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  • Data Warehouse Sync
  • Ad Audience Sync
  • Scalability
  • Identity Resolution
  • Data & Security
  • Visual Workflow Builder
  • Multi-language Messages
  • Metrics & Reporting

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Build your dream messaging workflows

Buy which is an automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers who want more control and flexibility to craft and send data-driven emails, push notifications, and SMS messages.

Flexible data integrations that fit your business needs

Buy which provides multiple ways to get real-time business data from your product into our platform to power all of your automated messaging and keep your user database up-to-date.

Direct Integration

Our RESTful API allows you to create, update, and delete people. You can also send event data from your application to in multiple library languages (including Ruby, Python, Go, and more). Upload user data as a CSV file or manually add new people through the UI to start sending messages even faster.

Third-Party Integration

If you’re already using Segment , mParticle ,Hull , or RudderStack your integration can be completed in just a few clicks! also supports data coming in from Zapier and adds new third-party integrations all the time.

Example of a unique profile in

Example of a segment in

Narrow down your audience’s segmentation engine is built for speed and flexibility. Segments are calculated in real-time and performance scales with your business. With no limits on segmentation, you can be incredibly specific with whom you target.

See individual profile data

Sometimes you need to isolate a specific person or a set of people by attributes. Easily view a full log of event and attribute data, where users are engaging, what messages they have received, and more.

Example of a Person's data in

Ad audience enabled in

Turn Segments into Ad Audiences

Start saving time and money by syncing your segments to your ad network of choice. Retargeting the right users and showing the best ads to your most valued customers is seamless with

Spend more time on strategy and less on building

Our rules-based visual workflow builder gives you the control you’ve longed for and the power needed to define your optimal user experience.

Example of a True/False branch in

A Transactional API built for you

Built for speed, deliverability, and reliability. Our Transactional API offers the flexibility to apply your existing layouts and styles in to your transactional messages. Consistent branding is essential across all your messages, not just marketing emails.

Examples of transactional messages in

Example of an email that's A/B tested

Mobile made easy

Effortlessly weave push notifications into your messaging strategy alongside your emails and text messages. Combine behavior-driven segmentation with eye-catching content to create push notifications your customers want to receive.

Send more personalized messages with Collections

You have the tools to target the right users with Take it one step further and use Collections to include specific information about your business and tailor it for each individual person. Importing your Collection data is easy. Upload a CSV, Google Sheet, or use our API.

Example of a Collection in a workflow

Example of an email that's A/B tested

Connect with Customers through Newsletters

Make every announcement count. Use to send multichannel newsletters within the user’s time zone to make sure your Terms of Service update or new feature brief lands at the top of the inbox.

Real-time data you can rely on

Move beyond opens and clicks to measure the success of your campaigns. Deep dive into the number of conversions and the amount of revenue they drive by filtering, viewing, and comparing metrics across all of your workspaces. 

Illustration of a dashboard

Dashboard view

Stay on top of your messaging health. Monitor your message leaderboard, segment membership, active A/B tests, and delivery metrics to identify spikes or trends over time.

Illustration of data reports

Export your data

Connect your data and your internal reporting via CSV exports or send the data directly to your data warehouse of choice without accruing additional costs or headaches.

Illustration of a graph chart

Analysis Reports

Compare campaigns, newsletters, and API-Triggered Broadcasts metrics across your entire workspace in seconds. Shake things up and define reports by name, tags, channel type, or specific time ranges.

Example of a A/B test

Test your hypothesis, optimize your strategy

Turn every idea into a test. Whether it’s a single piece of a message or an entire flow, put it into action. Experiment with campaign subject lines, message content, delivery time, and more. Keep track of all the running a/b tests right from the dashboard.

Best-in-class technical support when you need it

With a 99% CSAT score, our support team ensures the highest level of success. Every customer has access to email support and will hear back within 24-hours.

Customer Success Services

Strategize. Optimize. Grow. 
Our team of dedicated Customer Success Managers are committed to educating and empowering you with the tools to meet your business goals. 

Complex workflows; logically built.

Our visual workflow builder is a blank canvas for your ideas. Drag and drop messages, time delays, webhooks, and branches to create engaging customer experiences. Leave notes inline for yourself and your teammates.

Clarity At-A-Glance

Our visual workflow builder was built with clarity in mind. Every critical piece of your workflow is visible from the main page, providing clarity to stakeholders and new team members instantly.

Intuitive to Build

Your customer journey can be complex. Our workflow editor lets you build and visualize that complexity in an intuitive drag and drop interface. Combine messages to your users, including emails, SMS, and push notifications, with segment-triggered Wait Until Delays and internal notifications with Slack all in one campaign.

Manage Leads and Customers in One Workspace allows you to add people by ID and/or email and update those identifiers later. And no, it doesn’t require any fancy profile merging! Easily manage leads and customers in the same workspace and maintain a person’s history as they graduate from a lead to a customer.

Integration Only Takes Minutes

Buy and start sending messages people like to receive in just a few clicks. Choose how you want to get your people into, and we’ll give you the tools to deliver the best message.

Nurture Your Relationships

All you need is an email address to connect with your audience and deliver the information they care about. Using’s data-driven segmentation and trigger conditions, you can automatically send personalized messages to each Lead based on their behavioral actions in your app.

Facebook Lead Ads

You’ve already caught their attention, and now you have to keep it. Integrate your Facebook Lead forms directly into and start messaging your leads so you can convert them to customers or users.

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  • purple marker arrow 418a8889 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in IndiaPopulate profile attributes from form fields
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Manage the Narrative From Day One

illustration of a customer profile

Unified Profile View

Whether you’re sending a monthly newsletter or a webinar follow-up email, allows you to track and monitor every message you ever sent down to the individual profile. No more over-sending or duplicating messages. You can now control the number of messages a person can receive.

illustration of a workflow

Less Tools, More Control

Why manage multiple marketing tools when you can use one that does it all? From leads to lifecycle marketing to transactional emails,’s platform supports every user touchpoint.

illustration of a paper plane

Reallocate Resources

While gives you the tools and flexibility to build complex workflows, you don’t need to know how to write code to use Go ahead and put your engineers on another project because you can import a CSV and start sending campaigns and newsletters immediately after sign up.

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Frequently Asked Questions is a powerful marketing automation platform that enables businesses to send targeted messages to their users based on their behavior and interactions. It offers features such as behavior-based messaging, segmentation, A/B testing, and analytics to help businesses engage and retain customers effectively.

Buy which allows businesses to create personalized messaging campaigns that are triggered by user behavior, such as website visits, email opens, or product purchases. By delivering timely and relevant messages to users, businesses can increase engagement, drive conversions, and build stronger relationships with their audience.

Yes, buy which provides robust segmentation capabilities that allow businesses to divide their audience into specific groups based on various criteria, such as demographics, behavior, or engagement level. This enables businesses to tailor their messaging and campaigns to different segments, ensuring that each group receives relevant and targeted communications.

Yes, buy is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Its flexible platform offers customizable features and pricing plans to accommodate the varying requirements and budgets of different organizations.

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