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Posist software | Restaurant Management Software

  • Making RestaurantsScalable
  • Accelerate your digital transformation with Posist
  • Unified platform that works for all
  • Robust Integration Ecosystem

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Making RestaurantsScalable

Our unified platform is built to help restaurants with automation to improve bottom-line efficiency and focus on what matters the most- serving great food

100% compliant

in your country of operations

150+ Integrations

that speak to each other seamlessly

24×7 global support

with 99% adherence to SLAs

Secure data backup

to keep you up and running 

Multi-lingual & intuitive

user interface built for scale


Unified platform that works for all

Our unified platform is built to help restaurants with automation to improve bottom-line efficiency and focus on what matters the most- serving great food

Robust Integration Ecosystem

Our secure & open API makes integrations speak to each other seamlessly. The Posist Marketplace offers a  robust platform with over 150+ integrations with global food aggregators, payment gateways, accounting softwares, employee scheduling tools, logistics partners, and more.

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Scalable restaurant POS system for global chains

Posist offers a unified restaurant POS software with a simple and easy-to-use UI so that your team can get things done in seconds. Easily integrate across every channel from on-premise, takeout to deliveries. Our scalable point of sale solution works for restaurants of all sizes, formats, and scales.

Manage orders with speed and efficiency

Avoid unpredictable rush hours, and seamlessly manage orders. Let your servers accept orders directly from their tablets, mobile and POS devices. Trigger orders within seconds to the kitchen, reducing any delays in order processing. View customer ordering history & preferences to help your staff provide a top-notch guest experience.

Contactless dining and ordering experience


Create QR code digital menus that you can update in one click across locations. With the Posist QR code menu, customers get fast and easy access to your menu, with just a quick scan on their phones. The menu is designed in easy-to-navigate templates making it a delight for diners to place orders, repeat, and settle bills

Build guest relationships that last a lifetime

Optimize your marketing campaigns using experiential and transactional data. Identify and reward high-value customers while deprioritizing marketing spending on less engaged customers. Find out the potential lifetime value (LTV) of your customers and deliver timely, relevant offers.

Manage restaurant reservations with ease

Manage your reservations and bookings from your POS. Reduce your restaurant no-shows and proactively inform guests about their reservation status with instant communication from email and SMS. Go that extra mile by learning your guests’ preferences before they arrive and giving them a personalized experience that will keep them coming back.


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Run your business at full capacity.

Our flexible platform offers 150+ integrations allowing you to run your business at full capacity with applications like

  • Accounting software
  • Online-ordering platforms
  • ERPs (SAP, Navision, NetSuite, and more)
  • Middleware partners
  • Digital wallets

Become an integration partner

The new self-service app listing experience gives app creators a simple  way to list their apps on our marketplace. The Posist marketplace allows developers to build integrations and diversify revenue opportunities to our universe of over 10,000+ restaurants in 50 countries.

Contact us for a free consultation

Our team will be happy to set up a consultation call to help you explore various interactions to optimize your operations and offer additional services to make the most of your POS system.

Data backed insights for growth

Posist gives you total visibility over all aspects of your restaurant operations.  Cockpit app by Posist empowers decision makers with data-backed insights on sales, inventory, employee performance, and marketing spends to  identify opportunities for growth.

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Measure outlet level performance

Get the net performance report of each outlet delivered right to your mobile. View essential sales data such as net sales, gross sales, and the average order value for each outlet.


Optimize your menu for success

Test promotions across various stores, brands, and formats. Optimize your pricing and menu mix by sales channel to maximize profitability. Quickly identify top-selling items, popular order combinations, and save time deciding which menu items to keep or remove.


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Improve Bottom-line with Inventory control

Inventory reports help you minimize waste by maintaining optimal stock levels. Using real-time forecasting data ensures that your order timing is precise. Always know what should be on the shelf to prevent over-portioning, waste, and theft.


Modify pricing and promotions in real-time

Dive into the details and sort promotions/ discounts by quantity, amount, menu item, staff reference, and more to see how discounts impact your bottom line. Make modifications on the go to test the real-time impact of pricing and promos on your sales.

Remove customer data silos

Collect customer data from various channels such as Online Ordering, Feedback, or Surveys and upload them in one central database. Segment data based on customer behavior. Identify regular & one-time visitors and gather meal preferences of each customer.


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Multi-channel marketing automation

Enables restaurant operators to connect with guests, on- and off-premise, in a contextual way. With Posist CRM marketing teams can set automation to communicate with customers through emails, SMS, and digital campaigns to run ad campaigns, retargeting and promotional offers to drive more sales.


Drive ROI from loyalty programs

Maximize the ROI of your marketing campaigns with visit-based custom loyalty offers to encourage repeat orders. Target your customers based on their behavior, preferences, and spending habits.

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Customize marketing campaigns

Keep your customers updated about the latest offers running in your restaurant through engaging email and SMS campaigns. Create, schedule, and send impactful emails for maximum customer engagement. Greet your customers on their special occasions by sending them custom messages. Send them customized offers based on their ordering history and behavior.


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