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Set up SMS campaigns with ease. We promise you the best delivery rates. Delivery to over 190 countries.



Suite of verification mechanisms that help you validate users seamlessly, quickly, and at a fraction of the cost.

Call Management Software for Businesses

Manage and track customer calls efficiently with our automated call management software. Use our simple web interface to handle all inbound and outbound calls for your business.

Integrate call management software with the tools you use

Calls do not have to stand out like a sore thumb. Integrate customer calls with tools like CRM, ERP, Helpdesk software, apps and websites to unify all of your customer information. Our cloud communication solutions support integration with the most popular tools out there.

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Customer facing number

Have a single number that your customers can reach out to you on. This number needs to be easy to remember and used in all your collaterals.



Get a virtual number

Get a virtual number (Exophone) from Exotel. Divert calls from your customer-facing number to your virtual number.


PBX phone systems:

Private branch exchange phone systems enable voice communication over the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network by using circuit-switched telephony. This means that voice is transmitted over physical copper wire networks, in the form of analogue signals. There are two types of PBX phone systems:

On-prem PBX phone systems

  • On-prem PBX phone systems come with bulky hardware – PBX servers, physical wires, specialized phones, etc.
  • They share a trunk line with internal phones, which means that the users within the network can speak to each other without the use of external lines.
  • These phone systems are used for both external and internal communication.
  • They are infrastructure-heavy, expensive, and difficult to maintain. They also offer low flexibility and control.

What is Private Branch Exchange (PBX) ? | PBX phone systems

Cloud PBX phone system | Alternatives to PBX phone systems

Cloud PBX phone systems

In a cloud PBX phone system, businesses have access to a web-based cloud telephony platform that provides all the features that an on-prem PBX phone system comes with.

There’s no need for specialized hardware. Calls can be routed to agents’ mobile phones (enabling remote working), or to typical business phones.

Cloud phone systems offer additional features, control, flexibility, and visibility that would be impossible to achieve with traditional PBX phone systems.

The cloud telephony provider takes care of all the specialized call switching and routing required from the cloud, leaving businesses with only one job – making and receiving calls.

VoIP phone systems:

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone systems use the IP network to transmit voice communication (and other forms of multimedia communication). They use packet-switched telephony to transmit and receive communication data over the internet (or LAN), resulting in lower overall call rates. In most cases, these phone systems are interfaced with PSTN via adapters. This allows VoIP phone systems to route calls to and from the PSTN network. They can further be classified into two types:

On-Prem VoIP phone system | Alternatives to PBX phone systems

On-prem VoIP phone systems

  • These are also called IP-PBX phone systems and are similar to on-prem PBX phone systems when it comes to their architecture. The difference is that instead of a private branch exchange, they have a VoIP server that acts as the central point for all communication and instead of regular phones, VoIP enabled phones are required to make/receive calls.
  • The calls are sent and received over the internet.
  • These phone systems have many advantages over the on-prem PBX phone systems – cost efficiency and capability to transmit and receive other forms of multimedia, in addition to voice.
  • On-prem VoIP phone systems are infrastructure-dependent, expensive, and bulky.

Cloud VoIP phone systems

  • These phone systems offer all the features and benefits an on-prem VoIP phone system does, without the bulky hardware and the high cost of installation.
  • A VoIP provider takes care of everything on the cloud and all businesses need are VoIP enabled devices that can make and receive calls.
  • These are easy to set up and require no maintenance. With VoIP phone systems, businesses can pay for what they use and scale on the go.

What is a Hosted IP Call Center?

IVR Call routing Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India


An Interactive Voice Response is a pre-recorded voice that interacts with customers to collect their input. This input is then used to create the desired outcome – talk to a specific department, read out a customer’s account balance, etc. Businesses can use IVR to automate processes, increase efficiency, and resolve customers’ issues faster.

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 Auto Dialer

This feature helps increase the productivity of agents by cutting down on the time it takes to look for a number and dial it manually. Auto dialers dial customers up automatically after the previous call has ended. The wait time and breaks can be pre-programmed into the system according to requirements

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Call Recording

Businesses need call recordings for a whole lot of reasons. Some of the most common use cases are audits, dispute resolution, and training agents. Exotel automatically records each and every call made, and the recordings can be accessed and shared easily from the dashboard.

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CRM/Help Desk Integrations

With integrations between your help desk/CRM and Exotel, your agents don’t have to scramble for information every time a customer/prospect calls. The complete information of the customer calling/being called is displayed automatically on the dashboard. This allows agents to personalize communication and improve customer experience.

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Call Transfer

Call transfer allows agents to route a call to other agents or departments as and when required. This happens within the click of a button and the customer doesn’t have to go through the hassle of dialing another number again. The call transfers come in handy when the customers end up in one department even though they intend to speak to another or when an agent realizes that another agent might be able to resolve an issue better.

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Routing calls to mobile phones

Another important and often overlooked functionality is enabling your agents to work remotely. Business phone systems should have the capability to route calls to agents’ mobile phones. This gives your employees the flexibility to work from home and increases their productivity.

IVR Route calls with ease Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Intelligent routing

Also known as automatic call distribution, this feature is the backbone of any call centre. It decides how and when calls are routed based on pre-set conditions. This helps route calls based on geography, previous call history, priority, business hours and results in reduced wait times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exotel is a cloud-based communication platform that helps businesses manage voice calls, SMS, and WhatsApp messages effectively, improving customer engagement and communication.

Buy Exotel which offers virtual numbers, IVR, call routing, SMS, and WhatsApp integration to streamline communication processes and enhance customer interactions.

Yes, Exotel integrates seamlessly with various systems and tools, enabling businesses to unify communication channels and enhance operational efficiency.

Buy Exotel which employs robust security measures to protect sensitive communication data, including encryption and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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