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The CRM your team will love to use.

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A basic yet strong CRM for little and medium-sized organizations selling B2B.

Input less data, make more sales

The typical sales rep goes through just a day out of every week selling. Salesflare does the information input for you, so you can zero in on what is important.

Never miss a follow-up again

Salesflare naturally helps you to follow up each open door with impeccable timing in the correct manner

Work together as one team

Salesflare shows who examined what with clients, so you can address them as one group.

Coordinate your deals toolset

Salesflare consistently connects with your different instruments and frameworks. A genuine lift for your efficiency.

Input less data, make more sales

Fully automated contact and company info.
You no longer need to worry about keeping postal, email, and telephone numbers for each customer. No more looking for profiles on LinkedIn. This data is gathered by Salesflare from social media profiles, email signatures, and other sources. Everything consequently shows up in your location book.
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Find anyone's email address.
Don’t have any idea where to email them? Salesflare will quickly locate their company email address based on their first, last, and company names.
Automatic logging of meetings and phone calls.
Quit losing time on revealing what you’ve done. Salesflare interfaces with your schedule and cell phone to log your gatherings and calls with clients for you.
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A handy document folder per customer.
It’s blazingly fast to track down reports back. Salesflare consequently coordinates the records (and different documents) you and your group trade with clients.

Why Salesflare?

Get an easy-to-use CRM

Do you despise having to navigate through a lot of grids and buttons in complicated systems?

Salesflare was created to be easy to use and understandable.

Salesflare’s various features are designed to be extremely intuitive, making it simple to navigate.

Think you have suggestions for improving the situation? We are constantly working on it, so please contact us via chat with your suggestions!

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Integrate seamlessly with your whole toolset

Salesflare flawlessly incorporates with G Suite and individual Google accounts, synchronizing messages, gatherings, email marks, email following and then some.

Furthermore, Salesflare is accessible solidly in your Gmail with a sidebar that offers the full usefulness of your CRM. You don’t have to open an additional tab.

Do you also use Apple, Outlook, Office 365, or another email and/or calendar account? No problem, that works with Salesflare as well.

Be able to do everything from your phone

Do you like opening up your PC to change or see specific things in your CRM?Nothing does. And you don’t have to with Salesflare.

You can use Salesflare’s entire functionality from your phone by using the app.

Worked for both touch and snap, on all screen sizes, in a similar natural way wherever you use it – Salesflare is made for individuals in a hurry who would rather not get hindered with requiring their PC with them consistently to perform fundamental CRM capabilities.

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Always get quality and personal support

Would you like to stall out with “self-administration support”, hard to arrive at client assistance or significant delays?

At Salesflare, we have faith in private and quality visit and email support for everybody, no matter what your arrangement or organization size.

Besides, anytime, an engineer is accessible as a “support legend” to help our help with specialized counsel and to explore potential issues right away.


Organize: Get a CRM that puts you in control
  1. Everything in one place – address book, communication timeline, tasks, files, pipelines and more
  2. Visual pipeline – a clear, customizable view of your sales funnel
  3. Tasks & task suggestions – never drop the ball on a lead again
  4. Team sharing – collaborate with your team flawlessly
  5. Custom fields – keep track of all of the customer data you can imagine
  6. Search – find everything you need instantly
  7. Live notifications – get up-to-date notifications whenever, wherever, on any device
  8. Insights dashboard – master the numbers
Automate: Do less robot work, have more human interaction
  1. Automated address book – fully automate your contact and company info – stop manual entry of contact and company data
  2. Automated timelines – your timelines are synced with your email, calendar meetings and phone call history
  3. Automated file repository – keep handy document folders for your customers effortlessly
  4. Timeline with Twitter updates – always have the latest news on your customers handy through their social profiles
  5. Send automated emails based on triggers – automate your email follow-up based on triggers that you can directly set up in the CRM
Integrate: Let this CRM give you superpowers
  1. Email sidebars for Gmail & Outlook – use Salesflare without leaving your email inbox
  2. Mobile app for iPhone & Android – finally, a CRM app that offers full functionality from your phone
  3. REST API – it’s simple: Salesflare’s API can be connected to any other app
  4. 1000+ integrations – Salesflare offers native integrations and access to 1,000+ app integrations through Zapier, PieSync and Blendr as well as natively
Communicate: Never miss a beat with your customers again
  1. Email and web tracking – get the full picture of how leads and customers are interacting with your company
  2. Relationships – easily see who your colleagues already know – and who they know best
  3. Lead scoring/hotness alerts – identify and prioritize your leads with hotness alerts
  4. Bulk emails – send personalized follow-up emails at scale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesflare is a CRM software that helps businesses manage their sales processes more effectively. It automates various sales tasks, tracks interactions with customers, and provides insights to help businesses close deals faster.

Yes, buy Salesflare which is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their sales processes. Its intuitive interface and customizable features make it easy for small teams to manage their sales activities.

Yes, buy Salesflare that can be used with popular business tools such as Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, and more. This allows users to sync data across platforms and streamline their workflows.

Salesflare software automates repetitive tasks such as data entry and lead tracking, allowing sales teams to focus on building relationships with customers and closing deals. It also provides insights and analytics to help identify opportunities and prioritize leads.

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