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Automated Marketing Data And Reporting Platform

TapClicks has put together a truly remarkable marketing operations platform. This is a must-have for marketers in this day and age. They automate the ingestion of huge volumes of data and the campaign executables associated with that data.” – Bill Macaitis,  former CMO of Slack

Make Quick, Smart Decisions For Your Business

A set of automated marketing solutions designed to work in unison, powered by your data

Everything you need to differentiate yourself, tell compelling campaign stories, become more efficient and scale your business.

A set of automated marketing solutions designed to work in unison, powered by your data

Tap Analytics

Take charge of your campaigns

Discover trends and opportunities with analytics capabilities that take your data to a whole new level of visualization and understanding.

Tap Reports

Tell stories that impress

Visualize, optimize and share your data with clients in customizable dashboards and automated reports at any time of the day – built to scale.

Tap Orders

Focus on the sale

Automate orders and enter client objectives and goals at the point of sale. Connect a CRM, import files and create online forms for any product.

Tap Workflow

Ignite your fulfillment process

Automatically route tasks based on your business processes. Accelerate the time-to-ROI and streamline multiple operations to save valuable time and resources.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain visibility into the competition

iSpionage empowers you with local SEM data intelligence to create better proposals and to win more clients. Built to scale SEO and SEM for global brands and agencies.

Raven by TapClicks

Discover an all-in-one platform

Raven helps you perform site audits, rank tracking, link-building, and keyword research with in-depth insights and analysis.

Transform & Control Your Data​

TapClicks Smart Connector is the flexible way to import offline & third-party data, no more data blocks.

Simplify Order Entry

Create your product catalog with customizable forms that adapt to any sales workflow. Collect details on purchased products applying package guidelines. Hide and show sections based on sales and ad ops roles. Enforce minimums, campaign dates, and apply defaults to prevent costly mistakes.  

Automate Your Marketing Product Catalog

Through TapOrders flexible product lists and customizable forms, construct a product catalog that best meets your business needs, easy up-sell options and configurable products that reflect your go-to-market strategies. 

Visualize Your Leading Indicators and Trends

Get back to running your business. With all of your data in a unified dashboard, monitor delivery and get breakdowns of monthly billing by product, task durations by customer, order trending and product adoption. Optimize your business based on data.


Integrate with your billing system, collect data from CRMs, and push to external parties for additional processing. Import and export data automatically to save time, reduce costly errors and ensure your invoice activity accurately reflects your orders. Public API and webhook connections available to support specialized integrations. 

Self-Service Booking and Payment Processing

Provide your clients with an easy to use payment portal to quickly enter campaign requests and provide payment information.

Task Automation

The TapWorkflow task system automatically creates and assigns tasks to the right people in the process using industry best practices. Push activations directly to partners or serving platforms.  

Make Your Billing and Revenue Process More Efficient


Automate Handoffs Between Teams

Automatically route tasks based on your business processes. Facilitate communication between teams collaborating on projects.

Workflow graph

Simplify Proposal and Order Capture

Transfer proposal requests and orders automatically from CRM systems or create customized forms for entry. Reduce miscommunication between Sales and Operations by entering objectives and goals right at the point of sale.


Manage Your Operation’s Workforce

Enables remote work and accurate tracking for billable hours. Manage due dates and monitor workload through queue dashboard. 

Derive Deep Analytical and Actionable Business Insights

Data Grouping/Segmentation

Divide and group data based on chosen parameters, such as location, so that you can use it more efficiently within marketing and operations. Scale and compare the performance across your parameters to analyze what strategies work.


Data Grouping/Segmentation

Normalize Naming Conventions

Add meta-data at any level (campaigns, ads, ad sets, etc.) to gain deeper insight. Divide or group data based on the tags. Normalize naming conventions, visualize, compare performance sets and share.

Normalize Naming Conventions

Create custom metrics to show value, KPIs to stakeholders, and more. Easily create these for analysis and visualization within TapAnalytics in just a few clicks.

Be Your Own Data Scientist

Business intelligence for your whole team. Visualizations on the fly.
Uncover trends and opportunities.

Goals & Pacing

The TapClicks platform allows you to pace campaign budgets or any other metric. With Goals and Pacing, you don’t need to show just the end goal. Track progress at any point in time.

Omni-Channel Reporting

Omni-Channel Reporting

All your data on one platform. Measure offline and online marketing campaigns, aggregate data to tell the story of your marketing campaigns. Visualize your data in Report Studio and share it in dashboards and reports.

White Labeling

Margin Markup

Custom Themes

Channels and Custom Groupings

Group your marketing tools to combine your data and show your clients a higher-level view of their performance. Combine data into a single Channel for “SEM,” and your clients get the combined impressions, clicks, keywords and more.

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