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Workapps software

  • Enterprise Grade Messaging Platform for Large Organizations
  • Comprehensive tool for doing KYC / IPV / CIP over Video
  • Host in your own Cloud Account & have 100% data ownership
  • A specialized platform to improve Organization-wide communication

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Enterprise Grade Messaging Platform for Large Organizations

Host on your own server, multi-layered security, Next level of group communication, AD integrated and Branded mobile apps.
Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Comprehensive tool for doing KYC / IPV / CIP over Video

  • Compliant with RBI guidelines
  • Two way video calling
  • Face Comparison with AWS Rekognition
  • Agent allocation with Round Robin
  • Concurrent Auditor module

Host in your own Cloud Account & have 100% data ownership

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • SimpliCloud – Netmagic

A specialized platform to improve Organization-wide communication

Why stick to just BASIC Group Chat, when you can use more?
Support groups, Broadcast messaging, Message using profile fields, One-way broadcast, etc.

Multiple use cases for Banks, Financial Services and Insurance sector

Video KYC, Credit Verification, Agent Messaging, Customer Support, VRM, Loan Advisory, Video MER, Broadcast Messaging

Messaging solutions for Government with Military-Grade Security Features

Crypto chat with end-to-end encryption, SIM-based access, auto-destruction of messages and Geo-Fencing.
workapps app Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Made for large team

An enterprise grade messaging software that’s built for teams that run in thousands and millions.

Security & Data Ownership

A highly-secure chat platform which can be hosted on your traditional servers or your AWS account, and blocks all data leakage points on mobile.

Improve org wide communication

Many highly-advanced features beyond regular chat and groups to improve organization-wide communication.

Business Operations

Plug chat and video into your various business workflows to make communication easy, time saving and cost effective.

External Communication

Use chat and video to communicate with external entities like customers, partners, agents, distributors and more.


A chat tool that can be seamlessly integrated with any legacy system with two-way data sharing APIs.

Fixed Costing

Pay a fixed fee per month for your entire organization, and don’t worry about increasing your strength.

Platform & Partner Approach

A product that functions as a platform and a company that works as a partner to co-create features and solutions around messaging requirements.

Enterprise Grade Text Messaging between Teams

Complete team listed in One Chat App

  • Find all your colleagues easily
  • No need to add / remove people constantly
  • Chat with anybody at the click of a button
  • Search using profile fields like department, role, city, etc.
  • Integrated with AD or HRMS
  • Single sign on

All regular features

  • One-to-one chat
  • Group chat
  • File sharing
  • Reply to specific message
  • Forward message
  • Private messaging in groups
  • Read receipts with time
  • Read receipts visible to all group members
  • Per user download count of shared files

‘Threads’ in Chat

  • Make ‘Threads’ in chat to have topic specific conversations
  • Create ‘Threads’ under individual chats or group chats
  • Ensuring that the conversations aren’t lost in a long chat
  • Create ‘Threads’ with a single click

Task-based chats

  • Categorize group chats under various task names
  • Tasks, Customer, Product, File No, Project, Candidate etc
  • Add / remove departments & employees as file progresses
  • Add / remove employees manually or automatically

API / Automated Messaging

  • Send messages from any other system automatically
  • Simple RESTful API integration
  • Send daily numbers, customer leads, file status, server alerts
  • Send messages to individuals, groups or broadcast messages
  • Send text messages, images or files

Anonymous Employee Feedback Chat

  • 100% anonymous feedback chat
  • Get instant reporting of issues in the company
  • Fraud, Theft, POSH, Manager related
  • Chat with one or multiple designated officers

Add Chatbots to the Chat

  • Add your own Chatbots to the chat app
  • Chatbot will appear as a user in the contact list
  • Add one or multiple chatbots
  • Simple Input / Output API service
  • Chat experience just like any other user

The next level of Group Chats

Made for Large Teams

  • Group chat with no limit on number of users
  • Admin and member roles
  • One way group chat where only Admins can send messages
  • Make group chats public for external communication
  • Update group chats automatically with profile changes

One Way Group Chat

  • Leadership can have one way group chats with employees
  • Employees can only view messages and not reply
  • Create large groups with 100,000 member or even more
  • Can create multiple one-way group chats

Employee Support Groups

  • Central help and support groups for internal teams
  • Ex: HR, Compensation, Product, IT, Security, Pantry, etc
  • Support team can have multiple users, to avoid missing messages
  • Just Search – Click – Chat
  • Groups will be pre-added in chat list of all employees
  • When employees start a chat, their name will show in support team’s list

Knowledge Groups

  • Create Organization-wide knowledge sharing groups. Ex: Cycling, Blockchain, Open Banking, Healthy Lifestyle
  • Admin-centric groups: Exclusive sharing and posting rights
  • Any employee can follow and read the posts
  • No need to add / remove users from the groups
  • Employees can follow the Knowledge Groups of their choice

Broadcast messaging with Rich Media Content in Web article format

Ways to Broadcast Messages

  • Send long format and rich media messages to teams
  • Send and share HTMLs, videos, images, text, tables, files, etc
  • Add self-recorded videos to messages
  • Categorize broadcast messages under: circulars, policies, etc
  • Add response buttons like Accept, Understood, Like etc
  • Get detailed read receipt for each employee
  • Department wise, and in excel format
  • Download count of attached files per user

Sending Broadcast Messages

  • Send to all or selected employees
  • Send a message by selecting AD groups
  • AD groups are ported to message creation screen for one click selection
  • Send a message by selecting profile fields
  • Send messages by selecting Department, City, Office, Gender etc
  • Send a message by selecting a manager
  • Send a message by selecting direct team or full hierarchy of a manager
  • Send a message by uploading an excel with email or mobile numbers

Sharing Broadcast Messages

  • Enable public sharing of broadcast messages
  • Sales teams can share marketing messages with customers
  • Share via WhatsApp, Social media, SMS and Email
  • Dashboard to track who shared, how many times, and message views
  • Automated search optimization of message
  • Add your own Google Analytics code

Send Training Videos

  • Record videos on your own from the desktop
  • Screen recording + Audio
  • Or just Video and Audio
  • View various videos together in your own ‘Org’s Youtube’
  • Keep video private (only for employees) or make public (open)
  • Share with all or selected few
  • Get read receipt for each member

Audio and Video calling within teams with advanced features

Connect over video

  • Audio / Video calling between employees
  • One side or both side recording
  • Both side screen sharing
  • Screenshot capture and document tagging
  • Share recorded video call with colleagues
  • Configure bandwidth allowed on employee side

Coming soon

  • Video messaging
  • One to many live video broadcasting
  • Four party video conferencing
  • Six party audio conferencing

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