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Qubole is an open, straightforward, and secure information lake stage for AI, streaming, and specially appointed examination.


Open, Simple, and Secure

Conveys quicker admittance to petabytes of secure and trusted datasets of organized and unstructured information.

Fast Adoption at Scale

Out-of-the-crate workbench and note pads for information researchers, information engineers, information experts and directors.

Near Zero Administration

Robotizes establishment, setup and upkeep of numerous open source motors, and apparatuses.

Reduce Cost by 50%

Responsibility mindful autoscaling and constant spot purchasing drive down figure costs emphatically.


An open and secure multi-cloud information lake stage for AI, streaming investigation, information investigation and impromptu examination.

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Ad-hoc Analysis
Develop and deliver advanced ad-hoc analytics to the team
With Qubole’s Workbench, creator, save, layout and offer reports and inquiries. With upgraded ANSI/ISO-SQL (Voila) administration, worked in mixes with Scene and Looker, and out-of-the-case Git reconciliation share reports and questions with single tick.
Data Pipelines
Collect and process stateful events, replay and reprocess data, and integrate with monitoring and alerting solutions.
With Qubole’s Helped Pipeline Developer, you can assemble streaming information pipelines joining numerous streaming or clump information sources to acquire constant experiences. Basic issue open minded foundation guarantees the precision and consistency of your information and results.
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Machine Learning
Build, share and collaborate on machine learning and analytical models.
With Qubole stage’s disconnected altering, multi-language translator and adaptation control capacities convey quicker results. Influence Qubole journal to screen application status, work progress, utilize the coordinated bundle director and picture with Qviz
Data Engineering
Explore, build, and deliver data pipelines with ease.
With Qubole, computerize start to finish pipelines and keep away from information ingestion and planning bottlenecks and meet SLAs. Productively deal with your information pipelines with the adaptability to utilize favored programming language and information handling structures.
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Data Management
Do faster data discovery, have quicker response time, and automated statistics collection.
With Qubole, you can fabricate and oversee metadata, find and investigate information conditions, and give files and insights to further develop responsibility execution.
Platform Runtime
Automatically provision, manage, and optimize cloud resources balancing cost, workload, and performance requirements.
With Qubole, you can scale your process framework consistently on any cloud to oblige new information and clients without extra regulatory above.
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Security and Governance
Built-in multi-layer approach to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information.
Qubole gives Corrosive consistence based granular read/compose information capacities for administrative consistence. Secure access with encryption and RBAC controls. Coordinated with driving cloud supplier IAMs, Promotion and LDAP executions for similar information access honors.


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Data Fabric
Information Texture The possibility of a “Information Texture” began in the mid 2010s. The objective was to make a design that incorporated all types of scientific information for an investigation with consistent openness and shareability by every one of those with a requirement for it. What’s more, as the main supplier of the Open Source Information Lake Stage, Qubole adds to the Information Texture concerning information democratization, information mix, and information administration
Modern Data Architecture
Your companions in the information driven endeavors have taken on a cutting edge information engineering where the two information lake and information distribution center assume their expected parts. Present day information design use customary BI apparatuses for normalized ETLs to extricate values from Information Distribution center and depends vigorously on Information Lake stages to work with their streaming, unstructured, and semi-organized datasets for information investigation specially appointed examination, streaming investigation, and ML abilities.
data lake Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
data lake Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
Data Lake Platform
Whether you have embraced an on-premises arrangement or original cloud structures as your information lake stage, odds are good that you are not come by the outcomes you really want. The response is picking an open information lake stage. No other stage gives transparency and information responsibility adaptability while profoundly speeding up information lake reception, lessening time to esteem, and bringing down cloud information lake costs by 50%.
Cloud Data Lake
With Qubole Open Information Lake Stage, you can relocate your heritage on-premises responsibilities, and fabricate a cloud-local information lake for impromptu investigation, information investigation, streaming examination, or simulated intelligence/ML projects. Assuming you have functional difficulties dealing with your information lake with existing information lake instruments, Qubole will speed up your information lake reception inside the association.
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AD-HOC Analysis
The specially appointed investigation just ganders at the information mentioned or required, giving one more layer of examination to informational collections that are expanding and more changed. Huge information specially appointed examination can assist in the work with acquiring more noteworthy understanding into clients by breaking down the significant information from unstructured sources, both outside and interior..
Multi-channel Marketing
Multi-channel showcasing makes consistent encounters across various kinds of media like organization sites, online entertainment, and actual stores. Fruitful multi-channel promoting requires a coordinated enormous information approach during all phases of the purchasing system. Study how a major information stage can smooth out your multi-channel promoting
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ad-fraud_BusinessUseCases (1)
Ad Fraud Detection
Promotion extortion location requires information examination of current misrepresentation systems by perceiving examples and ways of behaving. Information that shows anomalies of gathering conduct fix things such that promotion misrepresentation is identified early and halted before it is spread. Realize the reason why organizations are going to enormous information stages to battle promotion misrepresentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qubole is a cloud-native data platform that simplifies the process of managing, processing, and analyzing big data at scale. It offers features such as data ingestion, processing, orchestration, and analytics to help businesses unlock the value of their data in the cloud.

Buy Qubole software provides a unified platform for storing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data, enabling businesses to derive actionable insights and make data-driven decisions. 

Yes, buy Qubole that offers integrations with popular data storage platforms, data lakes, and analytics tools such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Apache Spark, and Presto. This allows businesses to leverage their existing data infrastructure while benefiting from Qubole’s advanced capabilities.

Yes, buy Qubole that automates data processing and orchestration tasks, allowing businesses to streamline workflows and reduce manual effort. It offers features such as job scheduling, auto-scaling, and intelligent optimization to ensure optimal performance and resource utilization.

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