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Enterprise-grade remote support software. Secure unattended remote access software.

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Zoho Help enables organizations across the globe with secure cloud-based remote help and remote access programming to convey first class client assistance encounters. Buy Zoho Assist which is a remote desktop software that enables you to initiate remote support or screen sharing sessions securely, whenever needed.

Why to Buy Zoho Assist Remote Access Software?

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Buy the best remote support software for all your enterprise IT needs

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Zoho Help offers you the adaptability, unwavering quality, versatility, and extensibility to work with huge groups, with insignificant exertion, regardless of where you are. Increment your business interaction development by carrying out our industry-driving endeavor remote access programming. Set up unattended remote access in a hassle-free manner with Zoho Assist Software Resellers.

Powerful enterprise-ready features

Custom branding solution

Zoho Help accompanies the capacity to alter your remote help abilities to match your business needs. You can add your organization's name, logo, favicon, and even make a redid entryway to make your remote access arrangements match the remainder of your image.

Organizational management

You can proactively investigate and deal with your association's movement utilizing Zoho Help. Utilizing offices, you can make various elements inside your organization to actually sort out your experts more.

Single sign-on

Utilize your current SAML 2.0 character supplier for secure client confirmation that follows undertaking corporate strategies. Zoho upholds different character suppliers (IdP) to design SAML-put together single sign-with respect to (SSO) for your Zoho account.

Multifactor authentication

With remote help arrangements being delicate devices, we comprehend that you need to protect your association's record, and the significant information related with it. With multifaceted verification, we empower clients to build the security.

Easy deployment

Zoho Help upholds speedy organization of the specialist to great many gadgets in only a couple of snaps. You can browse different sending strategies in view of the kind of organization/climate arrangement in your association.

Conditional access

It's dependably essential to guarantee that main fundamental clients are given admittance to their necessary honors in an endeavor. PC gathering and gathering based authorizations in Zoho Help assist you with forestalling unapproved associations

Audit & compliance

Thorough logging and revealing of all client activities is important to fulfill consistence prerequisites, auditability, risk identification, security consistence, and quality confirmation. Meeting reports, review reports, and the activity log watcher in Zoho Help

Dedicated technical assistance

At Zoho Help, we figure out the expense of free time. That is the reason our clients have every minute of every day admittance to a group of profoundly gifted specialized help engineers. They're here to help you with any issue, enormous or little.

Remote Billing

Remote charging is a valuable device for following and dealing with the time spent offering remote help for your clients and precisely creating bills for that time. This can assist you with smoothing out the charging system and work on the exactness of their invoicing.

Service Queue

Make a custom URL from which your clients can raise demands for a remote help meeting for the professionals to dole out or take up these solicitations in light of their capability and obligation to give prompt and consistent distant help.


Get continuous warnings about occasions or changes that happen inside the Zoho Help stage. Zoho Help's webhooks is completely adjustable and clients can choose the occasions they need to be advised.

Session Recording

Record remote help meetings utilizing Zoho Help's meeting recording component to audit and dissect past meetings and work on the nature of the assistance and client's trust. Safely transfer up to 5GB of accounts in the cloud


Instant Remote Support

Remote help meetings empower you to interface with anybody found anyplace with practically no earlier establishment. Your far off client can join the meeting in the blink of an eye.

File Transfer
Move records safely from your PC to your client’s PC or the other way around. Record Move assists you with sending establishment documents to your client’s PC, or get records that require investigating from your client’s PC, during a moment remote help meeting
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Instant chat
You and your client can remain associated during your moment remote access meeting through a visit window. Partake in the simplicity of underlying talk as opposed to shuffling outer informing administrations.
Voice and video chat
Intuitive remote help meetings assist you with settling issues quicker. Interface with your clients on a voice or video talk during a remote help meeting to rapidly investigate issues.
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Multi-monitor navigation

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Working with various screens supports efficiency. With our problem free framework for multi-screen route, you can move between far off work area screens of the with simply a tick.

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Schedule Sessions
Is your distant client in a hurry? Plan a remote help meeting at their favored time and resolve issues without any problem. The updates can help you as well as your client at the right second. You can even re-timetable or drop the meeting assuming you want to.
Swap Screen
You can view and control the remote screen shared by your client as well as offer your own screen during a live meeting. This element will prove to be useful when you need to prepare your clients on investigating or any establishment cycle.
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Reboot and reconnect
Reboot far off PCs and reconnect to the continuous remote help meeting, without letting completely go. You even have the choice to reboot the far off Windows gadgets in protected mode for troubleshooting.
The urgent Ctrl+Alt+Del capability of your far off Windows PC is accessible in a solitary snap. It’ll assist you with signing on, switch clients, change the Windows secret key, and actually look at the undertaking administrator.
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Invite Technician

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Need assistance from one more specialist to determine an issue? Zoho Help, moment remote access programming, permits you to welcome quite a few professionals to assist you with investigating rapidly. You could actually leave the meeting and let the welcomed expert keep supporting the client.

Add notes
Catch the vital data from a remote help meeting as Meeting Notes that can be referred to later. You can alter and download the saved notes whenever alongside the meeting subtleties.
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Session Recording

Record remote help, screen sharing, and unattended access meetings to screen and review each meeting in your association.

Look back on session proceedings

Investigating issues during help meetings can include a ton of unpredictable tasks that don't go as arranged all the time. Far off work area meeting recording is a device that allows you to return, survey the entire meeting, and make up for yourself.

Create comprehensive audit trails

A review trail requirements to contain all information connected with a meeting. With rdp meeting recording, you can detail your review trail better by digging into meeting points of interest, similar to which professional moved documents or who completed a specific establishment.

Maintain a repository

Report your meetings with the distant meeting recording programming to make an information base to return to during instructional courses and shows. You can handle the accounts on need, download them, and ship off your clients in a snap.

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Choose your recording quality
Zoho Help permits you to record meetings at different goals. You can choose the download quality physically or let the framework naturally identify your web speed and set a proper one for you.
Store on the cloud
Keep up with recorded meetings alongside subtleties like the specialist’s name, email, meeting ID, client’s name, IP address, and working framework, on 5GB of distributed storage. Channels additionally assist you with rapidly tracking down past meetings.
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Screen mirroring

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What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is an instinctive component that makes far off work area sharing better, easier, and more powerful. With Zoho Help’s Screen mirroring component, you can remotely see the screens of your clients, associates, and companions, and offer your own screen progressively.

Connect, share, and resolve:

Assist your clients with investigating their gadgets, introduce updates, and significantly more by utilizing the Screen Reflecting element to screen the cycle. Screen reflecting makes far off help profoundly viable.

Multi-platform support:

Reflect screens on your Windows or Macintosh operating system gadget. The conceivable outcomes are huge, yet the outcome is something very similar. Zoho Help's cross-stage openness implies you can get to the component from an extensive variety of operating system stages without introducing any outside applications.

Seamless presentations:

With the Screen Reflecting element in Zoho Help, conveying introductions is a consistent encounter. On account of cross-stage support, you can without much of a stretch and effectively reflect your screen onto the gadgets of your crowd.

Simple and secure:

Zoho Help furnishes an easy to use interact with profoundly compelling security highlights. Clients have a definitive capacity to control the substance reflected from their gadget. Reflect a particular window, or a solitary tab, in view of your necessities.

Security and Privacy

Zoho Help furnishes an electronic arrangement with an un-jumbled UI. Security isn’t a worry with two-factor validation, SSL confirmation, and compatability with all significant enemy of infection programming.

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Multi-factor authentication
Safeguard your record with an additional layer of safety utilizing an extra confirmation process. You can utilize SMS and time sensitive OTP as optional elements of confirmation to shield your record from web extortion.
Firewall friendly
You can lay out distant associations and design PCs for unattended access instantly. You don’t need to stress over special cases or ports in your client’s intermediary or firewall arrangement compromising web security.
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Secure with SSL and 256-bit AES encryption.
The trading of information in Zoho Help during a meeting is safeguarded by industry-standard SSL and 256-digit AES conventions. Your meetings are completely safe from any interruption or altering.
Antivirus compatible.
Remote help and remote access programming should be viable with against infection programming for issue free investigating. Zoho Help functions admirably with all significant enemy of infection programming.
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Secure sessions with Inactive Session Timeout.
You and your client shouldn’t stress over inactive meetings staying open. With Inert Meeting Break, meetings will be ended naturally on the off chance that they are left inactive past a pre-characterized time span.

Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?
While customary signage contains bulletins and standards, advanced signage, or electronic signage, utilizes Drove, LCD, or plasma screens to show sound, video, pictures, and livelinesss to your main interest group. You can get to and deal with your advanced signage from a distance to convey ongoing and redid messages.
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Elevate your business using Zoho Assist-enabled digital signage

Targeted messaging

Reduced costs

Faster response times

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho Assist is a remote support and access software that enables technicians to provide remote assistance to customers or access remote computers securely. It allows for screen sharing, file transfer, chat support, and more.

Buy Zoho Assist that offers features such as remote desktop control, unattended access, screen sharing, file transfer, session recording, and chat support. It provides technicians with the tools they need to troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely.

Buy Zoho Assist which employs robust security measures such as end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls to protect remote connections and data. It complies with industry standards and regulations to safeguard sensitive information.

As a Zoho Assist reseller, we’ll provide the best support possible to ensure you and your team are proficient in using Zoho Assist software and maximizing its capabilities.

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