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Set Your Data in Motion

Your business is in stirNow, you have a data platform for it. Confluent makes it easy to connect your apps, data systems, and entire association with real– time data flows and processing.

Endless Possibilities. Limitless Use Cases.

Buy Confluent and Empower every team to create real-time value. Explore a few popular use cases below.


Connected Customer Experiences

When your customers’ communications and relations are isolated in specific platforms, you must meticulously amalgamate data sources for a solitary customer fact. Or you can use Confluent!

With Confluent, seize and process customer associations as they come about. Uncover an abundant view of their steps and preferences and relate with them in the most significant ways, customizing their encounters, over every platform, without delay.

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Real-time Fraud Detection

Data that can be used to combat fraud is often stored in isolated databases that don’t communicate with each other, and when they do, the data is processed in batches. This can slow down insights and prevent unauthorized activity in real-time.

With Confluent, you can connect to all the data required to analyze, detect and prevent fraud in real-time. This will give your machine learning systems continuous streams of data so that they can score transactions faster, keep your customer’s digital identity up to date and immediately alert you on any abnormalities.


Event-driven Microservices

Microservices are the latest development trend providing greater agility for fast innovation.

Confluent enables decoupling of your microservices, which standardizes communication between them and eliminates the need to maintain independent data states. This new class of microservices is highly scalable, resilient in design and context-aware.

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Data Mobility Across On-Premises and Cloud

Moving applications to the cloud is a complex undertaking. And because some applications can be linked to your legacy systems, migration may not even be an option.

With Confluent, embrace the cloud at your pace and maintain a persistent data bridge to keep data across all on-prem, hybrid and multicloud environments in sync. Incrementally migrate to the cloud, enable developers to access the best-of-breed cloud tools, and build next-gen apps faster.


We Are the Only Company Focused on Data in Motion and Your Success. Buy Confluent from Confluent Resellers which is a complete Database Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. 


Confluent completely re-designed Kafka for the cloud to be elastic, scalable, and globally available – providing a serverless, cost-effective, and fully managed service that is ready to deploy, operate, and scale in a matter of minutes.


Confluent completes Kafka with 120+ connectors, stream processing, enterprise security and governance, global resilience, and more – eliminating the burden and risk of building and maintaining these in-house.


Confluent’s platform can be utilized in a number of ways. Whether it be in the cloud, across multiple clouds, or on-premises, Confluent provides you with the most comprehensive coverage possible. Plus, you can link it all together in real-time to create a cohesive data layer across your business.

Confluent for Financial Services

Confluent is on a mission to power business innovation in financial services by setting data in motion.

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How Confluent Can Help

Fraud detection and prevention
Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance
Real-time trading data platform
Hyper-personalized customer experiences

Confluent for E-commerce & Retail

Leverage the power of information in movement to construct the subsequent-era retail experience. deliver pleasant omni-channel customer reviews, improve patron engagement, and reap facts-pushed operations. Buy Confluent from Confluent Resellers at best prices.

How Confluent Can Help

Real-time Omni-channel Inventory Management
Personalized Recommendations and Real-time Offers
Customer 360 and Omni-channel Experiences
Real-time Data Sharing and Supply Chain Optimization
Real-time Analytics and Fraud Detection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Confluent is a leading provider of event streaming platforms built on Apache Kafka. It offers a suite of tools and services for building real-time data pipelines, streaming applications, and event-driven architectures. 

Confluent’s event streaming platform is built on Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed event streaming platform. It enables businesses to capture, process, and analyze streaming data in real time, allowing them to react quickly to events, make data-driven decisions, and deliver personalized experiences to customers.

Confluent’s event streaming platform offers features such as data ingestion, event processing, stream processing, data integration, and real-time analytics. It provides a scalable and reliable infrastructure for handling high volumes of streaming data and building innovative applications and services.

Yes, Confluent’s event streaming platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries that require real-time data processing and event-driven architectures. 

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