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Manage, patch, and support all your endpoints.

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Endpoint management

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Unified Endpoint Management

Get market-leading endpoint visibility and control in an easy-to-use platform that drives technician efficiency.

Centrally manage endpoints and support end-users easily, efficiently, and at-scale

Unify device management

Monitor, support, and control all your Windows, Mac, and Linux end-user devices, servers, virtual machines, and networking devices from a single easy-to-use interface

Additional Benefit

Automate the most time-consuming IT tasks

Enjoy 90% faster patching, cut time spent on software deployment and device setup in half, and equip front-line staff with one-click remediations to solve even complex tasks

Drive radical efficiency from Day 1

Quick to implement, easy to learn, and intuitive to use, NinjaOne gives technicians a game-changing platform they love to use that helps them do more.

Support any device anywhere

NinjaOne’s agent-based approach enables complete management of any internet-connected device so you can easily and securely support remote and hybrid employees


Monitoring and alerting

Secure remote access

Patch Management

Endpoint task automation


Form-based Script Deployment

Software Management

Unlimited scalability

Flexible Device Reporting


Automate Patch Management for Any Endpoint
Improve security with automated patch management software that enables you to identify, evaluate, and deploy patches to any device, anywhere – no infrastructure required.
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Mitigate risk and deliver better patch compliance faster

Easily patch remote endpoints

NinjaOne is cloud-based and agent-deployed so you can patch any endpoint with an internet connection, no VPN required.

Spend 90% less time patching

Automate every step of the patching process so your technicians can focus on support and strategic projects.

Patch every endpoint

Patch Windows, Mac, and Linux servers, workstations, and laptops all from a single centralized, easy-to-use platform.


Powerful, intuitive patching dashboard

OS Patching

Spend 90% less time patching

Patch Automation

Cloud-First, Agent-Based

Remediation Tools

Pre-emptive patch approval

Reboot management

Vulnerability Data

Alerts and Notifications

Patch Activity Log

Patch Reporting


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