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Buy SaneBox Email Management for Any Inbox

And focus on the email that matters.

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Read the important email in your Inbox.
Securely disregard the rest. SaneBox’s A.I. distinguishes significant email and consequently sorts out the rest to assist you with keeping on track.
Stop feeling overwhelmed by email.

Buy SaneBox that sends you everyday updates about what was arranged and other email movement, so you miss nothing significant. You can show it with unique channels, contact preparing, and the sky is the limit from thereā€¦

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Finally, the Inbox you deserve without giving up your beloved webmail/email client.

Stop important email from being buried in your Inbox

A folder for distractions

SaneBox will consequently move Inbox interruptions to your SaneLater envelope.

A folder for newsletters

The SaneNews envelope is for bulletin type messages that you can understand when time grants.

A folder for CC'd emails

On the off chance that you are not in the "to" line, then this email is more FYI than significant.

Manage distracting unimportant email

Check your Digest of non-Inbox email activity

Immediately process non-Inbox messages: Train, Nap, Move, Waste, Document or Imprint as Perused.

Check your SaneBox folders occasionally

You can see these envelopes at whenever, from any email client or webmail interface.

Let it be someone else's problem

Have your leader colleague process your Review for you.

Banish annoying people or companies to your trash

A folder for training emails to your trash

At the point when a relationship turns sour, don't get baffled. Move their email into SaneBlackHole. Issue addressed!

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Do Not Disturb for your Inbox

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Schedule breaks from email notifications

New email is briefly moved to your Don't Upset envelope. Add an away message so individuals don't have to send one more email inquiring as to whether you saw the first.

Have emails arrive in your Inbox exactly when you need them

Forward these emails to SaneBox

Ship off exceptional addresses like and afterward chronicle it. The email will mystically return in your Inbox when you really want it. Find out More

Move non-urgent emails into snooze folders

Modify by time, day of the week, month, even year. Or on the other hand, use presets like SaneNextWeek, SaneTomorrow and that's just the beginning...

Automatically organize emails




Do It Yourself!

Make custom envelopes like @SaneReceipts, @SaneBills, or @SaneFamily and move models there, we'll wrap up. Consequently forward these to receipt trackers, Evernote, and so on.

Always get a reply when you need it

Work deadline

Leaky roof


CC or BCC special SaneBox addresses

Like, and we'll inform you as to whether they haven't answered by then, at that point. Or on the other hand, june6.resend@sanebox we'll tell them you actually need an answer.

A folder for ignored emails

Or on the other hand, check your SaneNoReplies envelope for email that hasn't been answered.

Rediscover lost connections

A tool for finding a warm lead

Over a long period you get to know such countless individuals, recollecting that them all is incomprehensible. SaneBox can perceive you who you know at any organization! Find out More

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Keep your email attachments in the cloud

illustration upload lg 81e40e61f8e0bc9ef362558ab30942eeb679d508592b568f3189dda9a2335102 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India

Put together each of your connections in a single spot. We can consequently transfer the records to your #1 cloud administration. Find out More

Running out of storage space?

Get rid of old, useless emails that you no longer need.

Email Profound Clean gets you coordinated by moving enormous heaps of undesirable messages to your garbage. Find out More

Buy SaneBox for Business

Email tools for the busy workplace.

Prioritize your Inbox

Nothing to install or learn

Bank-level security

Powerful admin controls

SaneConnect for teams

SaneBox pays for itself

Even more security

Try Free Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Sanebox is an email productivity software tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically prioritize and organize your inbox. It analyzes your email patterns to identify important messages and filters out less important ones into separate folders, helping you focus on what matters most.

Yes, Sanebox is compatible with most major email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and others. It seamlessly integrates with your existing email account, requiring no additional software installation or setup.

Yes, buy Sanebox that offers a variety of features to help users manage email overload, such as snooze, email reminders, and the ability to automatically unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters. These tools help users stay organized and maintain inbox sanity.

Yes, buy Sanebox that is suitable for both individuals and teams looking to improve email productivity. Its features are designed to benefit users at all levels, from busy professionals to large organizations with multiple team members.

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