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BuzzGuru Software | Marketing Platform

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All-in-one influencer marketing solution

Prepare, run, monitor, and analyze your influencer marketing campaigns in one place. Take control over the full cycle of your advertising campaigns on the SaaS platform for brands and agencies

Select your technology stack to fuel your influencer marketing

Get access to a complete collection of tools vital for managing & evaluating influencer marketing campaigns to make them more effective and increase ROI.

Discover influencers

Use ever-expanding base to find relevant influencers on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

  • 27M+ database
  • 30+ smart filters
  • Data analysis by AI

Manage campaigns

Create and arrange campaigns, invite colleagues and clients to monitor the progress.

  • Full cycle management in one place
  • Variety of roles for contributors
  • Constant data updates

Get reports and analytics

Get the most detailed analytics on each influencer’s and the entire campaign’s performance.

  • Accurate statistics on influencers
  • Data-based performance forecasts
  • Automated reports & estimations

Analyze competitors

Get insights on competitors’ influencer marketing strategy, see what creators they work with.

  • Brand mentions (paid/organic)
  • Affiliated influencers
  • Brands’ ad performance analytics

Bring your influencer marketing to the next level

BuzzGuru helps you do your marketing wisely and saves time and resources. It’s a cutting-edge technology for brands and marketers that value accuracy in data analytics and prefer to make data-driven decisions.

For e-commerce

  1. Create genuine direct partnerships between you and creator
  2. Run your influencer marketing campaigns in-house with no middleman
  3. Save up to 126 hours a month on influencer discovery and competitor research
  4. Forecast campaign’s performance and track it in real time

For agencies

  1. Manage and organize multiple campaigns in one place
  2. Flexibly scale your agency with BuzzGuru automation features
  3. Drive and make your team’s work more efficient
  4. Invite clients to follow their influencer marketing campaigns in real time
  5. Get full, neatly designed reports for your clients in a few clicks

For app & game developers

  1. Create genuine direct partnerships between you and creator
  2. Run your influencer marketing campaigns in-house with no middleman
  3. Save up to 126 hours a month on influencer discovery and competitor research
  4. Forecast campaign’s performance and track it in real time

For digital products

  1. Recruit content creators with an authentic affinity for your brand
  2. Benchmark your influencer marketing strategy against the brands just like yours
  3. Save resources with the help of BuzzGuru automation tools & analytics
  4. Track influencer campaign performance and analyze the performance of your advertising efforts by comparing it to your KPIs and goals.

Solve all your influencer marketing tasks with the end-to-end platform

BuzzGuru is designed to meet your marketing needs and help you win the challenges in different markets, outperform your competitors, and scale influencer marketing.

Choose the most relevant creators

Use BuzzGuru’s database of more than 27M influencers from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch to find those who fit your advertising campaigns.

Make data-driven decisions based on influencers’ metrics

Partner up with authentic content creators by analyzing them with 30+ data points: account quality, estimated cost of services, audience and views growth dynamics, engagement rate, and more.

Control ad campaigns at all stages

Plan, organize, and make advertising campaigns on social media more effective. Launch a campaign, monitor its success in real time, and get a full report.

Evaluate campaign success with advanced reports

Get reports on your advertising campaigns automatically. Visualize data and performance in organized charts and tables, as well as compare results to your KPIs.

Learn about competitors’ performance and strategy

Benchmark your influencer marketing performance against market leaders and gain visibility into your competitor strategy, influencers engaged in their campaigns and their performance metrics.

Have a deeper understanding of the market

Get a complete picture of the influencer marketing landscape in your niche, discover new opportunities and define the most successful strategy for yourself.

Find the influencers who truly fit your marketing campaigns

Search our 27M+ base and discover YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch creators in a few clicks.

BuzzGuru is your power to increase ROI engaging only relevant high-performance influencers

Search smart using 30+ data breakdowns

Save time seeding out all the irrelevant influencers immediately. Use BuzzGuru’s smart filters to specify your search as much as possible and get lists of the influencers who fit all your requirements at once.

Content-first discovery

Learn what your target audience likes and discover the content they are engaging with the most. BuzzGuru shows you the content that resonates with your potential customers, and gets you detailed profiles of the influencers who create the content.

Get the best your competitors have

Discover the best performing influencers who have already proven their power in your competitors’ ad campaigns. BuzzGuru allows you to find paid brand mentions and analyze the data of the content that was used for your competitors’ promo.

Concretized influencers discovery

Already have some creator in mind? Discover all their accounts simply typing the name or even just a part of it. BuzzGuru’s search engine will get you all the profiles the influencer has on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch, their data to analyze, and contacts.

Search by game & discover top gamers

A special offer for game publishers and developers. The BuzzGuru platform includes an extra tool for discovering and analyzing influencer marketing campaigns of mobile, PC, and console games. Learn what gaming influencers help them rise, get and retain players.

Analyze influencers’ data, statistics & audiences

Get all the creators’ data relevant for your influencer marketing campaign. Analyze influencers’ statistics on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

Analyze influencers’ performance and make data-based decisions

Use 30+ data breakdowns to find relevant influencers

Knowing how influencers perform and what their metrics are, you can filter out all the irrelevant creators at once. BuzzGuru knows all that and gives you an opportunity to get lists of relevant influencers in a few clicks via the smart search engine integrated into the platform.

Account quality analytics

BuzzGuru helps you estimate every influencer’s account’s real value faster. With automated calculations, the info about an account’s quality and ratings is always ready right at your hand on an influencer’s profile page.

Coverage & views forecast

See the dynamics and overall account growth. BuzzGuru analyzes an influencer’s audience behavior and performance metrics to give you a prediction on how successful your brand or product promotion with influencer can be.

Learn what’s the fair price for an influencer

BuzzGuru shows you how much an influencer’s post on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch stream really costs. The approximate price is calculated based on the influencer’s region’s CPM, their ER and views count.

The all-in-one influencer marketing campaign management platform

Plan, manage, and execute all your influencer marketing campaigns in one place. Run your advertising campaigns with content creators from start to finish, evaluate the results, and track the performance in real time.

Streamline and keep track of your ad campaign progress from media planning to reporting

Create a media plan for your campaign

Search for relevant influencers and add them right to the campaign management tools. If you have a list of influencers you already work with, – no problem! In just a click you can add them to the platform and get estimates for their prices, reach, CPM and performance automatically.

Manage team and data access

Empower your team or partners to collaborate on or keep track of your advertising campaign. Provide different users with separate roles to keep sensitive information and data safe. Organize all your advertising campaigns in a convenient way.

Track influencer marketing campaign performance

Check the campaign statistics and progress in real time and analyze the performance of your advertising efforts by comparing it to your KPIs and goals. Real-time statistics provide you with the full visibility of your performance, allowing you to adjust your influencer marketing strategy accordingly.

Get a detailed campaign report and statistics

You no longer need to collect all the data and statistics related to a campaign manually – BuzzGuru does it for you automatically. The intuitive charts will help you visualize and analyze different types of datasets, as well as find growth areas and speed up the decision-making process.

Get detailed reports & analytics on influencer marketing campaigns

Say goodbye to the manual time-consuming process of exporting data and calculating metrics using spreadsheets. Use BuzzGuru to track your campaign with real-time customizable insights.

See the real value of your influencer marketing based on detailed data

Get advanced reports automatically

BuzzGuru automatically creates reports on your ad campaigns with influencers and provides you with the information in real time. You save time as you no longer need to make all the calculations by yourself and compare the results. Get full reports on any stage of your campaign to estimate intermediate or final results.

Visualize data & insights

BuzzGuru not only collects and analyzes the data on your influencer marketing campaigns, but also provides you with reports that are already designed, with all the information conveniently organized. You get the data and performance metrics visualized in charts and tables. This makes it easier to compare the results to the KPIs.

Get accurate statistics & calculations

Accurate data is vital for evaluating an ad campaign’s effectiveness. BuzzGuru provides you with detailed statistics on your ROI, number of views, average CPM, and other metrics. The AI harvests all the information on your ongoing or finished campaign and makes all the calculations, saving you up to 65 hours monthly.

Evaluate performance in real time

BuzzGuru gives you all the influencers’ statistics in real time. This helps estimate each creator’s performance, see what exact content works best for your brand or product, and scale the most promising directions to increase ROI of the campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BuzzGuru is an influencer marketing software that helps brands connect with influencers and manage marketing campaigns with ease.

Buy BuzzGuru from BuzzGuru Resellers that provides tools for influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance tracking to help brands execute successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Yes, Buy BuzzGuru which offers analytics and reporting tools to measure influencer performance and assess campaign effectiveness.

Yes, BuzzGuru software provides influencer vetting to help brands identify credible and authentic influencers for their campaigns.

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