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CYREBRO is the center of your organization’s network protection, giving a first-of-its-sort MDR. You are gotten with big business grade security regardless of the size of your business; our oversaw location and reaction guarantees quick and successful occurrence reaction, all day, every day/365 observing, moderation of digital dangers, and proactive danger insight.

Full Visibility

Associating with all of your security advancements in a single spot, see all your security occasions and what they mean with complete clearness and prioritization

Cyber Brain

Exclusive identification calculations decisively screen, break down and decipher results of occasions across the entirety of your security arrangements.

Interactive Platform

Noteworthy relief ventures inside
the stage so you can pursue
shrewd choices whether you're getting
one business or numerous

CYREBROs cyber brain Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
How CYREBRO’s cyber brain turns chaos into clarity

See and make sense of all your cybersecurity events in our SOC Platform

  1. Automatic integration with all systems & sources
  2. Instant contextual analysis
  3. Simple real-time recommendation



Stay a step ahead

Your organization consequently profits by the aggregate insight got from our information lake. All knowledge ends assembled from recently settled episodes are gathered and naturally took care of straightforwardly into your security safeguard for improved insurance.

Create context and correlations

Danger hunting is progressing in view of questions made by CYREBRO's examination group. We're continually revealing new dangers utilizing known IOCs and the most recent TTPs joined with cutting edge examination and AI calculations.

Data-driven decision making

Each removed danger hunting lead is explored and used to assemble new principles that are taken care of once again into SIEM innovation. CYREBRO ceaselessly streamlines its techniques and cycles to continually reinforce its checking abilities and, thus, your safeguards.


Proactive strategies

Our message knowledge examiners filter through many information streams and cautions to foster a profound comprehension of danger ways of behaving and TTPs which are then converted into proactive plans

Search for suspicious threats

By improving and contextualizing cautions with certifiable examination, investigators can uncover a danger entertainer's inspirations and techniques, giving significant direction to occurrence reaction and forestalling future assaults.

Optimized monitoring capabilities

Make quicker, information upheld
security choices with certainty,
realizing that they are upheld by top to
bottom investigation and a SOC
arrangement that has proactively
tended to them.


Every second counts

With CYREBRO's SOC Stage previously observing your organization, the group has moment access, chopping the occurrence response time down from weeks or days, to hours or minutes.

Confidently rely on our expertise

Have confidence that one of the top computerized criminology groups with machine and organization level skill has you covered. They know precisely how to backtrack an aggressor's activities

Robust security ecosystem

Your business benefits from any CYREBRO examination. Ends from any client's examination are used as hunting leads and took care of once more into the information lake, ceaselessly working on the observing


Analysts working for you

CYREBRO's investigators become your master group, effectively checking your organization with the simulated intelligence digital mind, empowering fast identification and relationship of occasions. Experts are not simply "available for potential emergencies"; they continuously monitor and investigate events.

Maintain business continuity

Business coherence is in danger while depending exclusively on man-made intelligence or AI to distinguish alarms. These frameworks run the possibility responding to a danger in a manner that could seriously jeopardize your business tasks. Our checking group keeps up with nonstop organization inclusion,

Rapid time to resolution

With regards to keeping away from business-devastating dangers, consistently is basic. An oversaw SOC enormously decreases how much time from ID to goal. In a flash, CYREBRO's essential checking group distinguishes vindictive action, then, at that point, furnishes you with clear suggestions


The Operations Center

Assume command over your network safety activities. The Tasks Community is your online protection headquarters, joining aggregate vision and an insight digital cerebrum to break down cross-capability action and distinguish refined abuse of frameworks and cycles across an association.

  1. Real-time insight into your most critical incidents across all business operations and security solutions, at a glance
  2. Full clarity across all investigations by type, severity, and status
  3. Notification of incident escalation to complex case management by a CYREBRO DFIR
Operations Center 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
Investigations Drill down 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
Investigations Drill-down

Continuously see and figure out what’s happening in your organization security, where you may be helpless, and the savvy activities expected to safeguard your resources, with negligible disturbance to business congruity

  1. Full visibility into each investigation processed through CYREBRO – covering all your cybersecurity operations
  2. Real-time drill-down view of any case to understand what happened, what was impacted, immediate risks, recommended actions, and status
  3. Cross organization learning identifies trends and vulnerabilities about where most alerts are generated, and where attention should be focused for efficiency and pre-emptive actions
  4. Prioritized missions – what to do, only when required, to remediate the threat
Reporting Systems

Straightforward mix with all innovation and security devices you are as of now utilizing or will choose to use from here on out

  1. Add or remove log sources directly in the Platform, whenever you want
  2. See the real-time status of all your reporting log sources
  3. Technology agnostic, meaning you choose the tools in your security stack that CYREBRO will monitor 24/7
Reporting Systems 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
Generate report 1 Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
Report Generator

Issue a checking report at the snap of a button, in light of the information and questions you need to see

  1. Instantly generate a report (to save/share), including the most relevant data on investigations handled by CYREBRO during any defined time range
  2. Simple to understand in plain English with charts showing how many investigations from each type were created
  3. Drill-down of each event type, severity, and conclusion provides valuable insights into the most frequent and alarming cases
  4. See and instantly share the number of cases per severity level, and how many investigations escalated during the reporting period

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