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Channel Sales Management & Enablement

Support all stages of partner selling with an all-encompassing platform that assists prospect communication, deal registration, and pipeline management for optimal productivity and tracking.

Prospect Pages

Enable sales partners to make influential impressions on prospects while successfully managing ongoing discussions from a single page. So long to easy-to-lose emails!

Sales Enablement Playbooks

Equip partners with sales playbooks that coordinate with registered deals to provide the perfect ingredients at the perfect time.

Deal Registration

Channel partners easily register new deals, enabling real-time CRM software combination and correct sales funnel management. Plus, registered deals trigger targeted, guided strategies to help win chances.

Sales Software Feature Benefits

Strengthen Partners’ Selling Abilities

Elegant prospect pages provide a positive first impression on which partners can build a fruitful relationship. Accompanying playbooks targeted towards specific audiences equip them with the sureness and know-how to turn leads into wins.

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Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Pipeline

Follow forecasts throughout the sales journey to establish a full view of probable opportunities registered in both your PRM and CRM tools.

Analyze Key Data to Improve Sales Enablement Strategies

Using a single system to manage all partner sales training, marketing, and deal registrations enables you to directly tie ingredients to results and evolve your strategy accordingly.

Prevent Channel Conflict

The software’s deal registration feature and CRM tool combination allow real-time pipeline updates. This prohibits prospect duplication and subsequent ambiguity about the originator of a new lead.

Improve Tool Adoption for Increased Partner Output

Allbound case studies verify time and time again that our PRM software increases sales partner engagement. The more partners interact with your learnings, the more they know your products and selling points to convincingly convey this evidence to prospects.

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Automate Processes to Avoid Inefficiencies for Everyone Involved

Allbound automated multiple accountabilities that would otherwise need the channel manager’s contribution, such as co-branding, content recommendations, and engagement-based push notifications. This enables sales partners to independently find solutions within the tool so they can further engage prospects without interruption.

Dynamically Group and Tier Partners

Consume segmenting and groups to dynamically present a dashboard that is sole to who your partners are and what they’ve done within the platform. Curated content will present itself within the portal based on partner type, tier, and pieces of training completed, which you have control over.

Customize Your Partner Portal to Match Your Brand Guidelines

Design your partner portal to serve as a visual extension of your company. It’s easy to change the color scene, iconography, URL, verbiage, and other key elements to emulate your brand identity.

Effortlessly Control Partner Portal Security Requirements

Self-service sefety functionality allows system admins to control their portal software. Choose session inactivity timeout, maximum session length, and if two-factor verification (2FA) is right for you, all within the Allbound settings.

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Customizable Single Sign-On

Independently manage, edit, and set up your SSO. Choose from several sign-in page designs and customize the portal to fit your brand theme and existing process. Plus, you can white-label the URL to create a seamless knowledge for your partners.

Clear Mapping to Help Partners Engage and Grow

Through the use of playbooks, training certifications, engagement-triggered announcements, and well-defined processes, our portal software enables you to guide partners in their growth. Motivate and provide clear goals for each major milestone, from onboarding to collaborative marketing to pipeline population and tracking.

Tracking Partner Engagement and Opportunities for Growth

Get a bird’s eye view into partner success with the partner planning dashboard. Metrics you can examine within the portal include:

  • Pacing towards objevtives
  • Current joint initiatives
  • Referred pipeline
  • Training engagement, correlating quiz results
  • Marketing spend returns
  • Pipeline presentations


Assign points to activities within the platform. Partners have access to a leaderboard that shows their points, rank within their organization, and points breakdown. Gamification can be utilized in transactional and non-transactional partnerships. Control the number of points each action is allocated based on your company objectives.

Polished Aesthetic With User-Friendly Layout

Allbound designed and tested our partner portal software to maximize intuitive use and minimize barriers to adoption.

Integrate like a Boss

Bring together the entirety your channel crew needs to manage your associate environment. With allbound’s integrations, you may join your channel toolstack and by no means pass a beat.

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What Are Your Channel Goals?

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Scale My Partner Program
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Gain Visibility into My Partner Program

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Increase My Partners’ Ability to Sell

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Eliminate Time Spent on Manual Tasks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Allbound is a leading provider of partner relationship management (PRM) software. It offers a suite of services designed to help businesses manage and optimize their channel partner programs, including partner portal, deal registration, lead distribution, training and certification, and performance analytics.

Allbound’s PRM software provides businesses with a centralized platform to onboard, enable, and support their channel partners. It offers features such as partner portals for content sharing and collaboration, deal registration for lead tracking, and training modules for partner education.

Yes, Allbound’s PRM software offers customization options to fit the unique needs and partner ecosystems of different businesses. It provides white-labeling capabilities, customizable workflows, and integration with existing systems such as CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Allbound offers several benefits for channel partner management and enablement, including increased partner engagement, improved collaboration and communication, streamlined deal registration and lead distribution, enhanced partner training and certification, and better visibility into partner performance and ROI.

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