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Next-Generation Mobile Apps and Cross Browser Testing Cloud Software

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Buy Lambda Test that provides unparalleled advanced insights with cutting-edge AI-powered test execution and orchestration cloud. Deliver an exceptional omnichannel user experience across all devices and browsers.

Unified Digital Experience Testing Cloud to Accelerate Your Go-To-Market

Live Testing

Buy Lambda Test which performs live intelligent cross program testing of your public or privately facilitated sites and web applications on 3000+ genuine portable and work area programs running on truly working framework.

Automated Testing

Perform computerized program tests on a versatile, secure, and dependable computerization cloud. Run Selenium, Cypress, Appium, Hyperexecute, Dramatist and Puppeteer tests at scale on 3000+ programs and gadgets.

Mobile App Testing

Perform live intelligent testing of your portable applications on a huge number of Android and iOS gadgets. Test and investigate your versatile applications quicker on the two Emulators/Test systems or online genuine gadget cloud.

Visual Regression Cloud

Perform computer based intelligence controlled Visual relapse testing to keep exorbitant visual bugs from getting away into creation. Get bits of knowledge, spot bugs into visual changes on each code change.

AI-Powered Test Analytics

Settle on informed choices with nitty gritty Test Investigation and Perceptibility Suite. Access indispensable data including test irregularities, number of endlessly tests arranged by their status and conditions.

Smart TV Testing

Execute mechanization testing for OTT applications on Apple television, Roku television and Amazon Fire television with LambdaTest cloud. Test and delivery your Brilliant television applications with certainty utilizing genuine gadget cloud

Powerful features to accelerate developer velocity

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Live Interactive Browser Compatibility Testing
Perform live intelligent multi program testing on program and working framework climate of your decision. Get moment admittance to genuine machines running.
Online Selenium Test Automation At Scale
Perform mechanized program tests on a versatile, secure, and dependable web-based Selenium lattice. Execute Selenium contents to perform mechanized cross program testing across 3000+ programs.
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Run Cypress Test Automation Scripts On Cloud
Execute and dissect Cypress test scripts on the web. Send quality forms quicker with 40+ program variants on cloud. A dependable, versatile, secure and high performing test execution stage worked for scale.
HyperExecute, Blazing Fast Next-Gen Testing Cloud
Experience sped up test execution at unparalleled velocities on an enormously versatile cloud framework. A cutting edge test execution stage that can match your nearby test execution velocities and expenses however much an adaptable spot occasion cloud.
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On-Premise Selenium Grid For Enterprises
Influence the comfort of LambdaTest cloud foundation matched with security and execution behind your own firewall. Experience first class execution with LambdaTest Framework as the trial inside your own organization with negligible latencies.
Mobile App Testing Cloud For Faster Delivery
Perform live-intelligent testing of your local, or half and half portable applications utilizing LambdaTest’s internet based genuine gadget cloud and virtual testing foundation of emulators and test systems. Totally wipe out your in-house gadget lab and test more with less expense.
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Test Android And iOS Apps On Real Device Cloud
Consistently test your portable applications over most recent and inheritance cell phones with LambdaTest genuine gadget cloud. Scale easily with prepared to fire cloud machines facilitating genuine cell phones and lessen functional expenses quickly.
Smart Visual Regression Testing On Cloud
With savvy picture to picture examination, you will actually want to distinguish visual deviations presented with the new form connected with Symbol Size, Cushioning, Variety, Design, Message as well as Component’s situation and significantly more, in a solitary snap.
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Test Intelligently with TAS - Test At Scale

Buy Lambda Test software to speed up your entire pipeline from dev to deliver, get quicker input on code changes, oversee flaky tests and keep ace green — all fueled by LambdaTest’s industry-driving test knowledge stage TAS – Test At Scale.

Faster Automated Screenshots
With LambdaTest mechanized screen captures highlight, you can perform visual cross program similarity testing across 3000+ portable and work area programs simply by choosing the arrangements.
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More LambdaTest Platform Features
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Test Early, troubleshoot precisely, and discharge quicker with LambdaTest Software Resellers

Integrates With Your Favorite Tool

Automated Screenshots API

24/7 Support From Our Tech Experts

Live Mobile View Debugging With LT Browser

Out-of-the-box geolocation testing

Detailed analytics and reporting of test runs

Why LambdaTest?

Here’s why LambdaTest is the choice of execution environment cloud for 1 Million+ developers & quality analysts.

Increased Release Velocity

Faster feedback to Developers

Zero Test Flakiness Due To Infra

Reduced test execution time

Deep Insights & Observability

Zero Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lambdatest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that allows developers and QA professionals to perform automated and manual testing of web applications across different browsers and operating systems.

Lambdatest enables developers to identify and fix compatibility issues and bugs in their web applications by testing them across multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. Its comprehensive testing capabilities help ensure a seamless user experience for all users.

Yes, buy Lambdatest that offers integrations with popular development and testing tools such as Selenium, Jenkins, Jira, and GitHub. This allows developers to incorporate cross-browser testing into their existing workflows and toolchains seamlessly.

Yes, buy Lambdatest which provides both automated and manual testing options to accommodate different testing needs and preferences. Users can choose between running automated Selenium tests or performing manual interactive testing sessions, depending on their requirements.

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