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Digital Agility For Modern Business.

Gain productivity and performance with simple, powerful, secure IT.

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SolarWinds Platform

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The SolarWinds Platform offers comprehensive observability no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey.

Hybrid Cloud Observability

Choose simple, powerful, scalable observability to help you manage end-to-end performance of your hybrid architecture.

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SolarWinds Observability

Your legacy APM tools can’t handle modern application architectures. Our modern observability platform has you covered.

Mission-critical observability

Depth of cross-domain analysis across the delivery chain, data telemetry breadth, and unequaled armature security.

AI/ML-driven intelligence

Uniting Grainyaccurate, and trusted data — on with practicable perceptivity so you can act on and stay ahead of issues.

Industry-leading simplicity

22 years of building simple, important IT software have tutored us a thing or two about how to stylish serve your requirements.
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Network Management

Simple, important, and secure monitoring for mongrel networks largely scalable and erected to reduce outages and deliver performance.

Systems Management

Hybrid IT visibility, and rapidly, accurate troubleshooting and tools to optimize moment’s IT investment and help you plan for hereafter.

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Database Performance

Database performance drives organizational success. Gain deeper perceptivity into database health and point performance issues.

IT Service Management

Move ahead with a important IT service operation result erected to produce edge for your association’s growth.

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Application Management

Ensure user experience with unified performance monitoring, tracing, and criteria across operations, shadows, and SaaS.

IT Security

Strengthen your posture with important and affordable results designed to manage moment’s security and compliance requirements.

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Learn about the SolarWinds difference.

SolarWinds Observability joins SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability.

Unequaled observability erected for wherever you are, and wherever you ’re heading.

We’re setting the new standard in secure software development.

The pitfalls we face moment demand new defenses in software development. SolarWinds is leading the charge.

SolarWinds is a proven leader, year after year.

Longtime network and IT operations operation software leadership, and now in observability.


SolarWinds Observability

SolarWinds Observability provides unified, comprehensive visibility into your cloud-native custom web applications to ensure optimal service levels and user satisfaction for critical business services.

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Eliminate tool sprawl and gain comprehensive visibility from a single console with actionable intelligence

Accelerate problem resolution with built-in intelligence and actionable insights based on data from across your environment Do

Reduce alert fatigue with AIOps, machine learning (ML), and customized metric-based solutions designed to automatically prioritize and uncover real-world problems

Accelerate cloud modernization with cloud-native multi-tenant observability seamlessly integrated with SolarWinds hybrid cloud observability to provide a unified view across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.


Built-in intelligence

AI- and ML-based technology automatically prioritizes and discovers real-world problems.

Comprehensive visibility

Consolidated data from across your environment with service relationship views, dependency maps, and multi-level drilldowns.

Easy to use

Easy to install, automatically instrumented, and easily extensible with support for open source technologies.

Maximum flexibility

Integrated platform with modular options to seamlessly adapt to your growing needs.


Designed for multi-cloud environments, supporting open-source frameworks, cloud-native technologies, and third-party integrations.

Integrates with Hybrid Cloud Observability

Provides a unified view across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Hybrid Cloud Observability

SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability is designed to help organizations ensure uptime and reduce time to resolution across on-premises and multi-cloud environments by improving visibility, intelligence, and productivity.

Eliminate Tool Sprawl:
Transform disparate data types into actionable insights and bring focus and clarity to complex environments.

Reduce Alert Fatigue:
Break through the noise by correlating co-occurring issues to quickly identify root cause.

Observability Across Hybrid IT:
Cloud infrastructure metrics for agent-based, agentless, and API for visibility across hybrid environments.

Prepare for Growth With Flexible Licensing:
Provides pay-as-you-go control and flexibility to allocate nodes across instances. No additional license required.

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Observability for all

Easy to use

Full stack and integrated

Deployment freedom

Superior value

Actionable intelligence

Database Management

Database Performance Analyzer

Monitor and optimize multiple database management systems (DBMS). A platform for cloud and on-premises environments.

Key Features
  1. Cross-platform database support in the cloud and on-premises
  2. Anomaly detection powered by machine learning
  3. Expert advice from index and query optimization consultants
  4. VMware vSphere performance monitoring
  5. Up-to-date detailed data, both real-time and historical
  6. PerfStack with SolarWinds Orion platform and AppStack integration

Database Performance Monitor

Database Performance Monitoring and Tuning for Traditional, Open Source, and Cloud-Native Databases
Key Features
  1. SaaS platform with web-based user interface
  2. Lightweight agents across multiple configurations
  3. Monitor cloud, on-premises or hybrid databases
  4. Real-time and historical data to identify performance issues
  5. Multiple ways to protect sensitive data . SOC2 compliant.

SolarWinds SQL Sentry

Database performance monitoring for the Microsoft data platform with rapid root cause analysis and visibility across your inventory.

Key Features
  1. Overview of Database Environment Health
  2. Proactive Alerts and Response System
  3. Finding and Fixing Critical Queries
  4. Manage scheduled events and identify resource conflicts with an Outlook-style
  5. Storage predictions supported by Predictive Analytics
  6. Identifying Problems Causing Operating Systems and Virtual Environments

IT Service Management

Service Desk

A cloud-based, AI-powered IT service management (ITSM) platform designed to maximize productivity and accelerate solutions with lightning fast time to value

Key Features
  1. Comprehensive ITIL ready platform with incident, problem, release and change management modules and an efficient CMDB for individual service needs
  2. Increase efficiency with ticket classification, routing and correlation, automated self-service capabilities and support knowledge base
  3. Includes IT Asset Management (ITAM) for complete lifecycle management and audit history of hardware, software, licenses, contracts, etc.A service
  4. catalog that automates processes, manual tasks, and approvals for HR, facilities, finance, and other departments that provide employee services
  5. Customizable reports, customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT), and operational insights Service Level Agreement (SLA) management capabilities for
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Web Help Desk

Affordable Help Desk Ticketing and Asset Management Software

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Key Features
  1. Automated Ticketing
  2. Centralized Knowledge Base
  3. IT Asset Tracking and Management
    Simplified Project and Task
  4. Management with Relational Ticketing
  5. Active Directory and LDAP Integration
  6. Reports to Measure SLAs

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Provide on-demand remote support from anywhere with our cloud-based solution.

Key Features
  1. Fast and Easy Remote Control
  2. Secure Remote Support with Advanced Encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication
  3. Essential Endpoint Support for Everything from Desktops to Mobile Devices
  4. Multilingual Support
  5. Reporting Engine
  6. Monitoring and Alerts
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Public Sector

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Frequently Asked Questions

SolarWinds is a leading provider of IT management software, offering solutions for network monitoring, performance management, security, and more. Its products help IT professionals monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their IT infrastructure.

SolarWinds’ software includes features such as network monitoring, server monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM), log management, and security information and event management (SIEM).

Yes, buy SolarWinds that offers integrations with a wide range of third-party tools and systems, including service desk software, ticketing systems, cloud platforms, and more.

SolarWinds prioritizes security and compliance, implementing features such as user access controls, encryption, and audit trails to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Its products help organizations identify security threats and mitigate risks effectively.

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