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Video Built for Virtual Selling

Vidyard is the best way to sell in a virtual world. Whether you need to connect with more leads, qualify more opportunities, or close more deals, Vidyard’s video messages make it easy.

The Free Video Tool for Virtual Sales

Can’t shake hands in person? Do the next best thing: send a video. Create amazing sales videos for your prospects and customers in just a few clicks—no video expertise required.

  • Record your screen or webcam—for free

  • Send videos by email, LinkedIn, and more

  • Track who watches so you can follow up right away

Marketing Teams Love It Too

Whether you want to add video to your next email campaign or roll out a hosting solution with a full suite of video marketing tools, Vidyard is the easiest way to put your videos online.

  • Upload unlimited videos to your library

  • Embed them on your website, blog, and landing pages

  • Deliver ad-free streaming video to anyone, anywhere

The State of Virtual Selling Report

Our latest research report highlights future remote selling plans, spotlights how sellers can best use video, and will help you build a video action plan with key recommendations for getting started.

Attract new prospects with video

Interact with your viewers and turn them into qualified leads. The Vidyard playback experience is fully customizable with the ability to add Marketo forms or other interactive CTAs, directly into your video.

Engage buyers throughout their journey

Use video to educate your leads and keep them engaged. Embed your videos in your Marketo landing pages, emails, or anywhere else in just a few clicks.

Measure the impact of your videos

Access video engagement data directly in Marketo to score and segment your leads, trigger Interesting Moments, and understand how your videos are performing overall.

Personalize your follow-up

Did a prospect watch more than 75% of your homepage video? Use video view data in Marketo to build Smart Campaigns and Smart Lists, and send your prospects targeted content to keep them moving through the funnel.

Engage via Email

Nothing drives a sale faster than a genuine personal connection. Create videos in just a few clicks and email them to contacts from Sales Cloud.

Accelerate with Analytics

Track who watched what for a more personalized sales approach. Video analytics from Vidyard flow through to lead and contact records in Sales Cloud so you can focus on the most engaged leads.

Rank Video ROI

Don’t let your video ROI remain a mystery. Analyze view data to prove the impact of video on pipeline, revenue, and team performance.


Video where you work

Don’t leave video in a vacuum. From marketing automation systems to sales engagement platforms and beyond, Vidyard is integrated into the tools your teams are already using every day. Check out our roster of integrations and get inspired with more ways to put Vidyard to work.

Video Messaging Tools for Financial Services

Vidyard’s video tools transform the way you connect with clients in a virtual world. Modernize your approach to sales and marketing with video, backed by an enterprise-grade platform that checks all the boxes for security and compliance.

The Experience Your Clients Have Been Waiting For

Whether your focus is on building new relationships or nurturing existing ones, there’s nothing that engages clients like video.

Create Trusted Relationships

Send personalized videos that build instant rapport when responding to a lead, or connecting with a client.

Deliver Advice that Demonstrates Value

Record detailed videos that guide clients through the advice that will help them reach their goals.

Build Client Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Ensure every video experience is on-brand and reassures clients that you can meet their needs.


Grow Your Startup with Video

Don’t become another startup failure statistic. Startups that use Vidyard generate more leads, book more meetings with prospects, and close more business. Your startup could be eligible for 25% or more off select enterprise-grade features like CRM integration.

Get These Startup Video Features

Ready to put video to work for you? Our Vidyard for Startups plan unlocks enterprise features on a small-business budget. Want video data integration with your CRM? Custom in-video calls-to-action? Robust video analytics reporting? Vidyard for Startups has it all and more, helping you unlock the power of video for your growing business.

Video Creation and Hosting

Unlimited video creation and hosting, lightning-fast load times, and high-quality playback. Oh, and no ads, ever.

Video Analytics

How are your videos performing? Dive deep into analytical metrics to learn who’s watching your videos and how engaged they are.

Powerful Integration

Vidyard integrates right into your CRM or marketing automation platform. Track video views, capture leads, or set up lead scoring.

Branded Sharing Page

Make your video experience seamless. Customize your video sharing page to match your startup’s site branding.

Video SEO

Your startup needs to get noticed. Optimize your videos with metadata and captions to increase their discoverability by search engines.

Video Calls-to-Action

Don’t let leads fall through the cracks. Set up CTAs right inside your videos to make sure viewers take that crucial next step.

How Startups Use Video to Grow Their Business


How to Master Startup Marketing: Experts Share Their Secrets

A successful startup marketing strategy takes more than just checking boxes and “being on Twitter.” Learn about top marketing and sales strategies, what tools you’ll need, and more—all from industry experts.

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