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Soon software | Workforce Management Software

  • Employee scheduling for champions
  • Get the best scheduling experience
  • Manage your team with confidence
  • Boost team engagement and productivity

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Employee scheduling for champions

Soon puts you in control of your team’s schedule with adaptive features. This helps you make a schedule to fit exactly how you want to operate, and not the other way around.


Manage your teams’ schedule in a blazingly fast and highly effective way.


Easily manage your team while focussing on what matters most — your people.


Elevate team engagement with an intuitive and streamlined user experience

Get the best scheduling experience

Simplify the day-to-day scheduling operations — create dynamic schedules accurately and error-free in minutes, handle unexpected changes on the fly, and manage real-time workforce performance.

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Extremely flexible events

From simple to complex, you can fully customize your events for any schedule setup. Create events in seconds, easily edit them when needed, and always keep track of their status.

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Smart people picker

Always know who is best suited for your shift. Stay compliant and increase happiness by picking the best matching people for your event based on role or skills, availability, conflicts, and contract hours.

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Clear timeline views

Zoom in and out of your teams’ schedule with the day, week, and month timeline views. These views help you to get highly visual coverage for the selected time frame.

Manage your team with confidence

Integrated team management —  capture accurate timesheets, manage team members’ time-off, and bring structure with user groups and roles.

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Advanced leave management

Soon’s advanced leave management enables you to manage your teams’ time-off efficiently. Create leave categories, review, and approve all your teams’ leave requests with ease.

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User groups and roles

Bring structure to your team. Create groups to manage, filter, and target convenient compositions of users at once. Schedule faster by assigning roles based on specific skills.

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Time and attendance

Effortlessly capture time and attendance data within events to automatically generate accurate timesheets that can quickly be exported for payroll purposes.

Boost team engagement and productivity

Drive engagement throughout the entire scheduling lifecycle  — give your team tools that are easy to use, make them feel valued, and help with smarter work decisions.

5ece457f8413d90507d02bbe bi layout third v blue Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India Personalized schedule overview
Empower your team by giving them the tools to manage their shifts, availability, and time-off, all in one mobile-first personal overview.
5ea970eb0e9ec1406bfb3c62 bi doc drawer blank blue Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India Individual and shared inbox
Soon’s inbox accelerates your teams’ coordination by clearly displaying all required actions, unread comments, and awaiting responses related to the schedule.
5ece745a3b049e509be22a28 bi music repeat blue Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India Conversational change requests
Enable your team to handle shift changes more intuitively and autonomously. Whether it’s dropping an open shift, requesting a cancellation, or exchanging shifts, conversations are the heart of the process.

Personal schedule highlighting leave and availability management

Collaboration at the core of our product

Our mission is to make it easy for any team to create their best schedule ever.

Workforce management — without the training time

Create shifts, manage leave, and streamline tasks to achieve your goals.

Good schedules help you reach your goals

Team scheduling usually starts off in a spreadsheet. Becomes a chore for someone who never signed up for it. And generally becomes a chore for the team. With Soon you can turn this around and make a great schedule your secret ingredient for success. We help you get rid of business bottlenecks. Add structure to your employee schedules. And make you a more productive team.


Schedule your team with ease. We’ve made our software so anyone can use it without experience.


Boost team engagement while scheduling together. Get more done in less time and with better results.


From simple to complex. Soon fits into your workflow, even when your team grows and things change.


Schedule without spreadsheets

Soon brings you a new approach to shift scheduling. We group shifts together in event cards. These help you find the best match between your employees and shifts. On top of that, they let your team communicate about things related to their shifts.


Your window into your team’s daily workload

Soon Workload gives your team a clear visual overview of who’s doing what, and what’s coming up next. Make sure your team is aligned, activities adequately staffed and prioritized, and team members aren’t over or underworked — all in one view.


Boards bring information together

Soon’s boards are the smart workspace where scheduling happens. Boards centralize all necessary information and communication related to your schedule and let you manage and monitor your planning through multiple stages.

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