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  • Manage Sales and Orders
  • Take Charge of Your Inventory
  • Easy Online Accounting
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Create and Send Invoices
  • Powerful Accounting

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Deskera Books

Online invoicing, accounting & inventory software for your business. Create invoices, track expenses, get a real-time view of your inventory and view financial reports when and where you need them.

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Invoicing, Accounting & Inventory for Small Business Owners and Bookkeepers

Impress your customers with professional invoices. Delight them with on time and accurate order delivery and make life easy for them (and yourself) by accepting online payments.

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Manage Sales and Orders

Manage your sales and orders from start to finish. Create estimates and convert to invoice upon confirmation. Receive and record online payments automatically. Fulfill orders and keep track of your cost of goods sold.

Take Charge of Your Inventory

Manage all your inventory through a single dashboard. Whether you're picking, packing, and shipping, or even dropshipping, we've got you covered!

Easy Online Accounting

You focus on quotations, invoices, receipts, payments and selling your products while Deskera takes care of all the accounting needed for compliance and reporting.

Quick and Easy Setup

Just sign up for a new account with Deskera Books using your email or social authentication and half the work is done.

Create and Send Invoices

Generate and send invoices from your phone or laptop in minutes. Use our professional invoice templates or design your own.

Beautiful, Professional Invoice Templates

Get ready to use professional and great looking templates for all transactions like invoice, quotations, orders, bills and payment receipts.

Track Bills & Purchases

Record purchase orders and bills in a few clicks. Keep track of your payables and expenses in one place. Email purchase orders to your suppliers and receive goods on time to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Easily Track Dropship Orders

Deskera Books allows you to quickly create dropship orders for your supplier from customer orders. All the product, quantity and delivery address fields will be auto populated.

Better Backorder Management

Get notified of any shortfall in inventory while creating estimates/quotations or invoices. Create a backorder immediately in one click and get notified when you have received the goods.

All Your Contacts in One Place

Maintain your supplier and customer list in one centralized location. Access contact details from anywhere, anytime. Track outstanding receivables and payables easily and keep your cash flow healthy.

Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouses

Track different type of products, including goods, services, raw materials and finished goods. Inventory movement across multiple warehouses is recorded automatically when you carry out any transaction.

Pick Pack Ship

Get premium inventory functions like pick pack ship in Deskera Books. Conduct your entire sales and order fulfillment online. Create picking lists, pack into cartons and boxes, and ship via a carrier of your choice. Print packing and shipping labels.

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It’s how your sales team beats the competition

Automate your sales, marketing, and customer support in one platform
✓ Sell more on-the-go with our award-winning mobile app
✓ Simple and intuitive interface that requires minimal training
✓ Make smarter business decisions with real-time analytics on the dashboard
✓ Get real-time notifications for overdue activities with web and mobile applications
✓ Easily import your existing data from spreadsheets within seconds
✓ Manage your data visibility
✓ Create professional email templates
✓ Create segments and send personalized emails
✓ Brand your helpdesk by uploading logo and banner
✓ Improve performance with team activity management

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 15 day trial work?
You have full access to the selected product and plan features during the 15 days. You can invite your team-mates and other users to be a part of the trial w/o restrictions.
What will happen to my account once the trial is over?
Don’t worry, we will remind you when your trial is about to end. You can choose to subscribe to any available plan and enter payment details for the account to remain active. In case you choose not to subscribe within the trial period, the individual products will be inaccessible. You will still be able to go the Admin section and can choose to subscribe for any available plan and it will give you the appropriate access.
How often will I have to pay for renewal/subscription?
The payment frequency will depend on the subscription contract you choose. We have two options, Annual and Monthly. If you go for an annual subscription, you will get an immediate 20% off and will have to renew only after the annual subscription period is over. If you go for a monthly subscription, the payment will be charged each month.
Can I upgrade/change the plan any time?
You can upgrade/change any time and we will adjust the difference. Please note that if you are moving to a lower plan, you may end up losing access to some of your data/features that may be available only in the higher plans.
When will you start billing me?
Your billing will start as soon as you enter your payment details in the system.
How safe is my data?
We use TLS security encryption which is the industry standard for transmitting data safely over the Internet.
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