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Discover the future of customer engagement

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Buy Zoho SalesIQ which offers advertising, deals, and backing groups the advanced client commitment instruments to speak with each site guest at each phase of the client lifecycle. This across the board live talk and examination stage advances proactive client commitment, permitting you to start the right sort of discussion brilliantly.

Expand your market reach with Zoho SalesIQ.

Grab their attention with tailored messaging

Buy Zoho SalesIQ and draw in each prospect that visits your site. Set up mechanized triggers for various situations to start a talk with guests at precisely perfect second.

Engage and route prospects with full context

Get an outline of each prospect's areas of interest by examining which pages they've visited and what they've said in past discussions with your representatives.

Integrate with major marketing apps

Associate Zoho CRM with Zoho SalesIQ to see, add, access, and sync prospect information from the two applications. This strong two-way sync guarantees your information is effectively available consistently.

Analyze how your content performs

Get significant experiences from the information accessible in Zoho SalesIQ to distinguish what your possibilities are most keen on your site.

Schedule visitor reports

Get a rundown of your site possibilities sent directly to your inbox. Computerize Zoho SalesIQ to produce, plan, and convey these reports to you in your preferred arrangement.

Zoho SalesIQ Product Benefits

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Get started instantly
Set up and begin involving Zoho SalesIQ in a couple of straightforward advances. Simply implant the live visit code on your site and afterward redo how Zoho SalesIQ capabilities to suit your business interaction. Connect with your possibilities and clients through a spotless, easy to use interface.
Convert leads to customers
Make a tweaked progression of activities to transform web possibilities into steadfast clients. With mechanized triggers and bots, SalesIQ can respond explicitly to each prospect’s conduct on various website pages, permitting you to tweak your client cooperations. Whenever they’ve shown interest, course each possibility to whichever specialist is probably going to land the arrangement.
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Streamline prospect engagement with automation
With Zobot — our in-house, low-code bot manufacturer — execute custom activities and reactions connected with your particular promoting, deals, or backing process. Save your live specialists time by utilizing a chatbot to gather prospect information, sync data to your CRM, trigger designated email crusades, start one-on-one visits with the right live talk specialist, and significantly more.
Overcome the language barrier
Work with better discussions with worldwide clients by speaking in their local language utilizing Zoho SalesIQ’s ongoing interpretation highlight. Assemble your standing all over the planet, and cause your possibilities to feel comfortable.
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Pick up right where you left off
Get an outline of all your possibility’s exercises on your site including their traffic source, the pages they’re keen on, the times they’ve visited your site, which live specialists they’ve recently communicated with, and their whole talk history. Go on with setting and relegate the talk to the right specialist with a solitary snap.
Connect to CRM
Incorporate Zoho SalesIQ with your Zoho CRM record to guarantee everybody has the full picture, regardless of which application they’re presently checking out. View and add lead and contact subtleties, appoint follow-up undertakings, and make notes — all without leaving the live-visit window.
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Live chat

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Structure better associations with your possibilities and clients all through the whole client lifecycle — from the time they land on your site to the client assistance stage — with Zoho SalesIQ’s live talk for sites.

Greet your visitors on arrival

Connect them to the right people

Answer questions instantly

Buy Zoho SalesIQ and Make it easy for customers to reach you

Web chat with voice note
Individuals talk multiple times quicker than they type. Zoho SalesIQ’s web live talk accompanies voice note so guests and specialists don’t need to type long passages in the site live visit window to make sense of mind boggling questions and arrangements.
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WordPress website live chat
Zoho SalesIQ’s live talk programming for WordPress assists your site guests and endorsers with finding solutions to their inquiries progressively.
Live chat on instant messaging channels
Give your possibilities and clients the accommodation of contacting you through their favored texting channels . Help them regardless of where they are, right from your live visit programming.
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Chat reopening for follow-up queries
At any point had clients returned to begin another web live talk on recently examined themes? SalesIQ’s site live talk programming smoothes out these by showing clients more established visits as independent strings and allowing them to return talks for additional assistance.

Visitor Tracking

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Buy Zoho SalesIQ website visitor tracking software that gives you real-time insights on your website visitors, their source, and website browsing patterns so you can move them through your sales funnel faster.

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Real-time website visitor tracking dashboard

Know who’s on your site and how they are connecting with your site continuously. Zoho SalesIQ’s vistor tracking dashboard provides you with a savvy rundown of guests arranged by your preferred models with subtleties like area, activities, time spent, traffic source, from there, the sky is the limit. The site guest tracker demonstrates possibilities with a continuous arrangement in CRM and even shows assuming guests are accessible or inactive.

Custom website visitor tracker for sales teams
Design SalesIQ to show every individual from your outreach group their own interest group in the ongoing site guest following dashboard. You can course guests to each colleague in view of reference source, the item/administration they’re keen, on the spot, and that’s just the beginning.
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More than just a website tracking software
With SalesIQ’s versatile application talk SDK — Mobilisten, you can likewise see who’s on your portable application, which segment of the application they’re on, reference source, and that’s just the beginning. As a matter of fact, all that you get with the site guest tracker reaches out to your portable application as well.

Lead Scoring


Buy Zoh SalesIQ and Improve on the lead outreach system for deals and promoting groups by distinguishing and focusing on high-aim leads with programmed lead scoring programming. Utilize the lead score alongside client conduct bits of knowledge to contact them with impeccable timing and across various stations.

How is Zoho SalesIQ the best lead scoring software for your business?

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Get a real-time view of website visitors
Get clearness on how guests associate with your site continuously utilizing our implicit guest following apparatus. Sort them in view of your models for hot leads with our lead scoring device and course need prompts your outreach group.

Set up a custom lead scoring system

Make lead scoring rules in view of guest data and conduct information, for example, number of visits, presentation page URL, time spent on the site or a specific page, crusade source, district, and more to decide your guests' deals status.

Examine the digital footpath of visitors

Get moment lead score refreshes each time a guest connects with your business across various channels — email action, downloading a pamphlet, watching a video, and so on. SalesIQ's lead scoring programming assists you with inspecting their whole computerized trail.

Get an overview of customer behavior

Comprehend the general client commitment level by their scores and when they are probably going to beat. Apply these experiences to recognize, up sell, or strategically pitch amazing open doors.

Optimize your lead outreach strategy

Use lead scores and different experiences from SalesIQ’s lead scoring stage to find follow-up ways to develop your organization’s deals.

Set up proactive talk triggers to focus on leads or even mechanize the primary degree of lead sustaining with conversational man-made intelligence chatbots. You can likewise set up tweaked push alarms for leads with the most elevated score on your business’ portable application with SalesIQ’s Versatile SDK — Mobilisten.

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Mobile SDK

Why is Zoho SalesIQ the best in-app chat support software?

In-app chat support from anywhere in the app

All the data you need for faster solutions

Instant in-app support with bots

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Customer access to the entire chat history
At any point assisted a client through an establishment with handling, just to get another message requesting that you rehash a stage or two? Not any longer. With Mobilisten — our in-application talk SDK — your clients can now see more established discussions, and even restart them, whenever.
User-action-based in-app chat triggers
The significant purposes behind truck deserting incorporate interaction intricacy, an absence of adequate installment choices, or specialized issues. Proactively connect with unsure possibilities by setting tweaked in-application talk sets off so you never pass up an arrangement.
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In-app chat self-service
Add a live visit information base with replies to regularly got clarification on pressing issues and articles that clients can get to right from the in-application talk window so you have additional opportunity to address more mind boggling questions. Whenever they’re refreshed in the web application or versatile application, they’re matched up across stages.
Multilingual in-app chat support
Have clients all around the globe? Forget about it. With continuous in-application talk interpretation, Mobilisten allows you to associate with guests in 33 dialects — even those with right-to-left scripts like Arabic and Hebrew. You can likewise add articles in different dialects.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat and visitor tracking software that enables businesses to engage with website visitors in real-time. It offers features such as live chat, visitor tracking, lead scoring, and analytics to help businesses convert website visitors into customers.

Buy Zoho SalesIQ which is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Its scalable features and customizable workflows make it adaptable to the needs of businesses at different stages of growth.

Zoho SalesIQ helps businesses increase sales and improve customer engagement by providing tools to interact with website visitors in real-time, answer their questions, and guide them through the buying process. 

Yes, buy Zoho SalesIQ that offers integrations with a variety of third-party applications and services, including CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and help desk software. 

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