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Buy Aqtra Low Code Application Development Software

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Buy Aqtra Software to deploy applications of any complexity across web and mobile.

What is low-code application?

Low-code or no-code mechanization stages are programming programs that expect next to zero coding information. Not at all like the back-end PC programming of the past, low-code/no-code robotization adopts even more a visual strategy by offering predesigned work process layouts and an easy to understand intuitive point of interaction for modifying work processes. Buy Aqtra Low-Code Application Platform that simplifies application development and deployment across web and mobile platforms.

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Create your project with Aqtra

Corporate systems and applications
The elite presentation stage permits you to promptly execute all your business robotization thoughts. With the stage, you’ll bind together different frameworks, span holes, and rejuvenate your boldest thoughts. Assemble frameworks to engage your representatives and make your business more productive. Make your business extraordinary.
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Customer applications, portals and systems
The stage makes it advantageous and simple to construct online interfaces and portable applications for clients and . You can make strong, quick, secure and adaptable applications. Your gateways and applications will be loaded up with broad elements and abilities. mix with an inner or outside frameworks will be accessible and effectively adjustable.
Core systems and end-to-end automation
The elite presentation stage enables you to scale without restriction. You can make a limitless number of frameworks and applications for quite a few clients. Simultaneously any business capabilities will be reflected in the made item. The stage permits you to deftly construct robotization as your business needs it.
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All the necessary functions
Visual plan of web and versatile applications including arrangement of information models, UI/UX, incorporations, robotized work processes, security consents, from there, the sky is the limit
Customization options
Expansive customization choices for any UI/UX part involving custom CSS properties as well as and a simple arrangement of cutting edge conduct for structures, information and work processes utilizing Python scripts
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Powerful backend
Strong reconciliation and information handling capacities, permitting consistent constant Concentrate Change Burden (ETL) activities joining numerous information sources and performing complex information changes

Why Buy Aqtra Software?

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5x lower cost for software development than traditional approaches

2x faster data transformation and integration, easy configuration of legacy data management layer

3x fewer developers and admins, citizen developers instead of DevOps engineers

3x faster application development and deployment (time to market)

100x fewer bugs, easy bug fixing

3x lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

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Why Low-Code Shouldn’t Mean High Risk for Businesses

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No-code and low-code are without a doubt being promoted as the following enormous thing by the tech business. The following are five key regions that all merchants ought to give close consideration to while both planning no-code applications and drawing in with their clients.

What Should You Look For In A Low-Code/No-Code Automation Platform?

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Knowing what to search for in a low-code/no-code computerization stage is urgent to an association’s prosperity.

Leaders gauging robotization arrangements definitely should search explicitly for items that offer the accompanying key, essential highlights:

  1. Rapid time to market
  2. Prebuilt workflows
  3. Seamless integration
  4. Scalability
  5. Self-service capability

Support & Services

Onboarding & Support

We are there for you as far as possible and day in and day out: from custom or directed demo's to worked with onboarding and support during framework arrangement and activity


Have an improvement group or some bustling master who you really want to make specialists in Aqtra Stage? Use instructional exercises and effectively learn materials to deal with the stage

Custom Implementation

We lead beginning framework setup for you to guarantee the most limited chance to creation. This approach will empower greatest adaptability without the need to dominate another innovation

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Frequently Asked Questions

AQTRA is a software company that provides solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), and supply chain management (SCM). Its integrated suite of applications helps businesses streamline operations, optimize processes, and drive business growth.

AQTRA’s ERP solution centralizes core business functions such as finance, accounting, inventory management, and human resources, providing real-time visibility and control over key processes. It automates routine tasks, eliminates manual errors, and enables better decision-making across the organization.

Yes, buy AQTRA’s BI solution that offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that enable businesses to extract actionable insights from their data. It provides interactive dashboards, ad-hoc querying, and data visualization tools to help users uncover trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement.

Yes, buy AQTRA software that  is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for an integrated and scalable ERP solution. Its modular architecture, customizable features, and industry-specific functionality make it adaptable to the unique needs and requirements of different organizations.

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