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HelpScout software | Customer Service Software - Software Resellers

HelpScout software | Customer Service Software

  • Manage conversations at scale
  • Real-time data at your fingertips
  • Instant answers for customers
  • Make your website more useful
  • Provide proactive support
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Customer Management

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A better way to talk with your customers

Manage all your customer conversations in one powerful platform that feels just like your inbox.

Illustration: Collaboration between customer and team

What you can do with Help Scout

Be available right where your customers need it, and give your team the collaboration, organization, and automation they need to move faster.

Voted “Best ROI” by Customers on G2

Happy customers become loyal customers. That’s why Help Scout has won “Best ROI” year after year.

Get started in minutes

Get started in minutes

Help Scout is as easy to use as an email inbox, so your whole team can focus on what really matters: customer relationships.

Increase productivity by 52%

Increase productivity by 52%

Level-up your teamwork, organize your inbox, and automate repeated tasks so your people can respond to more customers.

Scale to support millions

Scale to support millions

Unlock power as you grow. Global teams use Help Scout to support tens of millions of customers and get to inbox zero.

Customer-facing teams love Help Scout

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Answer 52% more emails with ease

Bring your team’s email into a shared inbox to work together, boost productivity, and build important relationships.

Looks like an inbox, but more powerful

With Help Scout’s familiar interface, your team can start responding to emails in minutes. Plus, get access to organization, automation, and collaboration tools to make your job easier.

Collaborate with teammates

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, Help Scout keeps everyone on the same page so nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Assignments

    Make sure every email gets to the right place with easy assignment to both individuals and teams.

  • Private Notes

    Send teammates private notes to collaborate on problems and find solutions before replying to emails.

  • Saved Replies

    Create a searchable library of answers to frequently asked questions, then insert them into replies in two clicks.

  • Tagging

    Tag customer conversations to automate workflows, categorize types of requests, and create detailed repo

Illustration: Email exchange between customer and support staff

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Put a face to the name

Everything you need to know about the person you’re replying to is in the sidebar — contact information, previous conversations, and data/activity from other apps.

Features your team can grow into

  • Multi-channel communication

    Manage email, live chat, and phone conversations — all from a single mailbox.

  • Collision Detection

    Real-time indicators show when someone else is viewing or replying to a request.

  • Advanced search

    Find exactly what you need with search operators, advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.

  • 75+ keyboard shortcuts

    No mouse required — Help Scout can be used almost entirely from your keyboard.

Illustration: Email exchange between customer and support staff

Knowledge base software built for discovery

Reduce your support volume by at least 30% with a knowledge base that’s designed for customer self-service. You’ll have happier customers and fewer conversations — everyone wins.

Sample Knowledge Base article

Create articles at rocket speed

It’s easy to add text, images, hyperlinks, tables, and videos to articles. Then, select categories, add related articles, and customize your SEO details.

Surface help articles across your site or app

Address commonly asked questions and reduce incoming email requests by offering relevant knowledge base articles using the Beacon help widget. Want to see it in action?

Beacon: expanded and list

Sample Knowledge Base article

Make sure every customer finds an answer

If a customer can’t find the answer they are looking for in your knowledge base, give them clear contact options to reach out to your team directly.

  • Provide support options in Docs

    Easily let customers reach out via email or chat on your Docs site, so customers using your knowledge base can still get support if needed.

  • Gain insight from Beacon activity

    Track which web pages and Docs articles customers are reading before asking questions to find trends and learn what articles need to be updated.

Launch a help center website

  • Works on any device

    On desktop, tablet, or mobile: Your customers can find what they need no matter where they are.

  • Built-in SSL

    Every site includes SSL support for free, which gives your customers peace of mind.

  • Optimized for search

    Our knowledge base software has an auto-generated sitemap and configurable SEO options for each article.

Sample Knowledge Base Software Website: StarStuff

Beacon: modal display

Answers everywhere

Embed your knowledge base articles on any web page so that they feel like part of your website. Give it a try with the examples below.

  • Open in Beacon
  • Popover
  • Modal
  • Sidebar

Reach new heights with actionable data

The Docs Report helps you understand what your customers are searching for, what they’re finding (and not finding), and what percentage of customers still reach out to your support team.

Sample docs site: StarStuff

Live chat software for customer support

Provide live chat support, make it easy for customers to find your help center articles, or do both — all from the same tool.

Happy customers, fewer chats

Put your help content front and center so customers can get quick answers to their questions. ​​Plus, every self-service answer is one less chat for your team.

  • Lead with instant answers

    Recommend articles based on the page a customer is viewing so they don’t even have to search to find answers.

  • Self-help is fun now

    Browsing articles is easy, and customers never have to leave the page.

Don't leave customers hanging

Great experiences happen when you set the right expectations. That’s why Help Scout never shows a live chat window unless someone is available to help.

  • All-in-one support tool

    If live chat isn’t available, you can direct customers’ support requests to your Help Scout email queue.

  • Give customers a choice

    When chat is available, customers can reach out using the channel that works best for them.

Flexibility to meet your goals

Customize the user experience to meet your goals with modes. Guide customers toward a self-service path, encourage visitors to chat or email, or display both options side-by-side.

Build better relationships with Messages

Promote new initiatives, update customers on key happenings, and proactively support those who need it by sending Messages from Beacon.

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Flexible messaging for a better customer experience

With Help Scout, you can offer email, live chat, and a help center to let customers come to you to get answers, or you can anticipate your customers’ needs and provide proactive value via Messages.

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Highlight your newest initiatives across teams including marketing campaigns, product launches, sales, and discounts.

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Share important company news and announce relevant changes for customers to keep them in the loop and prevent unwanted surprises.

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Proactively support

Reach out to specific segments of customers you know need help, onboard new users, or start conversations with trialing customers.

What are Messages?

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Make every customer feel like a VIP

Help Scout lists customer data, previous conversations, and app activity alongside every support request so you can deliver faster, more personalized support.

Send better replies in less time

Gone are the days of shuffling through other systems to find customer relationship data. In Help Scout, previous conversations and activity from other apps are front and center.

Auto-update customer data with Beacon

Automatically log pertinent customer details to the Help Scout sidebar with a few lines of code added to your Beacon implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help Scout is a customer support platform that enables businesses to manage customer conversations across various channels, including email, chat, and social media. It offers features such as shared inboxes, automation workflows, reporting, and integrations with other tools.

Buy Help Scout which centralizes customer conversations from multiple channels into a shared inbox, making it easier for support teams to collaborate and respond to inquiries efficiently. With features like automation workflows and canned responses, businesses can streamline their support processes and provide timely, personalized assistance to customers.

Yes, buy Help Scout which provides robust reporting and analytics tools that allow businesses to track key metrics related to their customer support performance. Users can monitor metrics such as response times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction scores, and more to gain insights into their support operations and identify areas for improvement.

Yes, Help Scout offers integrations with a wide range of business applications and tools, including CRM systems, helpdesk software, e-commerce platforms, and more. This allows businesses to streamline their workflows, sync data between different systems.

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