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  • Engage your audiences
  • Sell more products
  • Monetize your content

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Engage your audiences

Recruiting and retaining talented staff, connecting your workforce, and fortifying your culture is easier when you stream.

Sell more products

In an increasingly crowded market, streaming cuts through the noise from conscious customer retention.

Monetize your content

Creating compelling content takes time, money and effort, so it needs to drive sales.


Cutting through the noise to increase conversions and grow your brand is essential.

Make your marketing funnel work harder from top to bottom.

Streaming video is a powerful way to capture the attention of customers and prospects at every stage of the purchase journey. It’s better than using other forms of marketing, like print or email, because it can be seen at any time and in any place. Brightcove Marketing Studio will help you use video more effectively for better outcomes.

  1. Distribute your content widely and create data-driven marketing strategies to accelerate growth.
  2. Increase leads and improve results using video-centric brand awareness campaigns, branded content, product demos, and more.
  3. Integrate engagement features to deepen engagement and measure purchase intent
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Streamline your streaming workflows.

Brightcove Marketing Studio makes it easy for every marketing role to get the most out of streaming. With an intuitive user interface, everyone from novices to experienced users can incorporate video into whichever channel they’re responsible for.

  1. Get your message to your audience faster with an intuitive workflow that encourages marketing teams to use video more
  2. Scale across channels and platforms with key integrations that extend video capabilities
  3. Easily centralize and manage your content so it can be organized, searched and accessed by anyone who needs it.

Your customers are on social media, so you need to be too.

Marketing video can be effectively delivered to social media platforms where audiences are already spending a great deal of their time. Brightcove Marketing Studio makes this easy by providing video to most popular social media platforms.

  1. Extend your social media marketing with Hootsuite integration that pulls video directly from Marketing Studio.
  2. Post directly to social channels in just a few clicks.
  3. Extend the reach of streaming content to drive brand awareness, loyalty and engagement.
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Create more impact with less effort

Brightcove Marketing Studio features integrations with all the leading martech platforms that let you extend the value of your being tech investments and continue to work within the tools you use every day.

  1. Expand and extend the power of videotape with native and mate integrations for a flawless experience
  2. Track streaming videotape’s impact on channel and deals through integrations with crucial marketing robotization, DAM, and CRM platforms
  3. View added up performance data to make better opinions and ameliorate marketing effectiveness

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Engage your employees with internal comms video

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Create the culture you want

Using the emotional impact of videotape for internal dispatches lets you make a strong and connected commercial culture and partake it with all your services. Want the most over- to- date information about your company to be fluently accessible to every hand? videotape makes it be.

Deepen employee engagement.

Hybrid and remote work are currently to stay, but these new ways of working can allow workers to come disentangled. And disentangled workers are more likely to leave. Bridge the gap with internal comms videotape across channels and bias web runners, social media, newsletters and emails, live and on demand. Engage your workers wherever they’re and they ’re more likely to stay where they’re with your company.

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Level up your onboarding and training.

Using Videotape to train workers and onboard new hires makes it easier to retain important information and ensures everyone goes through the same process. From HR and Deals Enablement to client Success, if you have essential knowledge to partake, videotape gets observers ’ attention.

A complete enterprise video solution.

Produce dynamic videotape gests with our Enterprise Video Suite. Centralized content operation, gemstone-solid security, integrations for added capabilities, and practicable intelligence will take your internal dispatches to a whole new position.

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Monetization that’s right for your content.

Every content roster has an ideal monetization model grounded on its capability to draw an followership. Media Studio has every option you need covered.

  1. Advertising
  2. Subscription
  3. Hybrid
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Reach and engage the globe.

Reaching and retaining observers around the world is decreasingly competitive. Break through the noise and get the attention of your followership so you ’ll not only strengthen your brand but enjoy further profit openings as well.

  1. Grow your followership by fluently publishing promotional vids to crucial social networks and content descriptions to universal hunt machines
  2. Curate programs and series for easy discovery through our expansive metadata operation.
  3. Influence multilingual capabilities and captioning options for lesser availability

Create efficient workflows for beautiful video

Transfigure your fractured online videotape process into a easily running end- to- end, OTT streaming machine that powers your media business. 

  1. Keep up with ever- evolving followership prospects by publishing videotape snappily and efficiently across the broadest range of train formats and platforms
  2. Tap into an extended suite of live event and direct channel streaming capabilities to reach new cult in entirely new ways
  3. Allow anyone anywhere to play your content on any device, including cybersurfer- grounded PC and mobile playback via Video Player 7 and native apps for smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs
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Built on Video Cloud, the world’s most trusted streaming platform

Let your brigades concentrate on developing content and growing your followership, not fussing about tech. Securely and fluently scale media operations on Brightcove’s proven and dependable videotape pall platform. Brightcove offers you

  1. A grim focus on invention as substantiated by our Technology and Engineering Emmy  Award- winning features and dozens of patents
  2. Global scale to reach your followership, whatever the size — videotape pall aqueducts live events around the world that reach millions of concurrent observers
  3. The security to cover your content, aqueducts, and gests , with features that range from bystander authentication to sluice encryption and DRM


Media and Broadcasting

Financial Services


Arts and Entertainment

Retail and eCommerce

Hospitality and Tourism




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Frequently Asked Questions

Brightcove is a leading online video platform that helps businesses deliver and monetize video content across various channels. It enables businesses to engage audiences, increase brand visibility, and drive revenue through video.

Brightcove offers features such as cloud-based video hosting, content management, video transcoding, live streaming, video analytics, and monetization tools. It provides businesses with the infrastructure to deliver high-quality video experiences to their audiences.

Yes, buy Brightcove that offers integrations with popular marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, analytics tools, and content management systems. 

As a Brightcove reseller, we offer comprehensive support and training to our clients, including BrightCove software demo and ongoing technical support.

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