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  • Turn More Email Leads into Customers
  • Create Customers Journeys that Engage & Convert New Leads
  • Never Worry about deliverability Again
  • Reach Your Entire Audience Without the Hassle

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Turn More Email Leads Into Customers

Discover the email marketing platform marketers use to reach, convert and retain their customers.

Create Customer Journeys That Engage & Convert New Leads

Start your campaign by a specific lead behavior. This will allow you to build a highly customizable response for almost any situation in your marketing. Respond with messaging based on your customers’ behavior.

Never Worry About Deliverability Again

Are you struggling with getting your email delivered? Tired of not knowing what going on with your campaign? Worried about getting your account blocked? Tired of out of the box support answers that dont help you? Well you have come to the right place.

Our Approach to delivery is to get your emails delivered, and second to get them higher engagement. I know it sounds simple but that is the core of everythng we do

Reach Your Entire Audience Without The Hassle

Setting up a broadcast message to reach your subscribers couldn’t be easier. Easy to use HTML editor or Drag and Drop Template Editor. Send personalized messages so each message is personalized to your customer. Segment your auidience based on engagement metrics so you are communicating with your most active subscribers.

Success Is In The Team That Supports You

Someone is always looking over your account. Whether it is our premiere customer success team or your very own dedicated account manager. We want you to succeed so it is our main priority to make sure things run smoothly.

At Emercury we believe first and foremost in transparancy and in return we expect the same. Its the only way for this partnership to work. That’s right its a partnership. We look at you like a partner and not a number.

Integrate Emercury With Your Favorite Apps

Sync your data to and from over 2,000+ sales and marketing tools, teamwork apps, forms, customer support platforms, social media and more for complete workflow control.

Deliver The Right Email At The Right Time, Everytime

Build email newsletters, create campaigns, setup triggers based on behavior of your contact. Segment, so your audience gets exactly what they want to see.

What Types Of Campaigns Can You Send?

3 main ways we help you to stay in touch with your audience while saving your time.

Broadcast Messages

Send personalized emails in bulk to you lists and manage it with our cutting edge tracking and management tools.


Get in touch right away, and send a welcome email or deliver lead magnets instantly. Send a quick response based on a triggered action.

Journey Builder

Automate your sending and follow-ups by customizing a series of emails that nurture your leads while you can enjoy your time elsewhere

Design Emails With An Easy To Use Drag & Drop Editor

Create responsive emails with our real time drag-n-drop template editor. And you can always open source code and tinker with it manually! Start from scratch or use one of our templates!

Add Forms To Your Website In Just A Few Clicks

The easy to use form-builder gives you what you need to design a form with customizable fields and then show the form at the right time. Use the pop up forms, a form button, an Iframe, or embed the form code directly on your website. If you are using WordPress, the Emercury plugin handles form embeds in seconds.

When Your Forms Convert Better, You Get More Leads

Connect our form-builder sign-up forms, 3rd party forms or lead magnets directly to the Journey Builder, so the new leads are immediately engaged and being nurtured towards the sale by your amazing emails. Tag people based on their interests, start a welcome series, follow up with a direct offer based on their actions.

Manage Your Contacts With Ease

We know how painful it is to manage big lists of subscribers. That is why we came up with features that make the process effortless such as:

Segmented Lists

Divide and conquer. Make Segmeneted Lists to send personalized message to different audiences or A/B test your campaign.

Bulk Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe a bunch of subscribers from your list in one shot.

Suppression Lists

Select people to ignore for selected campaigns, Easily import md5 suppression lists.

Tagging Subscribers

Tag your subscribers with identifiers
so you can send messages based on those tags via an automation or segment that data to do a broadcast message.

Robust Search Function

Find your contacts easy with our powerful search tool that penetrates through all your campaigns.

Never-Email List

Never-Email allows your subscribers to
opt out of all email marketing messages. If they are on this list and you import them into your list you can rest assured they will never be emailed.

Make Sure The Right Message, Gets To The Right Person

Group your audience into segments based on almost any factor. Use segmenting to increase engagement and your overall reputation. Watch those numbers increase by sending the right emails to the people who want them. Then, create segments to communicate with people less frequently based on their activity.

When Using Segmentation, Everything Works Better

With Segmentation…

  • Engagement is higher because you send them what they want
  • Each contact receives what they want to see
  • Your contact feels like its more personal (and gets better results)
  • You can suppress groups that are causing delivery issues
  • You spend less money for better results

Without Segmentation…

  • Poor Delivery Results because you send the entire list
  • Everyone sees the same message even if they are not interested
  • Higher Unsubscribe and Complaints Rate
  • Lower engagement rate
  • You spend more money for worse results

Track Everything

We know how gathering right statistics and insights is crucial for growing your lead base. That is why we built some powerful tracking tools so everything is available at your fingertips.

Do A/B Tests

Split test different campaigns to know which one drives the most engagement and adjust accordingly.

Get ECMP reports

Know when how much revenue you generate per subscriber with our ECMP report tool.

Track Spam Complaints

Know how many of them actually hit that “Spam” button and who they

Track Open Rates

Know the percetange of your emails that got delivered but not opened to optimize your campaign for better reach.

UTM Tracking

Know the percetange of your emails that got delivered but not opened to optimize your campaign for better reach.

Track Hard/Soft Bounces

Know when your message didn’t get delivered for technical reasons and what most likely was the iss

Personal Email Marketing Specialist For Each Account

We value our client’s results. That is why we assign a dedicated marketing specialist from our staff to help you set up your campaigns. Our marketing and deliverability savvy team will help you with any difficulty you encounter.

Email Deliverability Is Our Middle Name

Delivery Management
Work wth our delivery management team to get insight on your delivery metrics and to get a customized ramp up schedule just to fit your needs and your subscriber enagement rate.

Advanced Alerting System
Alerts to help with delivery. Realtime alerts on URL blacklisting, deferrals, content blocking, dkim or spf fail to work.

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