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We Optimize Worlds Inventory

Value adds for fashion brands globally

Solving complex challenges in the world of retail by enabling real-time inventory exposure, maximizing sales and profit margins, and eliminating human decision-making errors through automation.

Improve inventory turns by 2-3x
One of the world’s driving active apparel brands expanded request conveyance by 100 dispatches each day during perhaps of India’s greatest yearly deal occasions, through effective request picking and pressing. Diminished SLA from 3 days to 1 day and experienced:
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Achieve sustainable higher margins and revenue Best Software Reseller | Best Software Providers in India
Achieve sustainable higher margin & revenue
One of the main forces to be reckoned with of design brands in India expanded online business income 4 – 5x. In 2020, the business scaled without difficulties, and presently appreciates fAssured and Amazon Prime status across all stockrooms.
Release of working capital for growth
One of the main and most adored Indian men’s wear brands delivered working capital by moving stock from low-performing to high-performing stores and decreased style brokenness by 13%. It saw:
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Our Expertise

Cloud Warehousing

Decrease above costs by re-appropriating your whole distribution center activities with ensured SLAs


Experience 100 percent request satisfaction inside SLA for your D2C business with serialization and precise request picking, and pressing.

Manage Orders Locally

Astutely place stock nearer to the end shopper for quicker conveyance and lower planned operations costs

Simplify Inventory Management

Tackle your pre-season and in-season stock arranging difficulties

Strengthen Returns Management

Rearrange multi-channel returns and empower quicker restocking with a simple attachment and-play answer for any WMS

Dynamic Markdown

Mechanize markdowns at a store-style level to improve bottomline and lessen unsold stock

Inventory Optimization

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Buying & Planning

Simplify Merchandise Planning & Buying with Intelligent algorithms

Empower merchandisers and organizers to streamline stock blend at stores level, with the computational ability to go up to a granularity of configuration level credits of styles.
Markdown Optimization

Manage your product markdowns efficiently to maximize ROI

On premise of each style’s continuous exhibition and stock status, in particular retail locations, the device suggests on the off chance that the markdown ought to be expanded, diminished, or maintained a similar in control to work on its deals and boost edge esteem.
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Allocation & Replenishment

Right Assortment Mix at the Right location for Sales Maximization

Guarantee the right stock in the right profundity, at the right area and time. Facilitate merchandiser’s regular circulation exercises in an information driven way, adjusting according to the most recent deals patterns.
Regional Utilization

Are you closer to your customers?

Improve stock dispersion across a multi-distribution center organization to diminish conveyance time and operations costs.
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Supply Chain Management

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Increff Omni Software

Enable frictionless order management and fulfillment from anywhere

Brought together WMS, OMS, and store satisfaction stage for quicker satisfaction of disconnected/online orders.
Increff WMS

Comprehensive Inventory, Order & Warehouse Management System

World’s least difficult and most effective online multi-channel request the executives and stockroom the board framework (WMS). Increff WMS gives a solitary perspective on stock across all commercial centers and a consistent request stock sync in under 30 sec.
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Offline To Online (O2O)

Omnichannel Order Management System for offline stores and e-commerce marketplaces

Get a solitary perspective on 100 percent stock, uncovered across all deals channels (B2B and B2C) from a straightforward UI interface. Satisfy orders from any of your stockrooms, or stores, ideally closest to the client area for quicker request satisfaction and at lower operations costs. Increment deals amazing open doors with continuous stock updates.

Increff Order Management System

Single window for inventory transparency & order management

Expand insight and perceivability across all deals channels to empower omnichannel satisfaction from stores.
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Cloud Warehousing

Outsource warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment with Zero upfront cost and a cloud-based WMS technology

Empower consistent stockroom the board and lower your inventory network cost with completely oversaw conveyed warehousing and satisfaction administrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Increff is a technology company that offers software solutions for supply chain optimization and inventory management in the retail and fashion industries. Its software helps businesses streamline their operations, improve inventory visibility, and optimize supply chain processes to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Increff offers a range of software solutions, including IRIS, ASSURE, and VINIR, which cater to different aspects of supply chain optimization, inventory management, and demand forecasting in the retail and fashion industries.

Buy Increff’s software solutions which offer seamless integration capabilities with existing ERP systems and inventory management platforms. This allows for easy data syncing and collaboration between different systems.

Yes, Increff’s software provides real-time analytics and insights to help businesses make data-driven decisions. It offers advanced reporting capabilities, customizable dashboards, and predictive analytics to empower users with actionable insights into their supply chain performance, inventory levels, demand trends, and more.

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