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Optimize Digital Experiences ‍with Data Science Capabilities

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Businesses can use HeadSpin's data science-driven platform to find and fix problems that affect app performance, user engagement, and user experience.

Use Global Omnichannel Testing Platform for Perfecting Digital Experience

Perform manual and robotized application testing with HeadSpin in different screen and screenless gadgets across versatile, work area programs, media, sound, and car gadgets to gather over 100+ execution experience KPIs.

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Perfect app’s digital experience with HeadSpin’s data science-driven platform to achieve:

Advanced Capabilities for Seamless App Testing

Engineering Team

Improve the Efficiency of the Engineering Team by:
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DevOps Team

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Enhance the DevOps Team's Capability:

Site Reliability Engineering Team

Increase the visibility of the Site Reliability Engineering Team by:
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Speed up Chief Group's Decision Making by:

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Increase the visibility of the Site Reliability Engineering Team by:

Accelerated Development with Data Science Insights for Enterprises

Engaging turn of events, QA, Tasks, and item groups to guarantee ideal portable, web, sound, and video encounters all through the application lifecycle

Empower DevOps & QA teams with test automation and data science insights
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Start to finish Testing

Run Incorporated, Mechanized, Nonstop tests with HeadSpin for utilitarian, execution, and burden testing across applications, gadgets, and organizations. No manual composed test scripts are required.

  1. Supports more than 30 automation frameworks
  2. Runs tests under real-world user conditions
  3. Runs multiple tests simultaneously
  4. Works with real SIM-enabled devices
  5. Works across browsers and devices, including smartphones, tablets, and OTT media.
Performance Optimization

Get 360-degree execution perceivability into your associated encounters. Recognize and determine execution and utilitarian issues quicker across applications, gadgets, and organizations.

  1. Proactive underlying driver examination
  2. Continuous dashboarding
  3. Astute alarming
  4. Computer based intelligence fueled significant experiences
  5. No SDK or code instrumentation required
  6. Experience Checking
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Experience Observing

Get man-made intelligence driven, noteworthy bits of knowledge to streamline usefulness and execution across applications, gadgets, and organizations. Measure KPIs well defined for your application and get granular checking bits of knowledge into end-client experience.

  1. 1,000s of altered measurements
  2. PC vision-based KPIsfor estimating advanced insight and sound/video QoE
  3. Sagacious representations
  4. APIs for information import and product
  5. Code, Programming interface, and Bundle Perceivability for start to finish basic client venture examination

Enterprise Solution Catering to Testing Needs Across All Industries


Perform 5G ultra band edge approval

Execute edge assessment with a 360-degree view to guarantee immaculate application, gadget, and organization execution.

Test 5G similarity of pre-discharge gadgets

Guarantee exhaustive assessment of pre-discharge gadget models utilizing on-prem arrangement with no security concerns.

Screen meandering execution (inbound and outbound)

Run meandering execution tests on genuine SIM-empowered gadgets in various areas overall under certifiable circumstances.

Influence ceaseless QoE/QoS appraisal system

Measure comprehensive, emotional quality with experiences supported by master framework AI models.

Banking & Financial Services

Get security consistence confirmation with on-premise apparatuses

Utilize a solid nook for devoted test gadgets with an electronic lock for big business grade information protection and security.

Robotize voice and availability testing

Coordinate sound use cases to remain focused with sped up discharge plans and guarantee consumer loyalty.

Perform area explicit testing

Test against various area explicit elements — from the neighborhood transporter network sign to edge impacts from CDNs, outsider APIs, or cloud calls.

Gather execution bits of knowledge without SDK establishment

Execute tests with next to no exclusive SDK establishment or different alterations to the application code to get top to bottom execution perceivability.


Perform anonymized peer benchmarking

Gather definite contender examination to contrast your retail application's presentation and rivals regarding different KPIs and CUJs.

Do start to finish checking and testing

Screen and perform testing situations including outsider administrations/applications like installment and stock to imitate genuine circumstances.

Direct web-based personality check

Empower the capacity to run and mechanize retail application highlights, similar to biometrics, single sign-on, once secret phrase, two-factor verification, and so on.

Screen Programming interface utilization

Track the Programming interface utilization of your retail application and screen the effect of outsider APIs on your application's exhibition.

Media & Entertainment

Catch QoE and streaming execution KPIs

Gather video quality and web based KPIs with a sans reference video MOS and sound match examination.

Record tests on television

Utilize the savvy television controller application to execute orders on the arrangement box through the HeadSpin UI.

Perform video and sound investigation

Test and investigate playback media with cutting edge video and sound examination abilities, including man-made intelligence based issue cards.


Empower vehicle infotainment experience testing

Perform end-client experience checking of vehicle infotainment frameworks to get continuous client information.

Increment test inclusion with the inventive robotization empowering influence

Utilize HeadSpin's Blue Finger gadget, Switch, and Test Seat programming to computerize experiments that were beforehand simply conceivable to physically do.

Influence the Telephone as a Key (PaaK) include

Gather data of interest, for example, authentic data about execution and programmed computation of the Bluetooth association drop.

Benefits of Headspin Enterprise Edition

Customize with add-on products

Increase user experience

Decrease competitive performance

Streamline digital transformation

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Frequently Asked Questions

HeadSpin is a mobile performance management platform that enables businesses to test, monitor, and optimize the performance of their mobile apps and websites. It offers tools and solutions for testing, monitoring, and analyzing app performance across various devices, networks, and locations.

Buy HeadSpin which provides real-world testing and monitoring capabilities that allow businesses to identify performance issues, such as crashes, latency, and errors, before they impact end-users. It offers insights and analytics to help businesses understand how their apps perform in different conditions and environments.


Buy HeadSpin that supports various types of testing, including functional testing, performance testing, and regression testing. It offers automated testing tools and real-device testing capabilities to ensure comprehensive coverage and accuracy in testing mobile apps and websites.

Yes, buy HeadSpin that offers monitoring and optimization solutions that allow businesses to continuously monitor app performance in production environments. It provides real-time insights and alerts to help businesses identify and address performance issues proactively.

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