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Drive more business with seamless application security software

Protect user data & improve compliance

Develop compliance with regulations and manage third party risk by preventing data leaks that originate from code tampering and client-side attacks.
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Minimize exposure to attacks

Increase full visibility and control of the client-side of your website to prevent automated abuse, Magecart web skimmers and software supply chain attacks.

Ensure application integrity

Keep all the JavaScript and native code in your web and mobile apps to ensure application integrity and prevent code tampering, application abuse and reverse engineering.
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Enterprise-grade security

Jscrambler’s unique method ingrains safety controls in your source code and extends them to the runtime of your applications, providing the most resilient client-side protection with negligible impact on performance.

Simple, managed deployment

Buy Jscrambler its security experts handle deployment and maintenance and report results periodically, acting as an extension of your safety team to detect and mitigate client-side threats with Jscrambler.

In-depth protection from evolving threats

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Code Integrity

Buy Jscrambler to safeguard your application against abuse, piracy, tampering, and code theft with enterprise-grade obfuscation, code locks, and self-defensive techniques

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Webpage Integrity

Buy Jscrambler that safe your website against Web Supply Chain Attacks like Magecart and online fraud by detecting and controlling client-side behaviors

Conceal Code Secrets and Sensitive Data

Using resilient obfuscation methods and a polymorphic behavior, Jscrambler Code Integrity conceals the whole logic of your source code and prevents static examination.

Enforce Secure Environments

Jscrambler Code Integrity provides a series of Code Locks that enable you to restrict app performance to trusted environments, such as specific browsers, OSes, or non-rooted/jailbroken devices.

Mitigate Attacks at Runtime

Jscrambler Code Integrity provides self-defensive abilities that allow you to thwart any efforts to debug or tamper with your app in real-time and ensure the integrity of your code.

Harden your app's defenses

Decrease your app’s exposure to reverse-engineering or tampering tries that can help attackers breach through your app’s defenses.

How Jscrambler shields your apps

Polymorphic JavaScript Obfuscation

Each time you protect your JavaScript code with Jscrambler, you get a new highly secure version that conceals any important logic while keeping the original functionality.

Runtime Protection

Your application will detect repairing and tampering efforts, derailing execution to prevent attackers from examining or modifying your code at runtime

JavaScript Code Locks

You can lock your code to only run in precise domains, OSes, browsers and date ranges. Any lock violation will break the app.



You can trigger automatic reactions to thwart attacks, such as redirecting the attacker, getting a real-time announcement or calling a custom function.


How Jscrambler Provides an Actionable Website Inventory

Grouped Detections

Website inventory routinely companies same requests to simplify your evaluation. See the key details of every alert at a look.

Threat Scoring

Through great analysis, web site stock scores all scripts running on your website to help you attention on addressing vital protection alerts.

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Simplified resources review

Webpage Inventory simplifies the process of classifying each resource or network request, reducing alert fatigue and streamlining the onboarding of new scripts.

Fully integrates with your workflow

Jscrambler Code App Builder

Full Support for JavaScript Frameworks

Seamlessly integrate Jscrambler into the build method of any JavaScript framework.

Protect Native Code

Increase full coverage in mobile apps by protecting native and platform-specific code through integrations with the Jscrambler CLI.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your DevOps Toolchain

Automate source code security in your DevSecOps workflow and ensure that every version you deploy is protected.

Real-Time Insights From The Client-Side

Webpage Inventory continuously gathers material from every script and network invitation happening on each user session, allowing you to easily examination and manage them.

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Easily Block Malicious Behavior

Webpage Inventory automatically categorizes discoveries based on their severity, so you can easily block any malicious activity and prevent client-side attacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jscrambler is a software security platform that provides JavaScript obfuscation and web application protection to safeguard code from attacks.

Buy Jscrambler software which uses code transformation techniques such as obfuscation, virtualization, and polymorphism to protect JavaScript code from reverse engineering and tampering.

Yes, buy Jscrambler software that provides runtime protection features to prevent web application attacks and secure data.

We Software Horsepower as Jscrambler resellers offer customer support through email, phone, and we also provide Jscrambler software demo for better understanding of the software.

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