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Power. Speed. Simplified

Close is the best CRM for small business leaders who need to increase revenue. If you’re a tech-enabled team who needs to scale without overpaying for enterprise sales software, you’ve found the right sales tool.

Close lets you email, call, and text your leads — all without add-ons

Double your call volume and velocity.

Get the best call software for outbound sales.

close crm call coaching tools

Reach more leads with less effort.

crm with a dialer

Power Dialer

Double your outbound call volume when you burn through lead lists automatically. Make 300+ calls a day, easily.

Predictive Dialer

Increase reach rates when you call multiple numbers at once. When someone answers, the call software immediately routes it to an available sales rep.

Customizable Settings

Get local phone numbers in the country of your choice, and make outbound calls to ~200 countries.

Focus on selling, not sorting.

We’ll take the admin from here. Close is call tracking software you can rely on.

crm with calling

Transfer, forward, automate calls

Calling in Close lets you manage outbound calling with ease. Bonus: leverage multi-channel Sequences with calling steps for powerful outreach automation.

crm with calling in it

Track, record, and review calls

Listen to past calls directly in your Close timeline. Use call recordings to train new employees and monitor progress––and download and share calls with one click.

close sales calling tools

Leave one-click voicemails

Leave effective, pre-recorded voicemails with easy automation, then move on to your next call. No more waiting for tedious messages to record.

crm with team management

Analyze call insights

View calling activities and sales call reporting across your team in seconds. See total calls made, calls by user, duration, and more.

calling in a crm

Make global calls

Reach prospects anywhere with simple and straightforward pricing, charged only per minute.

crm with dialer built in

Use existing numbers or add lines

Don’t want to switch numbers? No worries. Retain––and add––main lines any time.

reporting in close crm

Simplify your tech + lower spend.

The built-in calling system is one of Close’s biggest advantages over other CRMs.

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Save time each day by using one centralized CRM for all your outreach and communication.
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Get global phone numbers, multi-channel outreach, voicemail, recording, SMS, Predictive Dialer, and Power Dialer.
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Save costs by cutting out other VoIP systems and call recording apps like RingCentral, 8×8, or Five9. Close is your virtual phone system carrier.

Increase revenue with built-in call coaching.

Close is the first and only CRM to offer powerful in-app listen, whisper, and barge features at no extra cost to Business Plan users.

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In-app, real-time call coaching to support new reps remotely.
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Retain top performers to maximize deals won.
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Streamline your tech stack to grow your bottom line.

close crm screenshot

Coach your reps to more revenue with built-in call coaching

Improve sales performance with the simplest, most powerful call coaching tool on the market. Close Business users now have in-app listen, whisper, and barge features—all within the CRM.

close crm with call coaching

Don't let your salespeople fumble

Sales managers often struggle to coach reps remotely without layering expensive, complex apps on top of their CRM. Call Coaching in Close changes the game.

Simple, effective call coaching features

Improve sales performance with the simplest, most powerful call coaching tool on the market. Close Business users now have in-app listen, whisper, and barge features—all within the CRM.

Support new remote sales reps in real-time or watch the replay afterward

In remote sales, we lose the ability to sit side-by-side with freshman reps. When you use in-app call coaching, you pull the single biggest ROI lever you have as a sales leader—reaching 20x-30x standard quotas for new salespeople.

Perfect your top performers’ process to maximize your revenue

Your A-players attain 130% of quota, on average—even though they likely make up only 10% of your team. Effective, seamless call coaching helps you retain rockstars and use their recordings as on-demand training for your greener reps.

Simplify your tech stack and increase your ROI

It’s the cherry on top: you can improve your team’s sales performance without another subscription eating away at your bottom line. Call coaching is available directly in the lead view of Close for all Business customers.

Call through any list of leads automatically

Stop importing contacts out of your CRM into separate power dialing software. Start a Power Dialer session on any Smart View in just one click then sit back and wait for a connect or work on your daily sales tasks while you wait for the next lead to answer.

close smart views

Intuitive features that save reps hours each week

See who is being called in real-time

There’s no awkward silence or pause because you’re already connected to the call. Your team will have full context on who is being called with the history between your company and the lead.

Work at your own pace

The Power Dialer will automatically pause to let you finish updating any data about the lead before moving on to call the next one.

Pause & resume without losing your place

You can pause and resume the dialing session so you can jump to meetings, scheduled calls, and other tasks without losing your place.

Predictive dialing built inside the CRM

Increase your reach rates with Close’s built-in Predictive Dialer.

close crm sales calling tools

What is a Predictive Dialer? It's next-level call automation.

Dial multiple numbers at once

A predictive dialer is call automation software that allows sales teams to dial multiple numbers at once. When a real human answers the phone, it immediately routes an available sales rep to that call.

Always hear "Hello"

Predictive dialing routes you straight to a recipient the moment they answer, thus unlocking more of your reps’ valuable time to reach and close real prospects. The Dialer helps them stay fully “in the zone” throughout the day.

No more dialing. Literally.

Your reps literally never have to dial a number or click a call button again. They never have to hang up because of a voicemail, 1-800 number, or busy signal. Close handles all this behind-the-scenes, and only connects reps when a real human answers the call.

Why use the Predictive Dialer?

close smart views

It's built-in. No additional fees or integrations.

Close is the only CRM to offer predictive dialing software out-of-the-box and built in to the plan costs. No need to purchase add-on software or set up complicated integrations.

Your team stays in the zone

Since there’s no downtime between calls with predictive dialer, your reps are getting warmed up faster and refining their pitch even further throughout the day by speaking with more leads than ever before.

Significantly higher reach rates

Using the technology behind the predictive dialer, sales reps can skip the fake numbers, avoid the prospects that won’t pick up, and significantly increase the number of conversations they’re having with real leads on a daily basis.

Break through the noise with sales emails that sell.

Get the email platform built specifically for sales sequences, templates, and follow-ups.

close crm email tools

Supercharge your sales communication.

Sync emails in a snap

Import your existing Gmail, Microsoft, or other email provider into Close––in just one click.

Send and receive emails in your CRM view right away.

Team-friendly timeline tracking

When you import your leads into Close, your entire email history with each lead syncs to their timeline chronologically.

Your co-workers and managers can get full context on your deals and step in to help as needed

Email automation designed by salespeople, for salespeople.

Stay top-of-mind for your prospects (even over long sales cycles) with customized Sequences.

Intuitive, powerful Sequences

We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we developed fast, easy automation using templates and cadences.

You can bulk enroll contacts or companies who match a Smart View into your Sequence to guarantee follow-up on your hottest prospects until they respond.

Sequences in Close are also multi-channel, which means you can easily add calling steps to increase your chances of making the sale.

close crm with email steps

Improve engagement with powerful personalization.

Stay top-of-mind for your prospects (even over long sales cycles) with customized Sequences.

Dynamic lead data at your fingertips

Template Tags personalize your content and speak to your leads by name, reference their contact information, and even use custom fields

Save (and share) winning templates

You can share top-performing email templates with your entire sales team or select members.

Strike the balance of bulk and target

Use our Bulk Email feature to create a lead list that perfectly matches your sales process in minutes.

Customize your send time

Working early or late? Schedule emails to arrive in your prospect’s inbox at the perfect time

Stay focused with a simple snooze

We all know the pain of a full inbox. Hit the snooze button to reply later and prioritize more important responses.

HTML flexibility when you need it

Don’t want to write in a WYSIWYG editor? Edit via HTML at any time.

X-ray vision on email opens

With Close, you can see exactly who opened your email and at what time. Use this info in Smart Views for high-powered prospecting and sequence automation.

Never forget the follow-up

Working early or late? Schedule emails to arrive in your prospect’s inbox at the perfect time

Increase reach rates with one-click SMS.

Turn frigid leads into on-fire deals with texting software baked into your CRM.

close crm sms tool

Engage more prospects with effective outreach.

One-click SMS

No more switching apps. Focus on reaching more contacts faster with powerful SMS software.

Centralize meaningful conversations

Quickly read and respond to incoming SMS messages without leaving your Close Inbox.

Automate your bulk text sends via API

Take your SMS outreach even further with our robust API. Your sales team can use Close to respond to synced messages.

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