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One engagement platform for all your events and audiences

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Get the most from your events

Boost the income capability of your occasion program while improving on the administration of each phase of the occasion lifecycle.

Bring your event vision to life

When everyone is on the same page, things go well. Cvent Exchange brings together venues and planners to work together on important event decisions.

Transform your group business

The Cvent Supplier Network provides access to more than 280,000 venues. To win RFPs and streamline operations, make use of hotel management technology.

A comprehensive platform for your events

For meetings and events of any size, Cvent offers integrated technology solutions that are simple to use. We assist businesses with event planning, marketing, onsite execution, audience engagement, and performance measurement and analysis.

  • Plan with simplicity
  • Increase attendance
  • Ensure your success

    Event Marketing & Management

    Build engaging virtual events directly within the industry’s leading event marketing and management platform.

    Venue Management

    It is essential to the success of your event and the comfort of your attendees to locate and manage a secure venue. To obtain crucial health and safety information, submit RFPs, and select the ideal venue, search among more than 280,000 global venues

    Find and manage venue space for any event type

    Accelerate your venue search

    Finding incredible settings takes time. Choose the ones that meet your needs the quickest.

    Tap into data and insights

    Contrast setting subtleties and recommendations and redid reports. To make better decisions, have complete visibility

    Put together a safe space

    Spread out your space in view of removing prerequisites and do a virtual walkthrough that exhibits the place of refuge.

    A perfect match await

    We provide tools to simplify the venue sourcing and space planning process.

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    Think big

    Cvent Supplier Network associates you with more than 265,000 scenes around the world. Choose the one that best suits your requirements for in-person or hybrid events: From your biggest, most complex occasions to your straightforward preparation projects and meals.

    Craft more efficient RFPs
    Are you considering multiple locations for your annual conference? Instead of manually generating RFPs, issue a single RFP to generate multiple bids. Effectively look at offers for quicker conveyance and speedier reactions.
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    Book safe event experiences
    Explore the most extensive database of information on health and safety in the hospitality industry. Assist with guaranteeing participant wellbeing during your setting search.
    Create a safe space for attendees
    Our setting charting innovation assists you with making a floorplan with your wellbeing prerequisites top of psyche. You can easily comment on the event and share a virtual walkthrough. With precise floorplans, you can show attendees that your event is safe.
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    Event Management software

    Do you plan and carry out successful events by hand? Ditch the tedious work. With Cvent, you’ll have the ability to mechanize assignments and improve on the whole arranging process so you can zero in on what makes the biggest difference — your participants.

    Event planning software that handles everything all in one place

    Regardless of what phase of the occasion cycle you’re in, we offer a total arrangement of devices that is sufficiently adaptable to work with your occasion program. From little gatherings, huge meetings or inside gatherings, we take care of you.

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    Oversee meeting demands, track down the ideal setting, and initiate your occasion information to drive prompt effect.


    Robotize errands and missions, construct mindfulness, and advance your image, all from one brought together spot.


    Flash discussions, organization, and make 1:1 arrangements to broaden commitment previously, during, and after your occasion.


    Pursue better business choices and demonstrate occasion return for capital invested with ongoing information and examination.

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    Built for any event, any size

    Virtual Events
    Create an engaging and interactive online experience.

    In-Person Events
    Safe and impactful events, of any size.

    Hybrid Events
    All the tools you need to create one event, two experiences.


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    Cvent’s Exhibitor The board lets you and your exhibitors deal with their profiles and complete assignments. Arrangement setting and lead catch instruments guarantee they get esteem from their sponsorship.

    How to streamline your exhibitor experience

    Centralize exhibitor

    Deal with all parts of your exhibitor experience with one focal area

    Maximize exhibitor ROI

    Assist exhibitors with effectively catching, qualify, take notes on, and rate leads from your occasion

    Save time and money

    Smooth out processes and lessen occasion costs with computerization and normalization

    An end-to end solution to manage your exhibitors

    Create one central location
    The Exhibitor Gateway unites all exhibitor organization in one spot. Permit staff to deal with each part of your occasion, including undertakings, LeadCapture permit buys or gadget rentals, and On location stall enlistment.
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    Prove and improve event lead quality
    LeadCapture permits exhibitors to catch definite data on individuals that they meet at your occasions. With this information, exhibitors can undoubtedly focus on leads and pass them to their outreach groups for speedier and more compelling development.
    Match vendors with the right attendees
    Empower arrangements between the participants and merchants,: Exhibitors get great leads and participants associate with the individuals who can best assistance them. Participants can see exhibitor profiles and solicitation gatherings straightforwardly, while exhibitor administrators can administer and deal with their stall staff’s schedules in the Exhibitor Entry.
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    Prove the value of your event

    Get far reaching exhibitor revealing, so you can grasp key subtleties:

    1. Lead catch deals
    2. Exhibitor deals
    3. Leads after some time
    4. Leads per exhibitor

    More reasons to love Exhibitor Management

    Booth staff registration

    Work on the corner staff enrollment process by relegating clear portions to every exhibitor without utilizing complex frameworks of limits or vouchers. Exhibitors can see their corner staff designation and register staff - all alone - in the Exhibitor Gateway.

    Sponsored sessions

    Create more income by permitting exhibitors to support meetings at your occasion. You can allocate meetings to exhibitors, who can then download leads from those meetings in view of who partook.

    Keep exhibitors on track with tasks

    Begin with default normal errands, such as transferring organization depictions or appointing corner staff. Single out which exhibitors to appoint errands for so exhibitors can see and finish them from inside the Exhibitor Gateway. As an Occasion Coordinator, you can run task reports and effectively see an outline of undertaking fruition.

    Easily create branded emails

    With exhibitor messages, send your most normal pre-occasion and post-occasion messages from Cvent. You can computerize Welcome, Welcome Update, and Access Code - whether exhibitors are leasing LeadCapture gadgets or simply utilizing the application.




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