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Where work flows.

Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that connects your entire tech stack to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions to any business challenge.

A new kind of helpdesk.

Capacity’s powerful platform assists teams that are overwhelmed by tickets, emails, and repetitive task by automating support and business processes.

Grow revenue with lower costs.

Reduce the time and money spent answering repetitive questions with a support automation platform that enables you to escalate from tier-0 to tier-1 support with ease.

Increase employee engagement.

Employees are inundated with emails, phone calls, shoulder taps, and tickets. Empower your team with instant access to centralized knowledge, so your support team can focus on strategic goals and tasks that require higher-level thinking.

Improve customer satisfaction.

Customers have a lot of questions, and they want answers at all hours of the day, every day—including weekends and holidays. Give your customers the experience they deserve with instant access to all of their FAQs.

We’re helping teams do their best work.

With your entire organization connected via one platform, your team will be more productive than ever.

Automated support.

In addition to simplifying how support teams filter, organize, and answer inquiries, our helpdesk was designed to deflect tickets from being created in the first place.

Unparalleled AI.

Capacity was built from the ground up on artificial intelligence. Machine learning and state-of-the-art algorithms power Capacity’s natural language processing.

Shared insight.

An intuitive, user-friendly knowledge base designed to help teams leverage an organization’s knowledge in the easiest way possible.

Streamlined processes.

It’s now possible to meet teams wherever their workflow takes them. By automating repetitive tasks, teams can focus on what matters most and increase productivity.

The power of the platform.

With Capacity, your team can focus on what matters the most. Support automation is not just a collection of products, but instead a harmonious AI powered platform that empowers you to:

  • Answer FAQs.

    Enable Capacity to answer questions and reduce the tickets in your support team’s queue.

  • Automate processes.

    Handoff your team’s repetitive tasks to Capacity and increase productivity in cross-functional teams.

  • Build solutions.

    Use insights from Capacity to empower your employees and drive improved results.

Our natural language processing is out-of-the-box AI for better support.

State-of-the-art natural language processing means your team and customers can talk to Capacity just as they would another person. No special syntax or code needed.

Have a conversation.

Whether you have a simple question or need to complete a multi-step workflow, Capacity’s AI chatbot can handle it.

Welcome a new developer.

The developer platform, that is. Connect any and all of your proprietary applications with Capacity without a sweat.

Don’t fly solo.

Our human-in-the-loop CoPilot Console ensures that no question is ever left behind.

Recover from document fatigue.

From spreadsheets to documents to webpages, Capacity’s patent-pending document mining technology surfaces the knowledge you need, instantly.

Put your security first.

We offer robust encryption, GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2 compliance, and complete data privacy for your organization.

Stop the presses.

Capacity’s Articles enable you to intuitively create and share dynamic content org-wide.

The knowledge processor.

Capacity Articles behave less like articles and more like a collection of living, breathing conversations just waiting to be held.

A lively conversation.

Most article managers require a fair amount of hands-on maintenance. Need to publish the same content in multiple places? Well, you’re going to have to update every single article in question.

Not so with Capacity.

With Capacity’s Articles, you can publish duplicate knowledge across multiple pages. When a particular piece of information is updated, every related article is instantly refreshed.

You’re the editor-in-chief.

Publish instantly, or schedule an article to go live after a period of time. Make it evergreen, or set an expiration date.

Plus, with Capacity Groups, you can decide which teams have access to which knowledge based on their role, expertise, department, geolocation—you name it.

It’s your knowledge, and you’re going to have total control of exactly how and when it’s disseminated.

Article to go?

No matter the device, no matter the interface—Symphony, Slack, MS Teams, Confluence, SharePoint, intranet—your articles are instantly accessible to the people who need the answers they hold.

And when your team has the knowledge they need (whenever and wherever they need it), satisfaction, productivity, and revenue per employee will never be the same.

So, let’s see what your team can really do.

What’s in store.

Capacity’s Cloud Drive takes cloud storage to a new level with AI and RPA.

Greater than the sum of its parts.

Stop piecing together this or that app with yet another system to do yet another job. With Capacity, your cloud storage, knowledge management, and automation will all be under the same roof.

Ever talked to a document?

Capacity doesn’t just store documents. Capacity transforms documents into dynamic conversations. Simply upload a document into our Cloud Drive and quickly generate evergreen question-and-answer pairs.

You can rest assured knowing that whenever a document is updated, the answers your team and customers are receiving will be updated as well.

On a need-to-know basis.

Like all the knowledge that your organization stores and accesses through Capacity, our Cloud Drive follows robust, fully extensible permissions structures.

With Groups, the right people—whether that’s defined by their role, expertise, department, or geolocation—will be accessing the right information.

A well-documented Workflow.

Capacity’s suite of products work seamlessly together, and Cloud Drive is no different. All documents stored in Cloud Drive can be embedded in our Workflows.

This means that even work processes that are heavily reliant on documents can be easily automated. Onboarding employees, processing loans, and serving clients are now more streamlined than ever.

The path of least resistance.

Capacity’s Guided Conversations is next-level support, allowing customers and teams alike to intuitively and effectively choose their own path.

We need to talk: your organization needs to talk.

For every complex question your team has, there’s a guided path to a simple answer.

Branch out

Create customized follow-up responses for your team. They aren’t looking for largely unhelpful, boilerplate information—they’re looking for the answer.

Control the conversation

Your org’s CoPilots can easily create and customize any number of conversations to ensure that everyone is empowered to choose the path that fits their needs.

Don’t bake from scratch

You won’t always need a bespoke Guided Conversation. If a conversation is working well for your organization, save it as a template for streamlined team engagement.

The choices are in the chips.

A question sometimes calls for multiple options to surface the most helpful answer. Capacity’s Chips allow you to create easy choices to suit any question.

Rest assured, you only have to create chips once—Capacity will display them correctly in whichever interface your team member or customer is using.

Keep your team activated with actionable Actions.

Conversations don’t have to end with an answer. With Actions, Capacity can push specific answers into systems of your teams’ choosing.

CoPilots can quickly and easily create these custom Actions and connect them to your organization’s go-to systems. Your teams’ workflows will go uninterrupted, and they’ll produce work that neither you nor they thought possible.

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