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Cybersaint software | Cybersecurity Software

  • Continuous Control Automation
  • Executive & Board Reporting
  • Cyber Risk Register
  • Frameworks & Standards
  • Automated Crosswalking
  • Integrations

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Cyber & IT risk management for the digital age

Delivering unparalleled visibility into risk, automating compliance, and building resilience from assessment to boardroom

A Powerfully Automated Approach to Cyber & IT Risk Management

Leveraging patented automation, our intuitive software solutions empower businesses to measure, mitigate, and report on risk to protect their critical assets, employees, customers, and partners — so they can focus on what matters most.

Frameworks & Standards

Align with key requirements and provide assurance across the enterprise.

Automated Crosswalking

Project compliance posture across regulatory frameworks, industry standards, or custom control sets to reduce duplicate efforts.

Cyber Risk Register

Identify and track all risks, impacts, and mitigations in a single location.

Gartner Hype Cycle for Cyber & IT Risk Management

Organizations around the world are reacting to an increase in cyber-attacks and new business challenges provoked by the realities of the pandemic. Security and Risk Management leaders can use Gartner’s Hype Cycle to take a preventative approach to cybersecurity program management.

CyberStrong Continuous Control Automation

Security and risk management leaders leverage CyberStrong’s continuous control automation to eliminate manual effort and assess compliance in real-time. 

Automation That Delivers True Continuous Compliance

CyberStrong’s Continuous Control Automation allows you to manage compliance in real-time, not point-in-time. Assess compliance against your desired frameworks or standards, while automating up to 90% of a given set of controls. Stay informed of if a control fails, why, and what remediations need to take place.

Real-Time Compliance & Risk Management

  • Monitor Control Performance and Score Changes in Real-Time

    Never perform a point-in-time assessment again, leveraging patented automation to score controls, monitor compliance, and view your real-time posture.

  • Align with Frameworks and Standards Such as NIST, NERC-CIP, ISO, CIS20, CMMC and more

    Proactively comply with the frameworks and standards that matter to your organization, your customers, and partners.

continuous control automation

See changes to control scores as data in your environment changes, notifying you when controls fall out of compliance and why.

Built for your success

Leverage data coming from your systems to automate controls, tailoring business logic around what controls are updated when specific vulnerabilities or other data points are identified.

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Cybersecurity Dashboards & Reporting

Report on your cyber risk posture with confidence and get dynamic insights into where your compliance posture is headed for CISO, CIO, Executive, and Board review.

Dynamic Dashboards and Visualizations


Report on Compliance and Risk Posture with Confidence

C-suite executives from CISOs to CEOs alike use CyberStrong’s dashboards to report on their cybersecurity posture

Consolidate Risks in a Single View

Report on risks out of the risk register showing your organization’s aggregate risk posture, high severity risks, financial impact and more

Risk Register

Risk Dashboard (bar Charts) 2

Measure Your Unique Risk Profile and Report on Cybersecurity with Confidence

Communicate your cyber risk posture with the perfect balance of qualitative and quantitative information that gets everyone on board.

Always Know the Best Risk Mitigation Path Forward

Inform your key decisions with the most accurate information, and use solution-cost modeling to propose new solutions to buy down risk while communicating the impacts in dollars and cents.

Risk Mitigation Over Time

Frameworks & Standards

Learn how our customers build cyber resilience by standardizing, centralizing, and automating their cyber and IT risk management program.


Customers have access to any industry-recognized framework, compliance standard, and have the ability to manage custom frameworks unique to their organization in the CyberStrong platform.

Get an Actionable Gap Analysis Across Frameworks

CyberStrong provides a rapid gap analysis between frameworks, allowing you to see not only where you are already compliant, but also identifying where you are not against any new regulation or questionnaire.

Action View Crosswalk Cards

Crosswalk Control Actions

Act on Mappings with Confidence

CyberStrong provides confidence scores for control mappings based on not just the contents of the control, but the intent, breaking controls into control actions to give you the most accurate mapping.


CyberStrong seamlessly integrates with your security and IT tech stack in order to automate compliance and risk management at scale.

Easily Assess and Measure CMMC and DFARS Compliance Posture

Get visibility across all of the guidelines within the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and the DFARS (NIST SP 800-171) standard. Increase the maturity of your cyber risk program and fill relevant gaps to win businesses.

Monitor Control Compliance in Real-Time, not Point-in-Time

Know immediately if a control fails, why it
failed, and how it impacts your compliance
against the requirements that matter to you.

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